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Bio Terrorism a Theory on Covid-19

Updated on May 6, 2020
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I am a Historian, Martial Artist and Criminal Justice/ Military expert having focused my lifetime studying Warrior Ethos and culture.

Germ Warfare and Bio Terrorism
Germ Warfare and Bio Terrorism | Source

Bio Terrorism a quick look

Bio terrorism is an attack using biological elements, germs, viruses et al on purpose to cause a chain reaction of events. They can be used to persuade political or social agenda to acquiring territory or to win in a combat situation.

Once weaponized there are three different forms of biological threats: bacteria, viruses and toxins. The methods of spreading agents is as imaginable as the creativity of any maniacal mastermind could dream. Most popular form in present time is via aerosol or airborne transmission there is also person to person, animal to person and food/water source. History is not exempt there has been a long standing use of what we know as germ warfare. We know that there have been numerous instances where forces have launched dead body parts over city walls to bring them under submission during a siege. In early history there have been poisoning of water and food sources, to direct poisoning of important persons.

The higher the infectious rate could mean better results and force entities to submit to the will of the aggressor. The US has been victim to Bio Terror in the past if we recall back in the 90's various attempts to infect government facilities with Anthrax. In short any kind of germ, virus or bacteria can be used as a form of Bio Terrorism.

Covid-19 Corona Virus Facts

Corona virus is a group term to specific viruses like Sars, Mers which displays a certain characteristic under microscope. Namely that it has crown like shapes which allow for the virus to attach the it's victim's lung surfaces. COVID-19 is the novel version which has caused a world wide pandemic like never seen before. It rivals the Bubonic plague, and possibly Polio and Spanish Flu before all is said and done.

It is believed from sources in China that the source of the virus comes from under cooked bat meat which was eaten by someone. That person then passed it on to another person and the whole situation progressed as more and more the virus was spread. The epicenter of the outbreak occurred in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in late December. This makes it hard to realize actual precipitous events which unleashed this invisible monster.


Just in the US alone here are the stats at the time this article was being written:

Positive cases: 431,753 (1,315.4 per 1 mil people)

Deaths: 14,771 (45.0 per 1 mil people)

As of April 9, 2020, 12:05 A.M. (ET) Source

It has 212 countries in the world. Total infected 1,436,198 worldwide with estimated 85,522 deaths to boot. It's effects are felt in every aspect of life from economic to social.

The statistics of victims that have died are varied. It was once said at the start, from information from China that the elderly were the most vulnerable. This is still the case but there are other factors that come into play as well such as initial overall health. Certain conditions like lung disease and auto immune diseases will complicate cases of victims infected by the virus. In the US age groups between 38-45 and males have been the most likely victims.

This is a pandemic. At the moment there is no known cure all implement. There are suggestions here and there but one thing remains certain: social distancing and constant hand washing and disinfecting surfaces is key to beat this virus. The WHO just released a news article which abhors the world in it's entirety to shelter in place and stay at home. Given the certain circumstances that is the best advise for now.


Cause and Effect

The world in it's entirety has come to a complete shutdown. Countries like Italy and Spain issued a widespread lock down and stay at home. The only one's out on the streets are Police and Military forces to keep everyone quarantined inside their homes. Certain times people are allowed to go out for food. Citizens of the UK are given a chance to stretch their legs and go out for exercise.

What this has done on a grand scale is effect every nation's economy. The US alone has seen estimated 6m unemployed which has been off set with a $3t stimulus and aid package passed by the Federal government in an attempt to keep it's citizens from uncertain demise financially. Stock markets continue to plummet, with no end in sight at the moment. All we can do is hold on and wait till everything clears up. It has been come a financial apocalypse.

This virus knows no color, race, ethnicity, income level. It has the potential to infect anyone. UK's Prime Minister Boris Johnson is notably fighting for his life at this very moment. Indeed it is grim times.

Oxfam asserts that the results of this virus could put an estimated half a billion people into poverty and that global poverty will increase for the first time since 1990.

Japantoday news reports that Japan has set aside 243.5 Billion Yen to sending its business outside of China.

The total cause and effect of this pandemic is yet to be realized.



I am not a big conspiracy nut but.....

1. The virus started in China

2. The US owes China a lot of money

3. The US recently has amended it's trading policy with China

4. Communism doesn't work

5. China relies on the money of the world to keep it going

6. If the world follows USA's example and pulls plug on trade, China will fall.

7. China would do anything to it's people, because they just don't care.

8. It would not be beyond such political power to unleash such a virus on it's own people, its been done before, and hide it's start which would lead to a worldwide pandemic.

9. Being ahead of the curve China could call in debts at an alarming rate.

10. Every Nation would Crumble while China takes advantage of the situation it started.

11. Chinese scientist Dr. Bing Liu, 37, who is from China, “was shot multiple times. Bing was on the verge of making very significant findings toward understanding the cellular mechanisms of covid-19.

I know it's some serious suppositions, but anything is possible. They have already caught scientists and spies relaying information of germ warfare program 1000 talons and there has been Chinese taunting that would suggest this isn't as far fetched after all. If anything let this be a warning to the powers of the world.


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