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Bizarre Comments By Chicago Officials On New Gun Law

Updated on July 2, 2013

For far too long Chicago city officials have denied it's law abiding citizens the means of protecting themselves with the right to carry a gun. Up until a few years ago Chicago also banned the right to have a gun in your house for protection. A Federal court struck down that ban and now the Federal courts upheld the rights of citizens in Chicago to carry a concealed weapon.

People that are not aware of the situation in Chicago should learn a few facts. Chicago is fast becoming the murder capital of the United States with gun homicides vastly outpacing NYC that has a much larger population.

My thoughts and many others, believe that any criminal in Chicago already has a gun or can easily obtain one from neighboring states. The only people without guns are law abiding citizens.

Gun violence in Chicago is at an all time high yet officials in Chicago think that allowing a concealed weapon to law abiding citizens would create more gun violence.

They come to this conclusion even though study after study has shown that people that go through the legal process and obtain a gun carry permit are some of the most law abiding citizens in the country. They respect the law which shows by the process they go through to qualify to carry a handgun.

These same studies have shown that those that qualify to carry a gun contribute almost nothing to the crime rate....maybe because after all, they are law abiding citizens.

What I have stated are facts and in saying that I respect city officials with views counter to mine and many others. Simply, they are fiercely opposed to a carry gun law. What I do not respect are the ridiculous and contradictory comments they have made to bolster their augment. Some of their comments should be included in a late night comedy monologue.

My favorite comic sound bite came from Alderman Roberto Maldonado. He suggested that gang members would prey on law abiding citizens that carry guns....get steal their guns.

Really Mr. Maldonado? So me carrying a gun would make me a more likely crime victim? To put this another way, if a tough guy was going to try and take my loaded gun away what would stop the same individual from taking my wallet if I didn't have a gun?

Are criminals that dumb in Chicago that they prey upon gun totting citizens instead of those that don't carry guns?

Another Alderman, Anthony Beale said “People's safety is at risk” when the ban was overturned. You think?

There have been months where more people have been shot in Chicago then in Afghanistan. At least in Afghanistan they let people carry guns to shoot back. So Mr. Beale I think people's safety is already at risk.

Not to be out done, Mayor Rahm Emanuel was a bit upset when he announced that the decision by judges to struck down the gun ban are out of touch with the dangers many residents face.

I would think the opposite is true. The judges are indeed in touch with the residents and know that people need to be protected since the city has been doing a pretty poor job of doing just that.

A more bizarre statement by Emanuel was when he talked about a strange sense of values. He noted that cellphones are now banned in Chicago criminal courts , "but guns? Open the floodgates, let them in" he stated. He is of course, trying to scare people into believing that everyone will now be able to bring guns into courthouses. I lose all respect for “leaders” that try and govern by scare tactics and falsehoods.

Last spring the murder rate in Chicago was up about 60% over last year. I hear about a vibrant Irish exchange student with a friend getting her head bashed in by a gang member with a bat while walking home. Years later she can not even go to the bathroom by herself now and is confined to her home in Ireland.

Everyday I read about a law abiding citizen, usually elderly going out to buy their daily paper and lotto tickets being mugged and beaten by young punks.

Just once I wish it would be possible to file suit against the city of Chicago for negligence in denying the individual to carry a gun which would have prevented the crime or harm to a victim.

I have a young daughter that lives in Chicago and has to walk home at night alone. Unlike Mayor Emanuel, she doesn’t have an armed security detail that walks with her. Maybe Mr. Mayor, if you give up your guns and I would see you as being more credible.

I would maybe see the view point a little bit better of those officials that oppose this new concealed gun carry law if Chicago had a much lower gun homicide rate. I mean why rock the boat and introduce more guns into the city if there was a relatively low homicide rate? At least on some level that would make some sort of sense.

Instead we have a sky high murder rate in Chicago that makes Gotham City look like Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At least Gotham City had Batman. What do we have? A democratic machine out of touch and incapable of protecting their own citizens while denying them the right to protect themselves.


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    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 4 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      It's really a social problem that requires a social solution that doesn't require just putting someone in jail but to instill social rules at a very early age that promotes civility between people.

    • redwhiskeypete profile image

      redwhiskeypete 5 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks for your comment Anton.

      I will as you suggest talk about who has guns. The United States has about 300 million guns right now in the hands of the public. If we would outlaw guns tomorrow it would hardly make a difference because of all the guns in circulation. I agree with you that we need to limit guns but in some ways the city of Chicago is not doing that. Let me explain. Almost everyday I read about a crime or homicide committed by someone in Chicago that has prior arrests of carrying a unlicensed handgun. Why are these people still on the streets?

      You commit a crime with a gun then you do hard time in jail. That doesn’t happen here. These same social liberals that want gun control are also the same people that don't want to put away the “poor disadvantage youths” that carry illegal guns.

      It's too late to limit guns but it's not to late to come down hard on those that do carry guns and are not supposed to. I have two guns but hardly ever carry them. If I lived in Chicago maybe I would.

    • profile image

      AntonOfTheNorth 5 years ago

      Okay, allow someone to carry weapons to defend themselves against those who also carry them to commit crimes.

      But lets not stop there. The problem is of course not settled, the same way that the nuclear stock pile did not stop the cold war, it merely created a balance.

      Now that everyone is armed, what is next? How do we go about making the guns uneccessary?

      My only problem with the 'let us have guns' position is that it assumes that the unskilled lethality that a gun gives the average citizen somehow mitigates the social problems that create violent crime. Yes let law-abiding citizens defend themselves, but don't stop there.

      Even war-zones aim for peace, and that takes negotiation and a willingness to change. It is not enough simply to say let us arm ourselves too.

      That is similar to a country stockpiling weapons and refusing to talk to the adversary. War in that case becomes inevitable.

      And the law abiding citizen will be limited to legal weapons where as the criminal will arm themselves with all manner of illegal (eg: automatic) weapons.

      Now we have someone with a pistol defending themselves against someone with a machine pistol. And now bystanders are at risk.

      Guns in a law abiding society are a liability to peace, no matter how strong the argument for personal defense. The problem is so much larger than 'who has the guns'. Let's talk about that too.


    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 5 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      All too True! As much as I would hate having to carry a gun I have to Admit that carrying one is in all most likely safer than not carrying one.