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Bihar election results, an eyeopener for National Leaders!

Updated on November 8, 2015

Main players in Bihar polls.

The strange election results of Bihar to the BJP

Everyone has learned their lessons post Bihar election results. No doubt, the BJP has geared in all fronts using technology and lot of manpower. But their arithmetic went wrong. No doubt Amit Shaw, the President of BJP put his best effort as in the past during Lok Sabha elections. But state election scenario is entirely different. After the dismal performance of UPA-II in the Loksabha elections and in subsequent elections, everyone relied heavily on a credible alternative. No doubt that the people have chosen the best man for the Prime Minister post giving a huge majority. But the state scenario requires astute calculations. None can change the mindset of people in few months. They are quite aware who is good at governance in state level. Thus the image of Nitish Kumar as honest CM helped him to sail back. Of course, the campaigning was not easy for anyone. But Nitish Kumar has calculated well and the Congress has enabled the alliance between two formidable man who were at dagger heads previously. Congress saw the opportunity and united the two. People admired the work of Nitish Kumar and they were attracted by Lalu’s followers who were quite a good in number. Hence this formula has clichéd well.

This election comes after a bitterly fought Delhi election where Kejriwal has rooted out the National Party who was ruling the country. Arvind Kejriwal was a political nuance. Yet, by dint of hardwork and correct strategy, he could pack up the BJP. BJP has definitely learned lot of lessons subsequent to Delhi defeat. Yet there was ‘superiority complex’ in their dealings with other parties. They thought that they will rule all parts of India by the popularity of Modi. No doubt the PM has many plus points in governance compared to UPA. But his image got some bruises due to his silence in many cases especially those connected with his cabinet ministers. Very serious complaints about some of his close cabinet colleagues rattled the hard earned image. Also, the handling of HR and culture ministries brought much concern in the minds of public.

No doubt Modi is Mr. Clean and dedicated his entire energy for good governance and also for uplifting the image of India among world countries. The economy eased well but some miscalculations led to sudden rise in the rate of very essential commodities. First vegetables like Onion and tomato sold in exorbitant prices in market. The price of pulses during the election campaign skyrocketed. Only after public outcry, the government starts waking up to bring the prices under control. We can summarize the reasons for the average performance of BJP as below.

The person in the states like Bihar which was most backward around a decade ago has huge expectations from the rulers. They want that their basic needs are fulfilled by government. Literacy, employment opportunity, drinking water, power and better roads with affordable health facilities are the minimum expectations. During the regime of Nitish Kumar, he has fulfilled many of the expectations of the people by wise planning and implementation.

People cannot be hoodwinked anymore by politicians. Especially women voters are more circumspect in choosing the correct person to whom they vote. Most of the rural population who live below poverty line has no access to the internet. Hence social networking sites cannot reach them at any time. The BJP has heavily relied on social networking sites which could be accessed only in towns.

Sri Nitish Kumar has started campaigning well ahead of BJP. Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad have well planned strategies to attract the local people who knew the leaders well. If corruption is highlighted by BJP to target Lalu Prasad, he was still their hero to many people in Bihar.

The badmouthing by some of the BJP leaders and MPs before the start of campaigning distanced Muslims a little away. They were naturally fond of Nitish Lalu alliance since Nitish Kumar has adopted an all embracing policy since the beginning of his tenure as CM. The BJP has realized their folly very late and before they started doing something to woe the Muslim voters, the plates have tilted against them. In a way, BJP lost the elections due to the mistakes of their own flock and not adopting the correct strategy. They should have projected the local leaders who have built up the space for BJP from the olden days.

BJP has wrongly accused Nitish Lalu campaign by attributing ‘beef eating and astrology”. This strategy of BJP has boomeranged on them very badly. The last minute advertisement of a lady hugging the cow posture has done the final damage.

The image of Nitish Kumar was one of humility whereas the postures of many of the top leaders in BJP were full of superior egos which automatically brought them down. At least from now on they should learn the lesson of dealing with citizens. One who is humble will always win.

Bihar leaders and Prime Minister Modi!


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