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Narcissism -- Why Pimps are not men, just babies, the pimp mentality.

Updated on July 23, 2014


Yeah, tough guy, Mr. Pimp, strut your stuff and impress the guppies splashing around in your tiny puddle of misery. Oh yeah, you "got some money", but no real man would accept the stench of money drenched in pain and humiliation. Oh yeah, "you got things" so what, you don't have anything else.

Two-year-olds grab, they scream, and throw temper tantrums and Mommy teaches them how to take turns and control themselves. What does that say about you Mr. Pimp? Your Mommy did not care – she wasn’t there. So what did you learn Mr. Pimp? You learned to control – not as good as feeling loved, but it works to survive? You did your best to control Mommy – make her pay attention to you, feed you, and love you – by three you gave up on risking love, now you are all about control. You will not risk any feeling anymore and now all women are objects to be controlled. You are a narcissist.

So Mr. Pimp your whores are just a bunch of Mommies that you are controlling that do not love you and have to be forced to meet your needs. I would have to say the more mommies the bigger baby. So, strut down the street with your whores, grab their money and beat them and know you are just a two year old and not a man and you will never be a man. You are a slave to Mommy for the rest of your life and no matter how many whores you beat and how much money you take from them or how many Johns you beat or how many drugs you sell – you cannot make Mommy love you, you never could and you never will.

Strut down the street Mr. Pimp the only people who admire you are even more pathetic than yourself. To anyone outside your muddy puddle in the back alley of human misery, there is nothing but a pathetic, crippled human being stunted at the age of two, destined to grab and scream and throw fits for the rest of his life and never know the peace of being loved and of being a real grown up man.

Did you know who your father was? Was he there for you -- most likely no.

I do not hate you Mr. Pimp but instead I am very sorry for you, because for a man to act like you much pain has been suffered. So Mr. Pimp be not proud, and know others outside your puddle see the crippled child clinging to his Mommy that you really are and I pray that you may find your manhood – although it is unlikely.


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    • daughterson profile image

      Faye Mitchell 13 months ago from Columbus, Ohio

      To: It's sad but true -- There may be someone out there that can help you find yourself. Don't give up on love. We all need love.

    • profile image

      It's sad but true. 13 months ago

      They will keep wanting that satisfaction that will forever elude them.

      They bring it up in every relationship. Thinking it will work but forever being disappointed .

      I am a disapointer and just going to live my life out without love

    • daughterson profile image

      Faye Mitchell 2 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Thank you Sig and mimi for your insightful comments.

      Sheed -- Most narcissist are confident and they don't care what others think so I am not surprized by your comment.

    • profile image

      mimi 3 years ago

      He, my husband, stopped many years ago. I did not know him then,he told me a bit about it. They never change. Oh he has a great job and works very hard. The mentality is still the same. Excellent passage.

    • profile image

      Sheed 3 years ago

      Pimps are usually EXTREMELY confident, they don't care about what you have to say Daughterson. Big Pimpin'!

    • profile image

      Sig 3 years ago

      I know a pimp he was abused by his father and suffered much pain. I truly feel sorry for him

    • daughterson profile image

      Faye Mitchell 3 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      anon 3 years ago

      Good passage! Kudos!

    • daughterson profile image

      Faye Mitchell 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Thank you so much NY Yummie. The very fact that pimps are narcissitic means they have an unrealistic view of themselves. It is not surprising that he thinks he is a "momma's boy". You are right if you were raised with love and taught to respect yourself and others you could not possibly behave that way.

    • profile image

      NY Yummie 5 years ago

      This is a terrific article. I don't even see any humor in it just the plain ole truth about pimps. I was just speaking to a former pimp today and I mentioned to him that there must have been something lacking in his childhood from his mother to make him have such a low opinion and no regards whatsoever for women. He claimed that this was not true and that his mother was loving and attentive and he was a "momma's boy". I don't believe him. I don't understand how one can come from such a mother and become a pimp!

    • profile image

      granny80 7 years ago

      This was funny and heart breaking at the same time>> I think the men that engage with the prositutes should go to jail too

    • lisadpreston profile image

      lisadpreston 8 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      They really are the slime of the world. They destroy women that could have had beautiful lives. They enslave a womans soul and the trickle down affect is murderous because the woman usually has children. When you kill a soul, the body usually follows.

    • daughterson profile image

      Faye Mitchell 8 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Thank you so much Lisa. I did mean for it to be funny and to cast shame on their occupation. Oh they're bad, their mean but they are not men -- just big babies. I am so glad you laughed that makes me feel really good. I have been writing about Pimps for years because I hate the degradation they bring upon the world and I hate what makes them be what they are. Thank you for seeing the humor in this sarcastic piece. I almost erased it.

    • lisadpreston profile image

      lisadpreston 8 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha. Im sorry, I can't stop laughing. Honestly, I can't stop laughing.

      OK LISA, STOP IT! lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo I really can't stop laughing.

      I know this wasn't meant to be funny, so I apologize.

      Im afraid to ask, but what in heavens name inspired this? You have great insight regarding the pimp mentality. The analysis was wonderful! I think if a pimp reads this, he will be too embarrassed to ever admit again to anyone that he is a pimp. But then, 2 year olds don't read.

      This really was excellent writing. I can't wait to see what you have to say about strippers, HO's and George W.Bush!