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Big Pharma - Friend or Foe?

Updated on November 21, 2010

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Before I begin, I just want to point out that this article is not written to cement or slander a theory. I am just trying to explain the conspiracy theory so you can make up your own mind.

It's only right that we should give a level of respect when evaluating another persons opinion, even if it goes against everything we believe. If we don't evaluate from an unbiased respectful position, how can we ever hope to establish any semblance of truth?

Some conspiracies are ridiculous, some are more believable but each deserve the same level of investigation because sometimes the ridiculous could turn out to be the truth, it's not unprecedented. To just condemn a theory as crazy because it sounds far fetched, is doing yourself an incredible injustice, especially if proven, the consequences of which would be unimaginably horrific. For this reason, these conspiracy's MUST be investigated because allowing the horrific to go by unpunished would be the biggest injustice of all.

Big Pharma - Friend or Foe?

The pharmaceutical industry, or “big pharma”, is a very common villain among conspiracy theorists, because they're easy to find fault with.

Drugs, as anyone can see, permeate society in most of the industrialized world. For every minor complaint, there is a drug to treat it, and most people will eagerly take them despite the risks of side effects.

In fact, many Americans visit their doctor to discuss an ailment already knowing which drug they want, thanks to direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising.

This pharmaceutical advertising strategy is very controversial; it is reportedly prohibited in most countries, excluding the United States and New Zealand. These corporations certainly take advantage of the opportunity to market drugs directly to people who may or may not need them.

Time Article: Are Direct to Consumer Drug Ads Doomed? >>

However, this is the least of the allegations against big pharmaceutical companies. Some researchers and industry whistleblowers say mainstream medicine is completely dominated by big pharma. For instance, people don't generally like the idea of drug companies paying their doctors, but this happens all the time.

InjuryBoard Article: Merck Reveals Payment to Doctors as Part of Transparency. >>

Today's mental health system is deeply connected to the pharmaceutical industry as well. It is easy to diagnose someone with a mental illness and prescribe them a drug to treat it, psychiatrists do little else.

Most people can easily come to terms with the idea that big pharma is a 'for profit' business, not a business of improving people's health. The objective is not to cure your ailments, but to temporarily treat your symptoms so you continue to take their products as long as possible.

It's a bit more difficult for some people to consider an underlying agenda in which pharmaceutical drugs are used to help control the general population around the world, but that is a claim made by many conspiracy theorists.

Children as young as 5 are being diagnosed and medicated after starting school, in many developed countries. Some say drugging the more difficult children is intended to dumb them down or to break the wildest colts early on, as activist and psychologist Dr. John Breeding might say.

There are a number of theories about the motives behind the mass drugging of the population. Some say drugs, in addition to other chemicals in our environment, are meant to sedate the population or to poison us and weaken our bodies. Others claim big pharma is testing their chemical concoctions on us.

Whether intentional or not, this has proven to be the case numerous times. Drugs often get rushed onto the market without adequate testing. One might wonder how this is possible with the government regulatory systems in the civilized world.

In the US, the Food and Drug Administration is believed to regulate this type of thing, but they've been caught covering for pharmaceutical company mistakes before.

Lawyers and Settlements Article: FDA Used to Shield Big Pharma From Lawsuits. >>

Some conspiracy theorists have researched the people involved in decision-making at the FDA and have reportedly uncovered many links to the big drug companies. It seems they can work with the government while also working as a consultant for big pharma.

This has led many people to believe the FDA and mainstream medicine have incentive to discourage natural treatments and cures for health problems. Most of them are personally and financially invested in the pharmaceutical industry.

People may feel personally invested in our pharmaceutical medical system as well, we have all probably been grateful for it at one time or another.

Still, we should be aware of and acknowledge the corruption that does take place regarding the pharmaceutical industry. If they continue to make a profit, they have no reason to improve their policies.

Side Effects

Most drugs we take have a list of possibly side effects. Some can be mild, whereas some can be quite severe and it is the responsibility of our doctors to weigh up the risks against the needs of a patient. Recently, many homeopathic practitioners have been claiming that the actual word 'side-effect' is a problem in itself because it's very misleading. They claim people should be informed that these are the 'EFFECTS' of the drug as this is what they are in reality, not 'SIDE' effects.

Since the discovery of homeopathy, many homeopathic practitioners are reporting that the pharmaceutical industry has got it all wrong. They claim instead of curing a patient, the pharmaceutical drugs are simply treating the symptoms and often replacing them with new ones because of the drugs effects. They say, this method of treatment can often put a patient in the position where they are dependant on the pharmaceutical drugs because it is keeping them on a cocktail of chemicals that provides the patient with the less visible alternative of symptoms.

Nobody can deny its an horrific accusation and one that's certainly contributed to the fierce rivalry between homeopathic practitioners and the pharmaceutical industry.

So who is right? I'm not qualified to make that decision, but there are some very intelligent people on both sides of the argument. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty is we need to somehow get to the truth because the consequences of all these accusations are terrifying realities if proven correct. Personally, I say the only choice we have is to somehow get to the truth. Even if some believe there just wild conspiracies, the consequences if proven correct are just too severe so we can't afford to take that chance.

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    • RealityBomb profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Surrey, United Kingdom


      Well isn't that funny because Flouride was going to be my next hub topic. Ha Ha Ha. I'll take a look at your flouride hub and I may link to it from mine, if thats okay? :-)

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      8 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Flouride was proven to have been used in the Nazi concentration camps by putting it in the prisoners water supply to make them less agressive and more managable as a group.There is a monvement to remove flouride from water supplies that currently use flouride and to keep flouride out of water supplies that don't yet have flouride in them.This is happening in America and Europe and I would say probably worldwide.I wrote a hubpage on the subject of flouride if you care to look it up.


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