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Bias And Hypocrisy

Updated on March 1, 2011

Bias & Hypocrisy

I know that the wise man, Solomon, said that there is nothing new under the Sun; and, far from me to ever question the wisest and richest man that will ever wear this mortal coil… but lately, bias/hypocrisy has had the Midas touch and if it were a disease, it would be considered a pandemic. Let us start with pop culture: last week, Barbara Walters invited Jessica Hahn on “The View.” Miss Hahn, was the lady who slept with the then married fame Evangelist, Jim Bakker, which exposed his prodigal lifestyle off the religious donations. Anyway, the hypocritical cross examination began in earnest of Miss Hahn by the ladies of The View, which prompted Miss Hahn, rightly so, to ask what made her different from Barbara Walters, who had wrote in her recent bio that she too had an affair with a married Senator. Believe or not, Miss Walters took great offense with Miss Hahn for bringing up the same thing she had done with a married man (hypocrisy).

How many Liberals you have heard, working in tandem with the MSNBC and CNN, have berated the Tea Party and its members by branding them all as racists and judging them collectively for the few in the ranks that were off kilter? Now, look at the current protest down in Wisconsin where one can see some members of the various unions carrying violent signs, and moreover, spewing pure vitriol. Do you hear a peep out of CNN or MSNBC compared to what was said about the Tea Party last year? Once again, a little research, by way of your computer, will prove me a liar or that I am telling the truth.

When my mother ask me why I listen to MSNBC, I tell her that I do so to learn what others are saying about the important issues. During one such visit, if I recalled correctly, to that hate fest, I watched Mika (Morning Joe) berating Governor Sarah Palin about her supposed lack of aptitude… Mika did so with that air of arrogance befitting the Liberal elites. However, months later, while Mika was speaking on a particular issue, she opined that President Lincoln was one of the Founding Fathers (bias/hypocrisy in a nutshell). We all make mistakes; after all, my father and my brothers once had quite a laugh at my expense because I actually thought that Sir Author Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes books/movies were based on an actual detective from Scotland Yard.

In the near future, you will hear about some celebrity divorce – you will hear the wife bitching about the husband’s dalliance with some younger starlet. Were you to look into the pending divorce, you may discover that the wife probably took the wandering husband away from an earlier wife and now the current wife’s chickens are coming home roost. The lesson to be had is that now and then, we all must pause and see whether we have sometime or the other lived in the proverbial glass houses, even if some of us have the means to procure all the stones.



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