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Bipartisan support for prohibition, is chipping away at individual liberty

Updated on September 30, 2015

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world!

The current political narrative, tends to give the impression that legislation from congress is needed to correct perceived ills that may or may not exist in this place that sane people like to call “reality”. Unfortunately, those that reside inside the beltway, live their lives, in a constant state of psychosis. They are part of an alternate reality, one that is void of the rule of law, and the US Constitution. Our government officials have the impression, that they can make evil go away, with the passing of a bill, and the stroke of the President’s pen. This kind of arrogance, has become a real problem, and has distorted, the purpose, and the role of government, This kind of thinking, comes from both sides of the isle, this is not a partisan argument, it is however a good illustration of the hypocrisy, that comes from the republicans, and the Democrats. I am going to use two different issues to put this into perspective, so that you can process what I am saying, without your partisan bias to cloud your judgment. I’m going to use gun control to highlight leftist hypocrisy, and the war on drugs, to emphasize hypocrisy coming from the right.

No liberty for you!

Both parties favor prohibition, in some form. This is the way that the DC elite class imposes its will, and blatant narcissism on those of us that are viewed as peasants, by the oligarchs that roam the halls of congress. The impression that our elected officials have of American citizens, is somewhat warranted, with a huge chunk of the electorate going to the polls, looking like laboratory rats, hitting the feeder bar to get a food pellet. Two things are bringing this country down, one, a willfully ignorant electorate, and second, the complete societal breakdown of morality on a grand scale. If there is anyone that is going to attempt to impose morality on the nation, those in DC should not be the ones that we turn to. Our elected lawmakers are only a product of a morally bankrupt electorate. They are not the problem, they are only a symptom of the real problem, and they are a reflection, of a people, that have long forgotten where they come from.

Liberal obsession with firearms

Now we will dive into the liberal infatuation with prohibition, and legislation intended to impose twisted liberal fantasies, of utopian society, that have never existed in the history of the world, and will never exist, because the individuals that press for this agenda, have a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature, economics, and monetary policy, that ultimately leads to the same thing, every time. A dictator, mass genocide, and revolution. So, let’s look at the leftist obsession with banning firearms. Just like drugs, that drive the big government conservatives crazy, guns send the looney leftists into convulsions, every time there is an event that involves a crazy nut job walking into an establishment, and opening fire on a crowd. They feel a sense of urgency, to get these pesky guns off of the street, so that we can stop these horrible events from happening. They call for “common sense gun control”, ignoring the irony of such a phrase, in that it is an oxymoron. There is no common sense involved, when one is proposing legislation, which takes away; ones right to defend themselves, and their family. Have you ever seen a mass shooting happen during a gun show? If the left is correct in their assumption that more guns and ammo, means more shootings and dead people, then a gun show, should have bodies lying everywhere. The lefties never have an intelligent answer, when they are asked about the odd coincidence, that these mass shootings, always take place, in a location, that has a “No Firearms allowed” sign conveniently posted at the entrance to the establishment. What is wrong with criminals these days, and their reluctance to follow directions and the law. I’m sure that on every occasion, they just happen to miss the no guns sign, on their way into wreak havoc. Why can’t criminals just follow the law? After all, the liberal mind sees only sunshine and lollipops all of the time, and those that commit acts of violence, are just misunderstood, and they would have thought twice, if it hadn’t been for the evil gun that jumped into their hand and made them kill. As ridiculous as this all sounds, it is not just my sarcastic tendencies taking over here. Liberals think with their emotions, and most of the time, they do not bother to run the emotions through their brain, before they open their mouths. Most self professed liberals are good people, with good intentions, but they often have a attitude, that uses Karl Marx’s modus operandi, which states that the “end, justifies the means”, and will often go to extremes to do what they think is right in their minds. Good intent, however, does not excuse one from acting irrationally.

This obsession that the DC elite, has with controlling, and manipulating in the name of the “common good”, whether it be, drugs, or guns, or regulations, has a negative effect on society as a whole. No one knows what you need to be successful, better than you, and individual responsibility is a necessity, of free people that want the freedom to seek their own path, and fulfill their chosen destiny, using the abilities that God gave them. Politicians only run our lives if we let them, we have the Constitutional right, the God given right to abolish such a government, in the event, they overstep their enumerated powers, outlined in the Constitution. We will only be taken advantage of, if we continue to give consent for such exploitation. It needs to stop, now!

Wise man say....

War on drugs = blatant conservative hypocrisy

So, let’s talk about prohibition, marijuana currently, and the left’s sick twisted fantasy of gun control, which is being done in some states. We have the largest prison population of any country in the world per capita. Many of these people have been convicted of nonviolent drug crimes, otherwise known as victimless crime. Who is being victimized when a drug possession charge is handed out? The person that is consuming the drug is doing it under his/her own power, and no one is forcing their hand. There has to be some personal responsibility. We have to allow for law abiding citizens to consume a substance responsibly, just as we have done with alcohol. Someone can drink, and then have a buddy act as a designated driver on the way home. A person has to know their limit, and know when to say when. If someone goes to a bar, and has a lot of alcohol, then gets behind the wheel, then they need to be arrested, as they are threat to society at that point, as a result of poor judgment. Bottom line here is, there are responsible drinkers, and the majority of adults that drink do so responsibly. Drinking does not make someone a drunk, their actions after drinking is what defines irresponsible or possibly criminal behavior We all make mistakes, but we need to live with the natural consequences of our actions. If no one else is having their rights infringed upon, then the responsible party must be held accountable for their actions, by accepting what effect their actions has on their life and family, and having to work through it. By locking them up, what chance are you giving them, and how is that helping them? Those that end up addicted to drugs, don’t usually receive the treatment that they need, they are just treated as criminals. We don’t try criminals if they are deemed mentally ill, or incompetent, so why do we continue to treat those stricken with addiction, as criminals. Addiction is an illness, and should be treated as such. I have those that tell me that I am wrong about victimless crime, because of the children that are victimized, by being neglected, while their parents smoke crack. That’s why we have child neglect, child endangerment, child abuse, etc. Irresponsible behavior that ultimately endangers another person or persons should be set apart from personal choices that people make, to endanger themselves. If we are to use taxpayer money to battle adverse societal effects of drug use, then we need to put that money into rehab and counseling, not incarceration. Land of the free? It is hard to make that sale, when we have individuals that are serving a 55 year prison sentence for selling marijuana. Is that what we, as Americans, view as a free society? Freedom is more than some cool slogan that gets slapped on the bumper of a car. Freedoms, and liberty, consist of individual responsibility, and innovation that only manifests, when it is free of government meddling, regulation, and red tape. America enjoyed the most economic prosperity in its long history, just after the civil war, and up until around 1913. This was the year that Woodrow Wilson, and his extreme progressive agenda was set into motion, with the creation of the Federal Reserve, and the 16th amendment, that kicked off the progressive income tax, that has to this day, continued to grow in complexity, with loopholes for the pay to play Corporations that play footsie with Uncle Sam, and getting goodies, and special treatment in return. Before the income tax, and the Federal Reserve in 1913, we had roads, law enforcement, and local nonprofit organizations such as churches that helped out those in the community that need help, or assistance. Communities took care of their own, and we had an exceptional US military, that was able to fight and win 8 wars. All of this was possible, with American workers keeping 100% of the money they earned. They tell us today, that they need more tax revenue. Is that request, some kind of a sick joke? If so, America is not laughing.

Fool me once....

This obsession that the DC elite, has with controlling, and manipulating in the name of the “common good”, whether it be, drugs, or guns, or regulations, has a negative effect on society as a whole. No one knows what you need to be successful, better than you, and individual responsibility is a necessity, of free people that want the freedom to seek their own path, and fulfill their chosen destiny, using the abilities that God gave them. Politicians only run our lives if we let them, we have the Constitutional right, the God given right to abolish such a government, in the event, they overstep their enumerated powers, outlined in the Constitution. We will only be taken advantage of, if we continue to give consent for such exploitation. It needs to stop, now!


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Prohibition has bipartisan support in Washington DC. Republicans are for banning drugs, gambling, and prostitution, Democrats are for banning free speech, guns and religion. Pick your poison!


      The FDA has been useless in protecting us from bad, but legal drugs. This is verified by the army of lawyers that file major lawsuits on FDA approved drugs.

      As long as Tobacco and Alcohol are legal, then so should Marijuana, as they are all bad, but popular. Making MJ legal would free up the resources to go after really bad illegal drugs, and also provide revenue, and trace-ability of use.

      The failure of the medical community to provide cures, or even lasting relief has put many patients to rely on pain meds. Then they are taken off these meds, but they are still addicted. That is a failure of the medical community, as they created these addicts.

      Gambling should be legal

      And it is all across the country, and many of the gambling institutions are run by the government, as in the lotteries.

      We have legalized gambling across the country, and Nevada also allows prostitution, which is a special kind of gambling.

      There are much more heinous crimes than gambling and prostitution, and we have only a limited amount of resources and people that can police it. So legalizing them would get revenue, trace-ability and free up the resources and people for the more heinous crimes.

      The Mexican Drug Cartel does over a billion dollars of illegal drugs in the US, and they are not controlled by either Mexico or the US.

      When you have limited resources and people you need to prioritize.

      As for free speech, guns, and religion, these are the foundation of our constitution unlike the drugs, prostitution, and gambling which are not named specifically in it.

      Uphold the constitution on the specifically mentioned 1st Amendment, free speech, and religion, and the 2nd Amendment, guns.

      Political correctness is an artificially created device, and its purpose it to chill free speech.

      As for Religion, we just don't allow the government to choose our religion.

      As for guns, we already have laws and procedures to make gun sales and use within the limits of the second amendment.

      Be divided and you will be conquered and that is what is happening with all of these distractions such as political correctness and excessive gun control.

      We have more pressing issues, that never see the light because of these special groups and their special goals. For example, we have immigration laws that are not being enforced because of groups that want to divide the country. Unfortunately, the congress is tasked with legislating the solution to these types of issues, but they are embraced in sibling rivalry, and remain gridlocked.

      To get out of this political much and mire, the voters need to detach themselves from their political parties, and start voting in the best candidates into office. And that will require the rejection of candidates from both parties, to force them to provide better candidates.


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