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For Black Lives that Matter and the Movement the Sentiment Vulcanized

Updated on August 24, 2016
Rodric29 profile image

Political and Social issues are just a few of Rodric's focus here. Read and gain perspective. Make sure you share your views.

The BLM Movement might be a necessary Evil.

Doing my part to bring social awareness to the issues we face today of a different kind, I have written some articles about the Black Lives Matter movement. I cannot support the movement as it has been present to me thus far.

It is not about Black lives mattering only, though it seems to have started out that way, but about a political agenda to promote fringe lifestyles. It goes against the nuclear family with a father, mother, and children. I cannot support a group that supports the dismantling of the nuclear family, however, the movement is a necessary evil.

It started with a few women who did not agree with the verdict issued against Georgia Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin. Trayvon, responding to Zimmerman's pursuit of him by using force, was killed after Zimmerman feared the boy would beat him to death. Zimmerman shot Trayvon to death and led to an outcry from the Black community and the World!

The Black Lives Matter Network, as they refer to the founding organization, decries the violence against Black men in police custody and all Black people in general. It, BLMN, supports equal protection for all people, but they call attention to the group, Black people, who seem to have the most need for support. They support the LGBTQ communities and Black women empowerment. I agree with the sentiment of equal protection under the law. Go to their website to read what they stand for other than that. I do not think most people of faith would agree with all their stances.

My issue with movements like these is why must it entangle a good cause with a destructive one? I like the nuclear family. Under its guiding principles, the BLMN states that it is "committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and "villages" that collectively care for one another, and especially "our" children to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable."

To me, this translates as that Men do not need to lead the family in order for it to function because we can function without them. It is true. A family can function without a man. A functioning family is one that can exist. A good and productive family has a father and a mother that love each other and their kids. That is the idea. Everything else is what we deal with when we do not have the idea, which most Black Americans do not have fathers in the home.

Number one: BLM should support the nuclear family since there are so few of them in the Black community

Number two: BLM does not mention the father figure. It mentions parents and mothers. If that was a mistake they should correct it. Look at the Black community where only 25% of Black kids have fathers in the home.

How can a group of people who wants to dismantle the remaining families in the Black community support it? No amount of programs, money or women can replace a loving father in the home.

No amount of men can replace a loving mother in the nome. Both mothers and fathers are needed to rear healthy children. It is the design of nature and will not change because of politics!

Mother or Father Cannot be Replaced


The Problem is the Predominate Culture of Crime

With that out of the way...Black people need to stop blaming other people for what is going on in their communities. I agree with BLMN in one important respect: Black lives DO matter. Black people need to stop blaming outsiders for what occurs in their communities. Why are police so willing to shoot a Black person, in custody, unarmed, and cuffed? Fear? Anger? Racism?

It does not matter the reason why because it is wrong, right? Yes and no! It matters why cops do it AND it is wrong. Officers of the law have NO right to shoot an unarmed person in custody with lethal force. If they do have the right, then it should be changed. Whatever happened to tazzers? With that said...

Look at Black culture. What is being promoted in the Black community? Sex, violence, selfishness, greed, arrogance, hate, and envy in the traditionally Black media are sowing seeds of destruction. Young men are growing up thinking that it is weakness to show compassion towards another person. The father figures in their lives teach hatred and illegal activity. I know it happens in other communities, but other communities do not have the same history as the African American. No other group was dismantled as people and remade in the image of its captors so thoroughly that they have to search DNA to find out what connection it has to Africa or any place. It is fine to focus on the group that is on fire right now, the Black people of America.

There are videos featuring Black teen boys running around towns attacking people for laughs by trying to knock them out with one punch. It is not about race but laughs. There are Black teen boys and men attacking police officers and beating them up with crowds of onlookers cheering the entire time. F the po-lice, right? That is a popular song from an iconic rap artist from the 1990's. This is before all of the bruhaha came to the attention of the world about the execution of Black men by racist and frightened police officers. What is Black community telling the rising generation by not decrying that practice with venom?

The Evil of Hip-Hop

Oh, you don't agree? Listen to some of the music. Gangsta Rap music. Need I say more? The entire Hip-Hop culture is a stain on society and it is destroying every life it touches whether Black or non-Black. The messages that come out of Hip-Hop are not only about dancing to music with a nice beat as some would assume.

Listening to artists who are trying to put a good spin on this music form is saddening because so few are doing so! Hip-hop comes from a culture of people who have been disheartened for many reasons and use music to cope with the issues of life--to tell their stories. Some people take the artistic approach to Hip-hop and try to show how it conveys a struggle to carve out a nitch in society. It is artistic. However, the people who participate in the acts of barbarism due to Hip-hop, of which Gangsta Rap is an outgrowth, are not thinking in artistic terms. Violence makes money. Sex makes money.

At one time, Jazz was the artistic treasure of the Black community, which is where hip-hop had its beginnings I would bet without doing any research. What happened? Time and outside influences spurred by racism changed the cultural movement. The Black community was targeted and warred against by outside forces to thwart its rise, and those forces are succeeding to hurt many people.

Hip-hop would be fine if it was all about having fun. What the Hip-hop, specifically the Gangsta Rap culture teaches is, besides great dancing, violence, promiscuity, disrespect, and arrogance. Not all Black people listen to Gangsta Rap music, but enough listen to it for it to have a cultural impact on the group thanks to the media. Within the umbrella of Hip-hop culture falls R&B and Gangsta Rap. These are not the only forms of music that help destroy society. Many forms of Rock do their fair share of damage.

I understand it sounds like I am harkening back to the days when these music forms started impacting mainstream, or White culture in American, which happens to be American Culture. These music forms meant change and inclusion when they first became popular. Today, they mean destruction and exclusion. Racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia were beneficiaries of the Hip-hop/Rock movements. The good that these movements did to relax the public mind against those things is sensational. Now, the movement is relaxing the youth too much.

What's in a Word?

Now it is acceptable to use profanity. If I want to express myself and the only words I can use are profane then I am glorified and paid millions. It is not unique to the Black community, but it is what helps to promote the culture that destroys it.

A loose tongue is the beginning of the destruction of morals. The mouth can set the world on fire or heal it. It is all in the message. Currently, the Black communities message to the world is pretty vulgar judging by the majority of media it puts out, at least by the music and movie producers. Then again, why should anyone care? Hollywood is doing the same thing to mainstream America.

The same thing is happening to all of the nation. It is just having the most impact immediately on the Black community. Listen America. The destruction of the Black community means the destruction of America. It is a signal that one community is falling, and being villanized for so doing.

Gansta-ism is spreading like a cancer. It has almost consumed the Black cultural influence and is slowly doing the same for the rest of American culture. Luckily, the media's cultural portrayal of Black culture is not reality. Right now it is just a clarion call to the disillusioned youth who come from disadvantage.

You don't believe me? Watch TV and movies. Look at what constitutes a hero now. Compare what good is now to what it was even 20 years ago. What used to be evil is now good. What is now good used to be evil.

So, if Black lives don't matter to some, they should matter to all now because non-Black lives are next on the agenda. If 14% of your body is on fire, I am sure you would be alarmed enough to pay extra attention to that part of your body. Well, Black lives are 14% of the American body of people, and cultural evil is burning it up!

Weigh In

Do you agree that music can influence bad behavior and loosen morals over time?

See results

The Solution is Education and Family

You probably think that I might be crazy if you have read this far to reduce the problems that make the BLM movement necessary to something as simple as swearing, huh? I might be. All this bad behavior the kids express, I bet they are not doing it while they are listening to hymns! Not the sane ones anyway!

  • Be educated, by small and simple things do great things come to pass. Something as small as using clean language can change the brain's chemistry and promote positive attitudes.

There is no guarantee for every person, but the majority of people can expect a personality adjustment in the positive direction as he or she listens to clean music and speaks with a clean tongue. Edited music does not work. You just say the profanity in your head if you have ever heard the songs.

How does this help Black lives to matter? It is a long term solution. It takes a single generation to change a culture. The culture changes and people start to view the group of people differently. If the people are considered respectful, their lives that already matter are treated with the same respect as other lives that matter.

  • Black Women, take control of your bodies and stop needing a man to validate you!

Look, life without morals is the result of bad society. Sleeping with every Tom, Dick, Harry or every Dayquawn, Tyrone, and Desmond will not bring you happiness. Say no to the man more than yes. Require him to put a ring on it rather than a condom in it. Control your own appetites. Stop having kids so that you can have somebody to love you. It is not fair to the kids or the men that provided them for you. It is not fair to society when it has to discipline them for you because you are alone and cannot do the job naturally meant for two people, namely a mother and a father. For heaven's sake go back to church!

Most Black mothers have children by multiple fathers. What kind of hell is this? I am sure when God gave the command to save sex only in legal marriage He was considering the horrible lives these Black youths go through without it. This goes for all fatherless youth, but we are talking specifically about the Black ones here. 75% of Black families are fatherless in one estimate!!!

p.s. If you don't have this problem then I am not talking to you!

Approximately 75% of Black families are fatherless in one estimate!!!


How does this help Black lives matter? The women respect themselves and carry themselves in such a manner. They do not use sex as a gift to men, but as the way God intended for families to come into the world. The kids grow up in whole families with both parents and have a better chance of avoiding criminal behavior--the same criminal behavior that makes police afraid of Black men who attack officers and citizens at random and fill the prisons because of it and other crimes. The same crimes that paint all Black men bad because of the behavior of those out of control Black men. Blacks need to promote a culture that does not produce angry people, the ones with parents in the homes, a mom and dad. It is NOT fair that the media portrays the Blacks more often as animal-people. It is what is what it is right now.

  • Black men, stop running away from responsibility just because you did not have a daddy growing up and be your baby's daddy and wife of your baby's mother.

Stop disrespecting these Black women, even if they disrespect themselves. 75% of Black families lack a father estimated. Be the right statistic and help to decrease that number. You, Black men, are not thought of as responsible enough, even though there are so many out there who are! It is true that with such a high percentage of father absenteeism that you may be disadvantaged. However, think about what you wanted as a little boy in a father and be that for your sons and daughters. Love the woman first and foremost. You will love the kids that come AFTER marrying her.

  • Black men and Black women, go to church and actually live the teachings found in the Bible. Go to Temple or go to Meeting. Go to the Mosque. Go wherever you find God and actually serve Him or some moral code.

Religion is better than what people are having now in this country which is nothing. Spiritualism is not enough. It doesn't provide the moral structure an organized religion does.

I promote Christianity. Serve God. Going to church alone is not good enough. You must read the scriptures and follow the teachings found inside independent of church or a preacher. That is the most important way. The only thing that will save the Black Family is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can find an exception in every faith as to what does and what doesn't work. I would stake my life on the belief that in a family where the correct teachings of Jesus Christ are taught and lived you will find the happiest people.

It is that simple.

  • For those of you who don't believe in God, you can still change your behavior and help the next generation.

It will be more difficult for you because you do not have the same psychological support that the believers do. Human beings feel less strain on themselves when they work as though it all depends on them, but pray as if it depends on someone else. It gives people strength to continue in the face of opposition.

  • Police officers, find some Black people and be a good understanding friend. Right now you are in a position of power to help.

Do not try to change the Black person into what you think he or she should be, but just get to know them as a human. It might make some of you who are racist and who do fear Blacks stop and think before you draw a weapon on an unarmed person.

Maybe by the time today's youngsters are parents this will be another sad tale in US history.


It is the small things that destroy because we forget to pay attention.

It is the small things that build. All good things come in pieces at a time.

© 2016 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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    • Rodric29 profile imageAUTHOR

      Rodric Anthony Johnson 

      24 months ago from Peoria, Arizona

      Thanks for taking the time to read. One thing I have learned about hubpages is that time is a valuable asset that I need to invest wisely.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      24 months ago from Olympia, WA

      A fascinating look at a very important issue. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on this.


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