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Bill Cosby-Rapist or Misunderstood Genius

Updated on December 22, 2014

Do What I Say Not As I Do

Credibility of Rape Allegations in General

I am usually a harsh critic of rape allegations. To me, rape has to be clear cut, either through a stranger or a boyfriend who insisted on continuing the act despite the many "no" and struggles from the woman. Crying rape after purposefully having sex with a multitude of men after a hard night of drinking is not a convincing case to me. Claiming to be raped after a one night stand by a man who who has never had any assault complaints lodged against him also is a dubious claim. Then there were the false allegations of rape made by Tawana Brawley and the stripper in the Duke LaCrosse matter that sadly discourage the credibility of rape allegations. However, in these instances, all of these were isolated incidents of rapes: one woman lodging a complaint against one man or some men. I'm not suggesting that only one rape complaint is a fabrication but it makes the matter difficult to prove in the court of public opinion and in a court of law.

Credibility of Rape Allegations Against Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby does not fit these scenarios of an individual woman or two alleging rape against him. There have been so many allegations lodged against him that I don't need any judicial system to adjudicate guilt. Remember that this is a famous man and these individual women might have presumed that they were isolated rape cases who would never be believed in court. They may not have known what the others endured until much later after their rapes. Fourteen women have been consistent in stating the matter in how they were raped by Bill Cosby. He used drugs on all of them and preyed on all young women. Cosby's M.O. was consistent in all of the stories of these women. He only settled financially with one woman so there was no gain for any of the other women to tell their stories. Furthermore, these stories were well known in the early oughts and 1990s but never likely widely reported because of the discrepancy between the honorable father Cosby represented in his hit 80s show and the perversions of his life. The proliferation of the internet, the current harsh intolerance toward rape and domestic abuse and the 30 years or so that have passed since the charm of the adorable Dr. Huxtable have been able to bring these horrors to the forefront. But, yes, if 14 women are coming forward with consistent stories of how and when they were raped by Cosby, they are all credible to me.

Having said that, not all the women are credible, two especially. Two famous models, Beverly Johnson and Angie Dickinson are not credible because these are not the type of women Cosby targeted. None of the 14 who came forward were famous. They were raped when they were young, had no power or fame and were at tender ages. Cosby was known to try to seduce younger members of his shows. Cosby did not appear to seek out famous, sophisticated women. Therefore, Johnson's and Dickinson's stories do not ring true. None of these 14 women were sophisticated, cosmopolitan women of fame and Cosby chose women who would feel too powerless to expose his perversions.

The Adorable Dr. Huxtable

Bill Cosby Jello Pudding Commercial 1982

Conservative Cognitive Dissonance

One of the amazing psychological results of the allegations against Bill Cosby has been the conservative cognitive dissonance about the man. They blithely dismiss the 14 complaints of rape made against him simply because none were adjudicated in a court of law, knowing very well that these women may not have known about the others' experiences and the rarity of reporting rape to the authorities, especially against a famous figure.

Many conservatives don't view the sudden enlightment of these accusations as a result of an informative internet, the lessening stigma toward rape, the increased age of the women in which they feel more comfortable disclosing abuse which occurred when they were young. Also, because of the internet, these women learned that their stories were not isolated ones so it has been easier for them to tell their stories publicly.

The current publicity of the Cosby rapes is a simple case of Occam's Razor in which the sudden publicity is due to the simplest explanations which have been stated above. There is no vast left wing conspiracy to bring Cosby down to size because he has advocated responsibility in the black community. There is no indication that the liberal media is in disagreement with Cosby in this regard. President Obama once famously said that any fool can father a child but it takes a real man to be a father and this is the message that Cosby presented as well and our president is not a conservative. One does not have to be a conservative to espouse a strong family platform but many conservatives project Republican beliefs upon Cosby for advocating the importance of family, for emphasizing the need of having a strong male figure in the household, to encourage people in the black community to assume more self-responsibility rather than victimization. The role of this blog is not to address the writer's views on this matter but to point out that, because of Cosby's urging of self-reliance and responsibility in the black community, conservatives may have assumed him to be a stalwart member of the GOP who is now being targeted by the liberal media.

Bill Cosby is not a conservative, but a Democrat. He was supportive of Obama both in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

He has been a firm supporter of Obama throughout the president's tenure and spoken well of the president. He is known to be a firm Democrat. According to the available research, the very idea of his being a role model for the GOP is ridiculous.

Therefore, the very idea that the media reporting of the proliferation of rape accusations against Bill Cosby is a deliberate conspiracy by the liberals to destroy his life is not valid. He may not be the valid messenger to encourage familial cohesiveness and, certainly, his message of family unity and responsibility is at odds with the man himself; however, Occam's Razor indicates that Bill Cosby was the cause of his own downfall, not any vast conspiracy.

Is Bill Cosby Guilty of Rape?

Do you believe that Bill Cosby is guilty of raping all 14 or at least a good number of those women?

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Left Wing Conspiracy?

Do you believe that the extensive media coverage of the Cosby rape allegations are due to a liberal conspiracy to destroy his life?

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