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Billionaire Clinton Supporter Doesn't Believe That Minorities Should Own Firearms

Updated on September 30, 2016

In a hidden recording, the unmistakable voice of Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is heard speaking about black neighborhoods and crime. In the video which is presented in this Hub, Bloomberg mentions that 95% of murders fall into a specific category. They are male, minority ethnic, and between the ages of 15 and 25 that are likely to kill someone. He later went on to say that local municipalities need to get guns out of "this groups" hands in order to keep them alive.

These kids think they're going to get killed anyway because all their friends are getting killed.

...they just don't have any long-term focus or anything. It's a joke to have a gun. It's a joke to pull a trigger

It should be pointed out that a lot of inner city areas already have some very strict gun control measures. So to a leftist, the most obvious thing to do is take steps to ban guns outright from the crime ridden areas. Even though the clear answer is to promote more concealed carry firearms. The CDC published research that proves that private gun ownership is an important crime deterrent. So in other words, an elite leftist believes in essentially disarming minorities because they have a crime problem in their neighborhood, is the answer to stopping crime. Compare actual crime deterrence research done by the CDC (which is provided in a link) to what Bloomberg is suggesting.

The very suggestion of this leftist idea, may not only potentially violate Second Amendment rights that every American is guaranteed, but it also promotes an anti-gun agenda. It's thinking like this that may cause further unconstitutional infringements on an inalienable right that everyone has. There are a lot of influences that can perpetuate crime in inner cities, such as the breakdown of the family unit or a culture that glorifies crime that should be examined more seriously.

Inner cities that are breaking down are a result of leftist policies to begin with. Some cities have been in Democratic control for decades and have only gotten worse. Donald Trump may be right in that Democrats make promises to protect minorities but only do so with the expectation of having their vote. There is very little competition from Republicans when it's so deeply ingrained in the inner city populace that Democrats always have their best interests in heart. Which clearly isn't so, and likely never was, considering that it was Republicans who were at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement.

But credit should be given where it's due. Bloomberg does state that investing in a heavier police presence in crime ridden areas does make sense. However, it is not enough to permanently change the neighborhoods to stay safe. The goal should be to change the neighborhoods without turning them into a police state and violating the rights everyone is entitled to such as the Second Amendment. A very serious crackdown of gangs in the area will do inner city neighborhoods wonders. This, while promoting concealed carry for normal citizens struggling to live in the area will guarantee them security and liberty.

What If Trump Said This?

What if Trump or another prominent Republican said something like this? You can bet that it would be all over the news and the entire world would hear about how a racist Republican wants to disarm minorities. Leftist groups would use it as a way to paint Republicans racist and take a position of being pro second amendment.

Republicans have consistently expressed that everyone should have a means to defend themselves, while rich liberals like Bloomberg and Clinton would advocate taking the guns away from people who are "troublemakers". Troublemakers could be whoever opposes their ideological views. Hillary Clinton has said that Republicans and the NRA are her enemies after all.

The hypocrisy of the mainstream media to not cover this should be considered journalism malpractice. One of the worlds richest people, who was the Mayor of one of the most iconic cities in the world, suggested that minority males between the ages of 15 and 25 should be targeted as likely criminals. He, like other leftists, don't understand what common sense laws should be, especially when it comes to guns.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Saying That Minorities Should Be Disarmed

Should The Inner Cities Be Specifically Targeted For Gun Confiscations?

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