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American Billion Dollars Paid by ISI to Taliban for Indian Blood

Updated on September 17, 2010

You can’t win a battle while you are allying with the evil

Pakistan- the Victim of perception, the victim of anti Islamic sentiments, the victim of Terror and also an non NATO Ally of America!!!!!!

So Billions of dollars are legitimate rights for a country like Pakistan.

Pakistan provides transportation of goods to US troops and provides bases for US air force and therefore America can issue Blank cheques after Blank cheques to Pakistan for their political convenience.

Who cares where these Dollars are pumped into?

Who cares if a rogue country buys mujahidin for Indian and Afghan Blood lust.

If a country can keep its own citizens in dark then it’s natural it would give a damn to Indian warnings and suggestions.

Recognize the generations

The ISI Leaders
The ISI Leaders

India has been victim of Pakistani terror network since well before 9/11 and India consistently had been advising and warning the whole world that all the terrorism in this world emanates from Pakistan and the god father of this terror network is nothing but the infamous ISI.

But who cares? After all American jets can refuel in Pakistan border!!!

American hands are red in Indian blood when they given away Billions and Billions of Dollars to a tainted country which continued to use its intelligence agency not for external information but for killing hundreds of Indian innocent poor workers in Afghanistan who worked day and night for development of Afghanistan, building roads and bridges.

Mr. Obama (Though in a democratic country like India, we do not pay respect calling Mr to aa person who knowingly contributed to the killings of innocent nationals of a friendly country) keeps on giving Dollars to Pakistan, keeps on giving away stinger missiles, F16 Jets, Nuclear know haws which Pakistan not at all needs to fight against Taliban but needs badly to be used against India.

India for last 30 years kept on saying who the real culprit is, spreading terrorism in the whole world but All Mighty America has kept on leaning towards the same ISI of Pakistan which kept on exporting terrorism in India and Pakistan.

The Evil Network gone unnoticed

Even after 90,000 classified reports (which can’t be fiction novel) of American military confirms the nexus between ISI and the Taliban and Al Qaeda, American still seems to be trying to brushing away the whole thing and continues to give a blind eye to the clandestine ISI of Pakistan.

So what should Indians now understand once and for all is, America is not interested to take on Pakistan for whatever crime it commits. America will continue to give away it’s so called AID      (Dollars, Drones, Double standards) to Pakistan.

And everyone in the world should understand when American President or British Premiere say “Pakistan is victim of terror itself”, “Pakistan is doing something” or do not directly blame ISI or Pakistani civilian Government of producing and exporting terror, it makes everything clear about American and British mindsets.

In the end as an observer of long trail of terror activities emanating from Pakistan, I can foresee this is not the end and let America not rest assured of their peaceful future, while the dirty clandestine exists on the face of the earth, called Inter Services Intelligence.

Who were they trading with?

The facts Americans never noticed while voting


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    • Imagin profile image

      Imagin 4 years ago from Amsterdam

      @Amir, you are commenting as if you are judge jury and the prosecutor here when you say Indians know it well that Kashmir is not part of India.

      India knows it very well that Kashmir and the whole of it is very much integral part of India because Kishmir's ruler King Hari Singh signed treaty to join the Indian union and it's a piece of paper which is hard evidence.

    • profile image

      Amir rajput 5 years ago

      Article shows that indians r badly need of u.S aid.World knows that the terrerism is spread by india.India is responsible for killing of many millions kashmiri people.Although the fact is that j&k is not a part of india and india knows it very well

    • Imagin profile image

      Imagin 7 years ago from Amsterdam

      Thanks Rahim

    • Rahim Shinwari profile image

      Rahim Shinwari 7 years ago

      good article ... The western tax payers should ask these questions from their governments .