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Black Gold Goes Back.( Rs.1,86,00,000 cr loss )

Updated on February 9, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Coal Reserve in Various cities in India.


Coal in Karnataka.

The Coal Mines of Bellary in Karnataka attracted much publicity when few thousands of coal went missing from a place where it was stored.This was extended further when a coal miner was sent to jail as he was mining in one state in a area which he was not supposed to mine and sent to a neighboring state just across the border and exported thus making huge profits and the title King of Bellary and one day the king was in Jail.I do not think that in any country such a thing can happen but in India anything is possible.The small state of Karnataka having coal deposit that never has a line in the chart above had a news the whole thing seemed to me that there is coal is only in Karnataka. No one knew how our country's one of the grate natural resource was in few hands that the country lost nearly 2.86 lakh crore as reported in media through out the country.Black Coal becomes Black so very Black that we cannot see it go from the Nation's Treasury to private company's.The few persons in power give the excuse that if govt had sold the coal the cost of power would have gone up and so the private company's were asked to take coal and produce power.Govt turned a blind eye perhaps to the fact that, these company's were also making Steel and the price of Steel was not so very important since steel was used by the rich and the poor would always prefer huts to stay.Who took the coal and what did the govt do to control steel prices that people steal steel today as they can get a better price than stealing gold since most of the gold today seen in public by the chain snatchers was RolldGold a fake jewelery being worn by large section of the Indian woman who would keep their real gold in bank lockers or with pawn brokers.What made a Mega Scam that the media made such a big news on a report made by the name 'Coalgate' involving Prime Minister of the country being held accountable for the youngest scam before CWG,2G and ISRO and many chota mota scam's under investigation.India produces 7 0r 8 percent of world coal production,China being the highest producer of coal.

Rs.1,86,00,000 Crores Loss to Nation.Who made this loss ?.

Comptroller Auditor General is the man who tells the govt what they have done is a loss and could have been avoided if care was taken in spending tax payers money .One of our minister said on national TV that coal is not sold,if such persons are made to spend tax payers money do you think they will take care and avoid loss.The Prime Minister was also Minister for Coal,during that period a loss of huge and unimaginable amount of Rs,1,86,00,000 Crore was gifted to pvt firms by allotting 57 coal mines with out action during the period 2005 and 2009.Was our prime minister was coal minister during that period.The question that is asked is was he responsible.Was he not competent to do this arithmetic is he not responsible was he never advised by our IAS Babus who go around the minister like children in a playground.We all know that our prime minister is not corrupt does that mean the entire team around him are honest.Why did he trust these people who made Reliance Power gain Rs.29,000 crore by giving permission to use surplus coal from mines assigned to its other project by violating the contrct.The surplus coal that was there became shortage soon and the company was alloted another mine itself rather than tell them to get it from China.One Minister says that our prime minister never makes any mistakes in his work.Yes he wont make if he works.


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