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California, Setting the pace for the Nation, Good or Bad?

Updated on January 23, 2013

Our Economy is no Economy

In the not too distant past the great State of California was a major player in the world economy. In the years 2000 and 2001 I was State President of my trade association. At that time California was the undisputed sixth largest economy in the world.

A few years have passed and a stark difference has emerged since then. It is now election year 2012, and America has been in recession for the last three and a half years. Millions have lost their jobs or are working part time jobs that are not meeting their familie's needs. Unemployment is at 8.2%, and recovery is moving at a snails pace. California like many other Democrat dominated states have left the taxpayer holding the bag while continuing to pile on more and more debt. In state after state the nightmare is the same the taxpayer is left with a bankrupt state.

Public employee unions are at the root of the problem, they command more and more wages and benefits along with a pension plan that redefines the word as discussed in Steven Greenhuts book Plunder. The subject of the book is how the public employee unions are raiding the treasuries, controlling our lives and bankrupting the nation.

The world's economy is no better off than America's economy. What a difference twelve years have made. California is a liberal State that has been getting deeper into debt year by year, our debt continues to grow. One account I read on the net said California was in debt somewhere between $265 Billion and $ 737 Billion. Wow! What an estimate! Other more credible sources say the debt is between 5 to 6 billion at this point I'm not sure who to believe.

No one in California wants to know how deep this money pit is. By all accounts that I have read, the amount of our debt is always an estimate. It really looks like our elected officials are willing to spend us into oblivion, but are not willing to admit that California is broke, and I mean flat broke! The legislature has been out of control for years. Their main priority is to find some means of funding for their liberal agenda. ( More Borrowed Money).

Every year the budget is increased to pay for the unfunded spending of the previous year. California is so far in debt now that there is no way that the liberal governing body can put us on solid fiscal ground.

Our State needs to pay attention to getting us back on track. We have let our infrastructure go to a point of ruin and needing in some cases replacing instead of repairing.

Instead of being concerned with our financial ruin and our obvious need to replace our failing infrastructure our legislature has found a new more popular rabbit trail to run down.

Now our law makers have fallen for the Global Warming Alarmist, Al Gore. California is broke but that won't stop us from buying into Al Gore's claims of doom and gloom. You know the scenario of greenhouse gases and to think that man has recklessly been the sole cause of this world destroying problem is just plain arrogant!

Dealing with Global Warming, Without dealing with our fiscal problems in California is asking for failure.

Even though global warming is not a proven fact, California is well on its way to restructuring our way of life. Our county planning commissions have adopted and put into action plans to lesson our carbon foot print, and reduce greenhouse gases to a pre- 1999 level. Once those levels have been achieved they plan on reducing these greenhouse gases levels even further.

The science that Global Warming is based on is shaky at best. There are just as many scientist that are against the Global Warming theory as there are for it, maybe more.

I was born and raised in California. I try to stay up with what we are doing in the State. I honestly don't remember voting for or signing a petition for the restructuring of California to go completely green.

I was on my way home from my house in Calaveras County. I was listening to the Mark Levin radio show to pass the time. Mark Levin was discussing California and just how far left we had gone.

Mark spoke about the planned restructuring of neighborhoods and there placement in locations closer to downtown areas. These new neighborhoods wood be close to shopping, and mass transportation. These new communities would be close enough to walk or ride bicycles to. The idea being that driving would be discouraged and walking or riding a bike would be encouraged. The new restructuring plan would encourage multi unit residential buildings. These buildings would allow more units to an acre than the present day single family home style of building does.

Mark Levin made it clear that once this was approved and working in California that this type of restructuring would become the blueprint for saving the rest of the country from greenhouse gases. It seems that the whole country can expect the same restructuring to occur in neighborhoods across the country.

Once I got home from the mountains I started looking on the net for signs that what Mark was talking about was either happening or not. It didn't take me long, and to my surprise I only had to look in my own backyard. I found all that Mark Levin was talking about and more when I started reading the Alameda County government website. Our planning commission had indeed been working on their plan for the East Bay Area since the mid 1990s. Change is not only coming it's here!

listening to Mark Levin was scary enough, but to find that what he's talking about was happening right under my nose was a real eye opener. These government employees and elected officials were planning and implementing their plan right in my own backyard. There was no debate or public consideration. As far as our local government is concerned it's a done deal!

It's time to wake up people. Our elected and appointed government employees are not implementing the will of the people. It's time to step in and throw the bums out! If we're not careful our kids and grand kids will be living in substandard apartment buildings in a third world setting. The America we grew up in will be a forgotten way of life that seems more like a fairytale. The American dream is almost gone now. if we don't take control of our Local, State, and Federal Government now we may never have the chance to do so again.

This great country has been the most successful experiment in freedom that has ever existed in the history of the world; but we are at the tipping point now. We are close to losing it all because of apathy and ignorance. Once our freedom is gone, its gone and the likes of it will not be seen again.

Get educated; watch what your government is doing. Be proactive ignorance is inexcusable.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Writer Chuck 

      6 years ago

      Malin Thank you for your comments. I think Mark Levin is too smart to join the good old boys and girls club. He really tells it like it is on his radio show. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you but it seemed to me that Hub pages was gettin a little too left for me. I've also been busy settling my mothers estate.

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 

      6 years ago

      Excellent Hub on a Timely Subject, and California is the best example of Government gone WILD...You need someone Conservative who can pull in the SPENDING, and ask questions, and say NO. Maybe, "Mark Levin" should run for the office.

      We are all living in Scary Times...Wake up People! I look forward to following your Hubs, Writer Chuck. Hope you will check out mine as well.


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