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Joe Biden and Paul Ryan Debate Revisited

Updated on October 22, 2020
Rodric29 profile image

POLITICAL AND SOCIAL ISSUES are ever with us. Gain perspective by reading what Rodric has to say about it.

Why is the Vice President Debate Important as a Presidential Debate?


The office of vice president is the American people's retainer for the next leader of the free world just in case the unthinkable occurs to the president. It is extremely important for the president and any person vying for that office to select a running mate who is just as dynamic and influential.

Did the nation trust Joe Biden to lead the country if President Barack Obama was rendered incapable? Apparently, we did trust him because we elected President Obama for a second term. Joe Biden had significant influence for the electability of Barack Obama. His, Biden's, understanding of the American situation and application of sound fiscal policy played a part in the trust the American people lent to the administration. Biden has shown that he is capable to lead the country if the need would have arisen.

Lyndon Johnson


Did You Know?

Lyndon Johnson had the responsibility to lead the nation after the odious assassination of President Kennedy. He did it so well that the electorate again called upon his leadership for his own bid for the august presidential office. Without regard to his party affiliation or political stances, L. B. Johnson was a good vice president. A presidential running mate should be one who can win the electoral vote if he or she petitioned for the office him or herself.

It is important to take notice of the vice presidential debates because the candidates could possibly lead the nation.

Take Away From the Debate

I was biased towards Ryan. He won the debate because he did not behave as hauntingly as did Biden. I was psychologically disposed to listen more intently to Ryan's reasons and interpretation in agreement than was I to listen to those of Biden.

1) Romney should still lead the United States of America.

He lost the general election, but this debate helps me see what I want for the future. I would want Ryan to lead the nation if Romney were rendered incapable if he were to run in the 2020 with Ryan.

I happen to like the clean cut and passionate demeanor of Ryan. I trust the honest look on his face because I share the same values about work and government.

I share the same views about abortion and I support government involvement--state level involvement--in abortion rights. I support the five points that Romney and Ryan are cheered.

2) I support Ryan's position on Same Gender Marriage.

I am a Christian. I believe in the Bible. Homosexual relationships are not supported by Christ or His teachings as found therein.

I support Romney and Ryan by default because of that issue. Is it fair that I think homosexuals should not have the same privilege and status in their relationship as I have in my heterosexual relationship?

It doesn't have to be fair. I think it is wrong so I support the opposite of what Obama and Biden supported on that position. People who take my position are ridiculed as bigots and such. It will always be so.

3) I was moved by the first presidential debate, the Republican National convention, and Democratic national conventions to side with Romney and Ryan.

I had my mind made up before the debates even began. Fodder is all I get when the fire of position leaves the mouths of either Romney or Ryan.


I have read what others have said about the debate and how either Joe Biden has won or Paul Ryan. When it actually comes down to it, the only people who can really weigh impartially on the debate are those who had honestly not decided on which candidate to support before the election.

No matter who won the presidency, as citizens, we have little to do with the election of president. It is Congress where we submit our hot displeasure or great support for change.

The president is supposed to be a leader of the United States of America and not a party or racial mix. Donald Trump did attempt to unite America, but the racial chagrin he brings with him proves a great distraction.

Black Americans overwhelming wanted to vote for President Obama during his campaigns because he's a minority. Sadly, these same people are conservative by nature and would not support someone of Obama's political disposition to lead their families directly.

There is the rich and poor divide that was spouted against Romney--paraded by the Obama team before his election! Why? I am poor. I still supported Romney. His standards are my standards. I supported Ryan. His standards are my standards.

I really mean it, being poor. Unlike those people who say they are poor because they do not have the job they want or the salary that they deserve. I am poor because I make less than I need to support a large family and refuse to change the dynamic of my family so that other people would feel justified in lending us support.

I mention my circumstance to reveal that poor people support conservative ideas also. It is okay to be poor. It is not a crime. I want my wife, which she does of her own free will, to remain at home and love my children while we struggle to live on the salary I make.

If we go without, and no one will help us, we go without to uphold our belief system and culture--no matter what others may assume they know is best for us. I am poor and I support the Republican party, though I am not a Republican I support it because that party supports what I believe. Let me succeed or fail, but let it be my choice. That's it.

The government owes the poor nothing! If I get food stamps, it is because the people of my state have decided to generously help the poor. If I live in government housing, it is at the pleasure of my fellow Americans!

They owe me, the poor, no extra support. It is a privilege to receive help. I want to one day be rich. I do not want the hands of the rich tied. Let them have all the tax breaks. Give me a job! I don't want a break!

I have lived in a nation where the government redistributed income to some extent. It does not work. Instead of some of the people being poor, everybody is poor!

The industrious still find a way to rise above the mediocre even in socialist environments. The number of those stars are diminished because everything that they accomplish is taxed beyond reason to try to better society.

I am poor because of the decisions I have made. I am not poor because of my skin or my disadvantages.

I can go to school and learn how to manage money all at the stroke of a few keys in today's society. We poor have no one to blame but ourselves and should be humble enough to accept that.

Once that happens we can start the road to prosperity and financial peace. We poor may need a handout and a hand up. That is okay. That is What Romney-Ryan supported prior to the elections and still support. What they do not support is a handout that offers nothing else. That's my perspective. That is the perspective of the current leader of the free world, Donald Trump. As much as I do not support him as an individual, he matches my political ideas. Trump, however, is the first president that I dislike for no other reason than his public behavior in the past.

© 2012 Rodric Anthony


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    • Rodric29 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodric Anthony 

      8 years ago from Surprise, Arizona

      Aaronhubb89, I viewed the video and ended up sharing it on all of my social apps! I love what the Bishop had to say. I hope some of my associates and relatives listen to the what he suggests in the video.

    • starchild8 profile image


      8 years ago

      Excellent writing and reporting. You expose the central core of what the debate is all about. Your research and insight gives true fact that you are engaged in truth and not just the idea of political confusion. I find your work great and a benefit to this website and the community that takes the time to listen. Elder James Harris

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      @Rodric29 Don't know if you've heard this yet, but since there seems to be the talk of African-Americans and Democrats and homosexuals, I think it is only necessary that I share this link with you which I think you will enjoy.

    • Rodric29 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodric Anthony 

      8 years ago from Surprise, Arizona

      Thanks for posting IB. My point in using LBJ as an example was that the electorate trusted him to lead the nation after his performance in the presidency. True, they gave him only one term because they did not like the outcome, but he was trusted to lead us. The people of this nation must trust the vice president to lead if the unthinkable happens to the president. I trust Paul Ryan to lead. I do not trust Joe Biden. I pray nothing happens to President Obama before he is replaced next month by Romney.

    • Rodric29 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodric Anthony 

      8 years ago from Surprise, Arizona

      ImKarn, thank you for sharing you comments on this article. I tend to miss what people say, so I am purposely trying to view your comment from different perspectives. I want to be clear about my position on homosexuals. I do not hate people who live that lifestyle. I do not support same gender marriage, that is all. It is against my conscience to hate a person for being different than I am. It is ungodly to do so. I do not have to accept sin just because I do not hate the sinner. Homosexual behavior and practices are sins, and therefore ungodly. Just because I believe that does not give me the discourtesy to harass people of that practice. I agree with you and know that it is true that God loves us all, and we all are sinners to some degree or another.

      Also, you are not informed about what the Republican party has done for minorities. Check history. Who passed the civil rights laws! A republican congress. Who opposed those laws? The Deomcratic party. Republicans ended slavery. Republicans passed the voter registration laws for my Black predecessors. Republlicans forced the South to change socially so that the Democratic dominated machinations of racism went away. Just because the Democrats want to cry champion of the minority groups in the present does not remove the party's past of discrimination. Just incase you are wondering, Martin Luther King Junior was a conservative, not a liberal. Read some history and don't allow yourself to be spoonfeed.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 

      8 years ago from Southern California

      LBJ was a pathetic no accomplishment President, and the farthest person if compared to JFK.

      He escalated the Vietnam war increasing the military forces from 15,000 to over 549,000, and yet we lost the war.

      Joe Biden who plays the blue collar Joe never had a career outside of politics. He has been in the senate since 1972 until 2008 when he became VP.

      How can Biden know what middle America is like as he is a politician.

      Obama is much the same as Biden in not having a career outside of politics.

      Yet, people seem to identify with these two lifetime politicians,

      However the bottom line for this November's election should be based on Obama and Biden's public record in the Executive Office.

      There is nothing but failures, and broken promises.

      If they had a good public record they would be running on it, rather than trying to make their opponents look bad.

      The fact is that neither party has the solution to bring the country back to what it was in the middle of last century. It is still a choice of which party will do the least damage.

      Instead of the blue and the red, we need a congress that is shades of purple.


      Your comment is an example of the bad decisions that have brought this country to its knees, and it will only result in further falls to the ground.

      Your choice of adjective is unnecessary and childish.

      Abortions and Same Sex are social issues that are not suited for disposition by politicians.

      They are red herrings in an election that needs to focus on the same issues that exist from the economic collapse of 2008.

      And you have the audacity to say that something is disrespectful.

      I have commented on what you said, not on you as a person.

    • ImKarn23 profile image

      Karen Silverman 

      8 years ago


      i respect your thought process and am impressed with your presentation..

      i disagree with who dominated the debate, and the R/r 5-point plan lacks any form of DETAIL - and the vague sound bites we do get seem to change more than the wind..

      lastly, i disagree with any woman, child, black, hispanic, gay, poor, etc - who votes for a party who has PUBLICLY and VOCALLY not supported your needs!

      with all due respect - think again my friend - and that's NOT because i'm an obama fan! I was all for McCain until he chose that silly bitch palin to be his running mate!

      Finally - that 'christian crap' you're spouting? I'M more christian than you are..

      WHY - because these days it's more a statement of mindset than piety! For instance: 'I'm christian therefore it's ok to hate gays..'


      Why not try harder to NOT judge, not hate, not discriminate - and NOT feel as if you are better or deserve more than the next guy.

      And please stop doing it in the name of god - it's insulting and OLD..

      Whatever happened to god loves all creatures - even gay ones??

      interesting what gets lost in translation, isn't it..


      now - THAT'S disrespectful...


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