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Bigfoot explained at last

Updated on April 28, 2010

A new theory about Bigfoot and similar animals



            This is a theory based on my analysis of what I have learned from watching such TV shows as “Monster Quest” and “Unsolved Mysteries”. My formal education ended when I graduated high school in 1970 so the reader can form his/her own opinions of my qualifications. The theory I present here is intended to promote discussion of the subject and possible inspire some new research into Cryptozoology. If not, it might be good for a laugh. Please do not contact me to tell me how wrong I am or how stupid I am. My stepfather convinced me 45 years ago that I am stupid but that is another story.


            First, some background science – at least as I understand it. During and shortly after the most recent ice age, the Neanderthal co-existed with Homo-Sapiens. The accepted theory holds that homo-sapiens out-competed Neanderthal as the dominant species. It is certain we have taken over – winning the competition may not have been the precise reason.


            Now, moving on to the subject of this article – Bigfoot. My theory has two separate components. Neanderthals were as intelligent as Homo-sapiens and almost certainly stronger physically. They were able to tolerate the ice-age cold and survive in a harsh and predator-laden world. I believe Bigfoot and related hominids are remnants of Neanderthals. I do not believe there is a breeding population. I believe that through some genetic anomaly a few Neanderthals have managed to avoid the genetic traits that lead to premature death (aka old age) in humans. It may also be possible that Neanderthals did not age at the same rate as Homo-sapiens. We may be seeing indications of the very few survivors of an extinct species.

            With a long life bordering on immortality, an intelligent species will learn how to survive by avoiding humans. We do not know how effective Neanderthal hearing, vision, and sense of smell might be. The fossil records are incomplete. Picture evidence indicates a furry, hairy beast that would be much better adapted to life in the wild than modern humans. Without our tools we cannot survive in even the most hospitable climates. I propose that Neanderthals have survived and Bigfoot sightings and other evidence can be interpreted to support the theory.

            As we continue to destroy our own habitat, we are destroying much of the Neanderthal habitat even faster. Environmentalists and wildlife activists are always clamoring to protect shrinking specialized environments and endangered species. Some group needs to add Neanderthals to the protected list.

            Here is a good reason to promote the protection of this vanishing species: If these are in fact long lived survivors of the species – studying them could solve the problem of human aging and possibly other killer diseases. Pseudo-scientific expeditions with limited resources have attempted to research the Bigfoot phenomenon. No verifiable scientific evidence has been recovered. I believe a well-funded scientific expedition can solve this mystery. The possibilities to the scientific community and to mankind are more than enough justification. What do you think?



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    • profile image

      Yo 5 years ago

      No sorry Neanderthals were like 5 feet to 5'8. Bigfoot sightings reflect creatures in the 8 foot range

    • profile image

      random guy 6 years ago

      Also they could easily have breeding pol pulations their is so much woods that is in useable by us,....they argue no fosils ....well look at where we forced them to live in forest ...forest don't produce fosils ...even today we have no fosils of chimpanzee...lowlands gorillas were thought to be myth until mid 20th centry panda were myth untill dead one brought to market and that was layer in history also

    • profile image

      random guy 6 years ago

      I beleive bigfoot is a neanderthal real evidence proves they were cloths clothes equals coverd in fur...but yet science dipicts neanderthal as human...humans didn't out compete them..there's still an abondence of food even today with 9 billion people way more then ice age times ....neanderthal bones are ape like ..its asenine science shows them as human like ...if u look at Peterson footage close up of face its got wide nose like neanderthal

    • profile image

      max 6 years ago

      actually I have had these same thought's for a long time myself well minus the immortality thought i do belive they breed and that they cannabalize their dead