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Avoid the Invasion Guilt Trip

Updated on March 5, 2011

Avoid the Invasion Guilt Trip

      One thing that this group does to terrorize people out of their minds is to purvey the illusion that we have been "Invaded by Aliens".  It's really just one trick of many that these people pull to un-hinge the minds of their victims.  How long is a person going to hold onto their sanity with the belief that their friends and Loved ones are all aliens?  Furthermore, this group will lay guilt trips on parents who divorced and couldn't get along, leaving the child to be "Invaded" in your absence. 

     I've just got over one of these attacks and it almost broke me emotionally.  I received a letter written 6 years ago by my daughter.  It read:  "Woe is me without you".  I already have horrible feelings of guilt for having left her.  Me and my Ex just couldn't get along back then.  To be anywhere near her was maddening because I was still in Love with her (and I was an emotionally-retarded jackass who could only feel his own pain).  Well, that letter caused me to cry and stay in bed for two whole days.  But the emotion of sorrow was AMPLIFIED by electronic harassment.  It made this emotion seem as though it would shatter my very soul.  It was as though they were saying: "Look, you left your daughter to be absorbed by us". 

      Well, I feel terrible for ever leaving, Invasion or no.  But my daughter is 12 now.  It is time to leave what cannot be changed alone and make positive changes in my life......for her and myself.  If there WAS an "Invasion", I wasn't aware of it.  Hence, you've got to look at the bigger picture if you believe we've been invaded.  This involves EVERYBODY.  They manipulated us all and their attack went un-noticed until very recently.  None of us would knowingly left our children to be devoured by this rapacious group forgive yourselves and SURVIVE!  Yes, we've been invaded, but it's just our government programming people to be part of a huge social network.  This was done to ensure the future of our dying planet so that we could buy some time and make technological advances.  It also made for perfect enslavement of the masses. 

      We know that there is something wrong with certain people.  Their presence makes us feel nervous, their "language" is disorienting and fear-inspiring.  Their actions are lacking in normal human vitality and seem fake.  You can view it as a duel between you and the satellite beaming all this crap into your ear.  CLING to the slow frequency in social situations to avoid the disturbing ideation and uncomfortable physical feelings we get in the presence of "members". 

     By meditating upon the slow frequency, we rise above the chaotic, demoralizing crap of the "human training frequency".  This way, we can socially interact with anyone.  Just focus upwards on that Salvation Code.  So remember:  we are NOT to blame for whatever has happened to America.  We've suffered enough, so let's forgive ourselves and keep going!  Is there an Invasion:  yup, but it's just mass-brainwashing on the part of our government.  Stay real, listen to God in times of trouble and know that you are not alone.  There are plenty of us out here fighting this "machine".   


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