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Black Hair Rivalry, the Degrading of Black Women, and the metaphysics behind it

Updated on May 14, 2017

I have been seeing a lot of polarity's taking place, a lot of duality playing out against each other and common sense being put on the back burner. People being critical, being ruled by ideas and dictating the the choices of others. People that are putting their world off on others. For example the so called "I'm natural" The sense you get from that phrase is an opposition that feels more of higher status than the person it is being said to, it has become another class distinction. Natural is really about being real. When somebody makes a choice, what ever decisions they make they are being natural in the spiritual sense, and they are being "real". For instance, if the choice is being made because they need to make a healthy choice because of what their hair is experiencing on the individual level, then that is an individual choice. When the choice is being made because the person has self-esteem issues, then that is a personal problem and does not reflect on the choice of others. When a person notices another person whose hair is damaged, they should only make a suggestion of what the person should do. As an individual, that person has freewill and personal rights. Dictating what they should do, is imposing on their freewill to make their own decisions freely.When people make choices, making their choice makes them who they are, them making a decision and having the freedom to make that choice is who they are, what they do that is deeply held in their heart is who they are. When people make choices, they are being themselves. Material does not rule over the spiritual. People are putting value in empty things getting some type of self gratification from it. What is one saying when they look at another person, and say, "I'm natural". The ego is in opposition, two polarity's playing out against one another, on the same realm. The one saying "im natural' is the same as the woman that has hair extensions in her hair. The two made a choice of how they want to present themselves, the choice that they made reflects who they are. When you go against your choice of what you really want you are not being real or natural to yourself, you are being fake. You are repressing what you really feel. I have noticed that these oppositions are being promoted, and also other duality's are played out as well, and to me it is am attempt to condition people, especially women of color to repress a spiritual urge from coming out of them and keep it dormant. When you get in the process of suppressing what you really want or feel, you are killing your inspiration, your spontaneity, you are also suppressing a primal energy force with in you. You are being conditioned to stay at a lower conscious level so that you cannot evolve, to busy fighting over egocentric quarrels. When you put or dictate your belief off on someone you are imposing on their individual rights to be who they are, I am natural and you are not, black against light skin and vise versa, I am this and your not, it is the same ego every time with a different ego identity. When spiritual energy's get played against each other, they descend to a lower level where they are busy being in opposition, they cannot come together to evolve. They are either crabs in a bucket, Willie lynchen one another, or cutting one another down some type of way. Last time I check, people are individuals, in God eyes she is my sister no matter how she looks. Rather she has extensions in her hair, a relaxer, natural hair. She is my sister. Love comes before the ego.

Degrading the woman of color

I have been noticing a lot of hate coming against the woman of color online. Coming from many directions. Some are on the personal. When it is coming from the personal level, then that is a personal problem. Women of color should not get categorized because somebody had bad experiences with their mother, or other scenario's. I fear for any black child that has to be born in this world. I fear for the black little girl that have to be self conscious of what choices or decisions she makes because someone will criticize her for it. What I see is the suppression of the exotic, ethnic, ghetto wild woman and there is a conspiracy to eurocentrinize her. (Ghetto is Exotic)They talk about her all on you-tube, how she is at the park twerking, or how she wear weave in her hair (Egyptian women wore weaves)and how she looks disgraceful. I am not brain washed like the rest. What is the difference between her dancing, and the woman in Africa that is dancing? I see the ancestors in her expressing themselves. Even though I am not religious now, i came from a very religious back ground were I was made to be traditional and stiff. I can not dance like her, but I see that she has tapped into something. When people see the African tribal women dance in Africa, it is seen as normal, but when the woman of color is dancing here in America she is looked down upon because she has not conformed to eurocentricity. They have talked about her all on the news media. How she lives and her poverty. While in the process making the man of color ashamed of her, and dense to what is really going on. I fear the girl of color that has to grow up witnessing the black woman bashing, and is afraid to express what she has in her, for fear she will not be welcomed into the world.


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