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Bill Gates, Charity and Investing

Updated on June 30, 2010

Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates
Bill and Melinda Gates
Huge Estate of Bill and Melinda Gates
Huge Estate of Bill and Melinda Gates

I can always tell a liberal by....

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The other evening on one of the channels I never watch, my husband happened to have on one of those low rated news programs on. The talking head was interviewing the Bill Gates power couple. I was only half listening. We were trying to clean up after Thanksgiving and I was hustling about, only lending half an ear.

At first blush, they sounded very nice, talking about their philanthropic endeavors. How nice of them to use their wealth in such a way. Then I heard the word, “government”, and “investment” in the same sentence.  And I knew.

I listened more closely. They had “invested” their money – and by that they meant – they gave a certain portion of their money to their chosen charity/cause, which they believed helped benefit all of the global population (by helping to eradicate infectious disease, this helps the world they believe). Now they were asking that the “government” step up and do “it’s” part and “invest” in this worthy and globally beneficial cause. They added that as it is, our country gives such a “tiny” amount as it is to socially relevant causes.  The dutifully liberal interviewer made mention at least five times in the interview about “all” the money spent on defense, wasn’t it better spent on a cause such as theirs?

#1.  Myth: Defense of our country takes up a huge portion of our GDP.  (see table 1)

Defense currently – as of the latest posted governmental numbers is approximately 7% of our GDP.  When compared to our GDP spending for Domestic Investment (that’s what it says on this chart – investment -) we are talking about some 22 almost 23% of our GDP. This is not including all of the personal/private charitable giving – the most in the world – and this doesn’t include non-Domestic charitable giving. It’s still much, much more than is being spent on the actual defense of our country. Something – BTW – our government is SUPPOSED to be doing. Our federal government, according to the Constitution – is not supposed to be “investing” in philanthropy!

That’s of course when they lost me.

You know how I can tell a liberal or Democrat just by listening to one conversation about social issues? Or how I can tell a liberal or Democrat by reading one single blog or editorial regarding social issues? They use the term, “invest” in one or more various forms. Which is liberal-speak for “taking my money and using it the way THEY think I should spend it.” Actually, I should say, STEALING my money – because frankly, to me – at this point, that is exactly what these tax-and-spend liberal lunatics are doing in our government these days.

#2 What I started to say to the television in my abject frustration was, “That’s just great Bill and lovely wife of Bill that you give a portion – [and by his fortune – TRUST it’s a very small portion because statistically liberals and Democrats give far less to charities than do Christians, Conservatives or Republicans by vast amounts], but when you talk about the ‘government’ you are talking about MY money. When you talk about the ‘government investing’ you are bottom line – talking about taking MY money and using it for something YOU deem worthy.”

#3 What liberals mean by this mantra of “redistribution of wealth” is essentially – YOU give up YOUR money because YOUR hard earned wages should go to those who are less fortunate. I’ll never forget ole Babs Striesand when she proclaimed on her web page that we all should hang out our clothes on clothes lines to “save the environment.” When someone noted that there were no clothes-filled lines on her Malibu property – she literally said, “I didn’t mean ME – I meant YOU!” There you have it in a nutshell – the liberal mind-set.

Then there’s AlGore who demanded we all stop driving SUV’s while he ran for President – as he jetted in PRIVATE jets to various places in the country and went to political events in – yes HUGE, LUXURY SUV’S!

These people would be total jokes were they not currently in power. But I digress

#4 This is something I recently said to a REASONABLE liberal who I was in a very polite discussion with on-line. IF you truly believe that this cause is so worthy, that – in this case – the poor should have a better shot, and it’s not fair that the distribution of wealth is so lopsided – then here is my suggestion (as I’m now suggesting to the Gates): Sell everything you have. Liquidate every asset and everything you have – if this is TRULY burning in your heart and soul – this need to give to your chosen charity – and give it that chosen charity. Keep only what is absolutely essential to eat and have a modest roof over your head – and give ALL of the rest to your favorite charity.

But DO NOT stick your hand in MY pocket and take MY money to give to YOUR charity as MY charity is decidedly different than yours.

For example – I think the American Red Cross is a very, very worthy cause as I do Samaritan’s Purse and various Pro-Life Groups. Furthering why I give in particular to Pro-Life Groups – if you were interested Bill – if you were actually listening – I’d say, “I give to these Pro-Life Groups because I believe that some or maybe more than some of these aborted babies could be the next genius who could discover a CURE for the disease you hope to eradicate from the earth. Or that protecting these unborn innocent lives could ultimately produce someone who will discover the ANSWER to this abject world-hunger and stop the very reason you wish contribute your money in the first place. Wouldn’t it be nice Mr. and Mrs. Gates – to be forced to find another cause to contribute to because some intellectual titan (to use a phrase a super smart and intellectually superior liberal used on these pages…) discovered a way to overcome the need for your money? You see MY cause – stopping the wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn children – has potential global consequences too! What makes YOUR charity more worthy of ‘investment’ than mine?” That’s what I would ask.

Answer: Because YOUR charity, Mr. and Mrs. Gates, ISN’T more worthy – so I ask that you keep your hands out of my pockets to let me spend MY money the way I wish to spend it – as I will keep my hands out of your pockets to leave you free to spend your money the way YOU wish to spend it.  Forgive me – but I’m taxed enough. I’m sick to death of being taxed – I SO want to toss that tea into the harbor and throw all of your tax-and-spend money-grubbing-career-politician friends out of office. And I’m working on just that very thing.

Until then – “invest” your OWN money – don’t ask for “government” to “invest” just because you’ve made this choice of a “worthy” charity. I find your charity, while worthy, not important to me. Leave me alone to use my money where I feel it can best be used. Instead – take me up on that offer. If your cause is SO worthy – sell everything and give it to your wonderful cause – put your money where YOUR mouth is – and leave me the heck alone.


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    • profile image

      alternative investments 7 years ago

      It is great that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are providing the lead with charitable donations.

    • thejcrevelator2 profile image

      thejcrevelator2 8 years ago

      The wealthy give for many reasons not the least are tax breaks and great PR. As for taxes on the rich the IRS tells us that the top 1% pay an average income tax rate of just 22%, average pay $7.4 million average tax $1.6 million.

      America is the least taxed western democracy in the world - average fed income tax 12.6%.

      If you want the biggest war machine and you want to spend as much as the rest of the world combined on war and the military - you need to raise taxes to pay for it.

      Have a great day...

    • Car Donation NY profile image

      Car Donation NY 8 years ago from United States

      I completely agree with you 100%. I like many others think that spending money on things other than bombs is completely acceptable and I agree. I would like scanners at the airport but we don't need to invest millions in stockpiling bombs and weapons when we already have enough to blow up the world. I aggravates me too.

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 8 years ago from Michigan

      Precisely ehern33!!!

    • ehern33 profile image

      ehern33 8 years ago

      Great read. I have to agree and let me decide what charity is close to my heart. The more they take, the less I will be able to contribute to my charity.

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 8 years ago from Michigan

      Your comments are EXCELLENT additions itakins and eovery!!

    • itakins profile image

      itakins 8 years ago from Irl

      Excellent article-a subject close to my heart.

      We are somehow supposed to admire the ultra wealthy ,who love children so much -they fund abortion on a massive scale.A great way to control diseases-indeed.

      To expect taxpayers to support their 'charities'-makes me see red!

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 8 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Great article. I agreed all the way.

      One thing that get be, dems, and libs hate capitalism, but they are ones that use it the most, i.e. Bill Gates. All the rich in NY and Massachusetts. They talk on side of their mouths to make themselves look good, but do the opposite. So typical!

      Keep on hubbing!