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Michelle Bachmann has a preacher problem

Updated on June 16, 2011

Where's Fox News

Best pals
Best pals
Strike the pose
Strike the pose

Two men who hate

The Reverend Right Bishop Eddie Long has settled the sexual cases against him. The case involved four young men who alleged that Long coerced them into sexual situations during their teens. At the time Long vowed to fight the allegations because they were untrue, but today, he settled. What a hypocrite. Lets get something straight, I believe that Bishop Long is a sexual predator. He also happens to like young boys.

The fact is the most African Americans who vote go to church. Another fact is that Bishop Long and his parishioners fought vehemently for a sanctity of marriage bill in Georgia. His supporters on his marches were Berniece King, that is right, Dr. Martin Luther King’s daughter. Coretta Scott King was eulogized in his church. Her stand on gay and lesbian rights was clear and led the head of the NAACP to protest the funeral.

Here is what the Right Reverend had to say about those very rights according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “It is the most unattractive thing I have ever seen, when I see women wearing uniforms that men would wear, and women fighting to get in the military!" Long shouted to his congregation then. "The woman gets perverted to turn towards woman … and everybody knows it's dangerous to enter an exit…God says you deserve death.” He would know.

Now Bishop Long is exposed. He has settled a case that most African-Americans in the church wanted him to fight, but the worst part of this settlement is we will never hear these young men tell what happened to them. The case seems to be sealed and the lawyers are not talking. What is Reverend Long hiding.

No one knows who Bradlee Dean is but everyone knows his girl pal, Michele Bachmann. Bradlee Dean is the preacher who gave an invocation at the Minnesota Legislature. He offended the legislature and they had someone else come and do the prayer because he intimated that the President was not Christian. The Minnesota Legislature is known for having prayers that all-inclusive.

However, that is not the worst of Dean’s insults. He believes that being gay is illegal and that all gays are molesters. He thinks they should all be put in jail. He also rails against blacks and Jews, but I have not seen his face on Fox News. Remember the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. You will see Bachmann and Dean if you go to the Jamboree 2011. Dean is a drummer in a Christian metal band. It appears that they have been friends for quite some time.

These guys preach hate for your fellow man. The problem with Long is that black people will forgive him simply because he is black. The problem with Dean is that he fits right into that Tea Party bag. Long will be forgiven because he is black and Dean will be forgiven because he professes to be a Christian. Both of these men of the cloth have no place in civil conversations because of the hate they espouse.

However, you let the President go to a church where the preacher talks about black people being mistreated—which they were—and he hates white people and is a racist. I would love to hear what Fox News has to say about these two. When will the right get rid of hate so that we can have a civil conversation on the rights of all people


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    • Stump Parrish profile image

      Stump Parrish 

      7 years ago from Don't have a clue, I'm lost.

      habueld, without the hate, fox news and the right would collapse. No matter how many times you point out their hypocrasy, they will continue to live and breathe the hate.

      lobo, just a little over 125 years ago the fine upstanding chriatians in the south felt it was their "god given right" to own blacks. How many other groups thru out history have the christians felt it was their "god given right" to toment, harrass and kill when they saw fit? When will these hate filled people realize that "god given" and constitutionally given, have nothing at all to do with one another? Christians not long ago felt it was their right to enter another country and steal people they felt were less than human. Now they get their panties in a wad when another country feels it has the right to come into this country and make it's position clear on any subject. Nothing makes a group of self rightous people madder than treating them in the same manner they treat the rest of the world.

    • lobonorth profile image


      7 years ago

      Why am I not surprised that there is another story about hypocrisy and those who pretend to speak on behalf of a god? Informative and well written, thanks.

    • habueld profile imageAUTHOR

      Bruce Bean 

      7 years ago from Riverside, CA

      Here is your racist Tea Party Video American Romance.

    • habueld profile imageAUTHOR

      Bruce Bean 

      7 years ago from Riverside, CA

      When is the last time you heard something from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? Seriously? What? Cameras? C'mon man!!!

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      7 years ago from America

      The right did get rid of Hate! Only liberals keep bringing it up! When blacks get rid of Sharpton, Jackson, and many others they might see that! Democrats scream racism, yet they never have anything! they tried it against the tea party and a man offered 100 thousand dollars for proof! thousands of cameras and microphones and not ONE taker of the 100 grand! stop believing the lies!


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