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Big Oils' Plan For You

Updated on July 22, 2008

Following Big Oil to the End.

The plan for oil companies is to dominate transportation into the next decade and beyond. Flush with cash from all those profits and sure of backing from the legislature they have been in bed with, they have the power to hold the green revolution to a standstill. Using the government to make their case successfully, they can drill along the coast and in virgin Alaska to their hearts content. This, in spite of the fact that they control millions of acres of untapped lands away from the fragile coastline and ecosystem.

Thus, you have the plan for big oil for the next decade and beyond. Hear them whine--"It's just too hard to make alternative energy vehicles." And, that oil away from the coast is too hard to drill." Meanwhile, they collect their government welfare checks as an incentive so they will explore and drill, Meanwhile, they make obscene profits, thanks to their energy monopoly. The profits they report are laughable. In fact, some oil companies are reporting losses. That means they pay no taxes. Dividends for shareholders? Even more laughable. They get a depletion allowance, a tax credit for the oil they remove from the ground and oil not yet removed. Then, they receive a nice tax credit on their wealth, that is the paychecks on income of the executives, while the employee pays the big shot's share of the taxes.

That's right, this country was designed and everything moved on oil. Rockefeller got a stranglehold on the future this country was to take, and that was on oil and the automobile. Everything in this country was planned so the little guy would have to tap into oil for his automobile, and they built the freeways to prove it. The bus and train fell out of favor so that everyone must own a car. So, the monopoly marches on. They scream bloody murder if anyone should suggest they might survive on less profits(a little government control) "This is a capitalist society"! That's right. It's time oil realized that. Transportation is a public good and they should have never been allowed to control so much wealth without some oversight. The president of an oil company makes 400 times that of an oil company employee. This is not capitalism but an aristocracy. this kind of inequity is not just true of oil companies. Oil companies operate like fiefdoms, setting the pace for other corporations to follow.

We now know that whole towns are heated with geothermal energy. Germany, of all places, is completing plans to make the country free of foreign oil by lining their freeways with solar panels! Will it work? It is working, today. What about nuclear? Yellow cake is $100. a pound and there isn't enough of it to go around. China is developing at this minute wind turbines capable of producing 80-100 mega watts of power, enough to supply cities, and at a cheap price with little environmental impact. It takes years to get a nuclear plant up and running. With some tax incentives, Solar plants could be operating here within three years. A serious study is being done in Colorado to mine oil by separating it from rock and shale by placing heaters underground to break the oil down. Uh huh. How much will it cost to run these heaters?

The message to the American people is: Stay the course! Drill offshore! Go shopping! Opening up Alaska to drilling will be the death knell for more Americans, native Americans that is. The wildlife in the north is already seriously impacted by global warming. The great ice packs are melting much faster than anyone predicted. This impact is already being felt in south sea islands and elsewhere. The Netherlands is preparing for high water. Other countries need to prepare as well. New Orleans should be a warning for all coastal cities in the U.S., but very little is being done.

Despite the record temperatures and drought conditions in much of the U.S., there is little conservation of water. Agriculture is being threatened by floods in the Midwest but the mad, ethanol tea party shows not a sign of slowing. The writer warned that ethanol from corn is a stupid idea, that it would lead ultimately to food shortages has proven accurate. Has it stopped the ethanol production? Of course not. Warren Buffet bet that train cars would be needed to haul all that ethanol to market and that is where he bought his stock. It won't change anytime soon.

Unless there is a major move in the different direction, some future universal travelers may study the singularly greedy and short-sighted policies of today and say: "There was a small sect here, preaching about the end times. It looks like they were right. But those they warned ended earth for all time, without divine intervention. What could have been a great civilization, was brought down by greed and the loss of caring for anyone or anything besides thier precious money and their narcissistic self love. At the last minute, they tried to blame it on something they identified as Satan." Can you imagine? the whole thing was prophesied exactly as it happened in our Bible," Now shaking his head..."OK, everyone, back on the exploration chamber...Nothing to see here."


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I do wish that we could put more emphasis on developing solar energy, wind energy, etc. But it must be done carefully and with free enterprise in mind.

      The company Solyndra that the Obama administration backed with tax payer money to the tune of a half billion dollars...even though signs were there telling them that it was not a viable company...(they eventually went bankrupt) did nothing but hurt the cause of promoting solar panels and energy.

      If solar energy development would be given the same tax breaks as does oil, private companies would be happy to jump on the bandwagon and start producing more in the way of clean and renewable energy. It would be a win-win situation that way for everyone.

      It all comes down to politics, sad to say!

    • profile image

      solar captain 6 years ago

      This is mike, thanks for the comment. I will take both of your suggestions.

      I began writing about 4 years ago about the the oil situation. I read alot of the trade journals for my information. Oil is not going away until all the glaciers melt, floods, hurricanes and winds take out all their rigs and it's too hot to go outside and work. California is changing. The weather is so different from what I remembered it a few years ago. It's muggy and very hot.

      Thanks again, I'll be in touch.

    • silver lining 5 profile image

      silver lining 5 6 years ago from Southwest

      Great hub, I also am a dedicated activist against oil but I do it all with my keyboard whenever I can find the time. Please visit is a website that is building strength because of people who are waking up and are finding others like us. I am silverlining5, my hub is Thanks for being there keep on pitching for alternative energy.