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Bishops Condemn Angry Language!

Updated on September 27, 2019

Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Vicious, Nasty Parliament.

The scene in the House of Commons, the other day, was like nothing ever seen before. Parliament, re-sat and basically, started where it had left off, before being suspended, by Boris Johnson. The High Court ruled that Boris, in suspending parliament, up until 14 October, was illegal. There was a tense and nasty atmosphere, as politicians, of all hues, debated Brexit and other issues.

One angry MP, on the opposition benches, described Boris, as "Immoral". Both Boris and Jeremy Corbyn, exchanged heated comments, at their relevant dispatch boxes. Boris, also tussled with opposition leaders, like the SNP's Ian Blackford and the Lib-Dem's Jo Swinson.

Parliament, that day, came over, as a divided and dogmatic place to be. Insults and abuse were hurled at the government, mostly over Brexit and the suspension of parliament. However, Boris was having none of it, calling MP's, trying to block Brexit, as a "Surrender Act". This infuriated opposition parties even more, and when one female MP, said she had death threats, because of her anti-Brexit stance, Boris, dismissed it rather scathingly, as "Humbug". Many opposition MPs, said Boris's use of what they called 'inflammatory language' against anti-Brexiteers, was the reason for death threats.

Many oppositions MPs said Boris's attitude of using the word "Humbug", was an insult to murdered MP, Jo Cox. Jo Cox, who held pro-EU views, was murdered by a right-wing Brexiteer.

The Church of England and its Bishops have intervened over the disgraceful behaviour of MPs. The Bishops described the 'bear-baiting pit' which parliament had descended into when it re-sat, as "unacceptable". Other comments issued by the leading clerics went on that the behaviour by MPs was "not worthy of our country".

A joint statement issued by Bishops was that the angry debating was "further entrenching divisions" referring to Brexiteers and Remainers. The statement went on that the victory of Brexiteers over Remainers should be upheld and the rule of law, respected.

The intervention of the Bishops will probably make no difference, about the dire situation, our politics has fallen into. But it highlights, how much, Brexit, has turned our politics on its head.

Many Christian MPs and those with any moral fibre, are starting to ask the question, where all this nastiness, not only between politicians, will lead us.

Rachel Turns On Her Brother.

Rachel Johnson has always trod, politically, a different tack to her, rather more, controversial brother, Boris.

Some describe her politically leanings, as left, centre, moderate and libertarian. She has in the past, declared her allegiance to the Lib-Dems, being as they are, a Remainer party.

Rachel can be seen, on Sky News's, 'The Pledge", a forum for discussion, between her and other celebs. Boris has been accused of theatrics and being controversial, but sister Rachel is no different it would appear. Rachel, during a broadcast of 'The Pledge', took her top off to reveal no bra, over an issue, she felt dear about. Of course, no breasts were on display, her boobs were covered up by the screen.

Rachel Johnson, like opposition MPs, has taken her brother, to task over his alleged inflammatory remarks. What sparked Rachel's ire was when Boris said the way to honour murdered Jo Cox, was to get Brexit done.

The Johnson family, it seems, will not be out of our media, for one thing, or another, for a long time yet.

The media love the Johnson family as Boris, sister Rachel and father, Stanley, are entertaining. The one difference is brother, Jo Johnson, who recently quit Boris's cabinet over political differences, with his brother. Jo Johnson, who also, has that trademark, blonde hair of the Johnsons, seems rather quiet and private, compared to his more outgoing siblings and father.

Brother: Jo Johnson.


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