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Black Lives Matter Wrong!

Updated on November 26, 2015

Some of this may piss you off, and you will probably never read all of this. You will probably just look at the title, and leave some nasty comment acting like you read the whole blog, and your all offended by it. Well news flash, I truly don't care because guess what? You get to use your first Amendment right, and so do I. Do Black lives matter? The answer is nope, nor do White lives, nor do Latino lives, not even Asian lives matter. All lives matter, not just one type of a races life is more important over the races of others, all lives matter equally. What the problem is everyone is being the media's little puppets, as the media is being the governments little puppets. Pulling all these strings to get us to attack one another while they just sit back, and laugh as they are doing something they should not be doing in the shadows but we are too distracted at attacking one another. Funny how there is so much proof on black officers that have killed a lot of white people. The media will not show that, there are no ratings for them to make more money. If a white officer killed a black person now we got ratings, hell you even have riots which will give them more ratings because there are the ones covering it, and guess what it does not solve a damn thing but hurts innocent people, and the businesses they try to built on there own. They had nothing to do with the problem of the officer killing the person but you make them pay for it saying you want to be heard. You will not be heard the way you want you just look like the stereo type the world already believes you are, and so by doing that and attacking random people you will never be heard the way you want to be. In the media's world two things sell to help their ratings go up sex, and racism. Something we all eat up and fuels our fire to attack the big bad white people. If a black officer kills a white guy nothing will happen no media will show that because that won't get any type of ratings. Here is something that is even funnier you do know black officers kill black people as well, just as white officers kill white people so why are you not getting mad at that? Instead of just getting mad at one thing get mad at it all. You get mad at the one thing because your puppet strings were not pulled into that direction. Your racist string was pulled so you did not think or research anything you went off by what someone said that just wants higher ratings, and not telling you the truth at the same time.

Watch and listen to the whole speech please

Why it is all of a sudden all these things offend you out of nowhere? Why did you not say anything before all this bullshit happened? Ladies and Gentlemen it is time to wake up from this bad dream before we all lose more. We need to cut off our master’s puppet strings called the media. It is time to stand, and unite as one, and say all lives matter just as Martin Luther King would have wanted it. When it comes down to it there is no true difference between us just skin color we all bleed the same color of blood, we all breathe the same air, we all have fought in the same wars for this great country of ours. Why give into all this non sense that the media feeds us? This country was built as a melting pot, trust me we all had some hard ships over the years for all White, Black, Latino, and Asian races. From when this country was made, and we have learned from the mistakes our country has made through our history. We need to stand, and unite as an American party and say all lives matter before we are all at war with one another and all sides will lose, no one will win this race war that is about to happen. I am going to end this with this, everyone likes to act like they know the quote of Martin Luther Kings "I have a Dream" I left a video to remind you. When you are just literately spitting in his face, and how hard he fought to get where he was to unite all colors to be one. Just as they did in 1963 whites, blacks, and all other races as they walked in hand in hand as you can see in the video. In the million man march to Washington D.C., and they were heard, it is time to do it again with no violence, no rioting in the streets acting like fools hurt innocent people's businesses. We need to do what Martin Luther King did and that was rally with a lot of people so the government and the media can see we had enough of this bull shit. Let's make that dream a dream today. It is time to stand together as all of Gods children, and turn this nation back into a great nation it once was. Help each other so we all can be heard before we all kill each other, and we all will lose. Because enough blood has been spilt over what the media is having us do.


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 2 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      Black Lives Matter is anything but a grassroots movement. Just like Occupy Wall Street it is astroturf, fake grass roots movements used by the militant left extensively to help promote their liberal agendas.

      Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Roots of Black Lives Matter