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Black People Stop Acting A Fool

Updated on May 25, 2012

Do we really need to act this way?

I wanted to write this hub about stereotypes [that are true] that black people are faced with today. Some are funny, but makes you wonder, "Why are we acting this way? Do we really want to be associated with this mentality?" I don't. Plain and simple.

Now there are some funny stereotypes, such as all black people eat chicken, drinks kool-aid or loves watermelons. But, I'm not targeting at those type of stereotypes.

You have negative stereotypes about blacks like:

  1. Black people are too loud
  2. Black people are too aggressive
  3. Black people are nothing but criminals because they're always on the news
  4. Black people are so ghetto and thuggish
  5. Black people are lazy
  6. Black people are all on welfare and likes to have babies only to neglect them
  7. Black people always have guns or knives on them
  8. Black people thinks people owes them
  9. Black people can't speak good English, always talking in Ebonics
  10. Black people are uneducated and ignorant
  11. Black people are all drug addicts and drug dealers
  12. Black people are so dramatic about everything
  13. Black people likes to torment other races by making referencing that they are either gang bangers or from bad neighborhoods
  14. Black people are all gang affiliated

These are just a few of the stereotypes. I can assure you that all black people aren't this way, yet there are some [unfortunately] that are this way. My question is: Would this really be a negative stereotype if some of its true?

I'm not going to say that "you are the product of your environment" because I don't agree with that entirely. There are people who were raised around crimes in the slums but made something of themselves by getting a good education or not falling to that "environmental" lifestyle.

But why black people? Why are we so loud? Why do we have to get so dramatic in situations? For example, when you're made at someone, why do you have to be so obnoxiously loud, neck rolling, in the face, curse word spewing type of person? Is it really necessary? Can you say what you need to say without doing all of that?

Why do some of us make references to who we're affiliated with? If you're a gang banger and want to live a crime ridden life, good for you, but am I supposed to fear you because you're a vice lord, blood, or crips?

I know that I didn't put this on the list, but what's with the "no snitch" policy? You want justice for black people and cry that we don't get it, yet there's a "no snitch" policy. Really? I'm sorry but if I see you doing something illegal or that harms someone in any way, I'm not going to keep my mouth shut because I'm black. This whole mentality of blacks don't tell on blacks is stupid. If we love helping each other that much then why is there so much black on black crimes? Think about that for a moment.

I know that people may be thinking "Oh, she's ragging on black people. This is her second hub about the idiosyncrasy of black people. She hates her own race." blah, blah, blah. No, I like to point out things that few of us miss or not pay attention to. If we, as a black race,want other races to stop seeing us in a negative light then we first need to fix all these negativity. Let the world know that there's more to black people than what the media, movies, music videos, or world thinks we are.

Think about it. I posted a funny [well, I think its funny] video from iBeShucks [Ricky Shucks youtube page]. This guy is funny, but makes some valid points. Check it out and comment below.

a Ricky Shucks vid

Do you agree with the hub?

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    • SOBF profile image


      4 years ago from New York, NY

      Erica - I have to take slight exception to your post. The reason behind my response is that you have failed to recognize the purpose of negative stereotypes and how they affect those whom they are tied. Let my provide some clarity by attacking a few of those you have listed in your hub post. (Stereotype Black People are Lazy) Actually came from slavery. When blacks would be seen laying under trees or sleeping on wagons after working 20 hour days in the field. (Stereotype Black People are criminals because they are always on the news) A study done by media matters shows the bias in reporting crimes based on racial lines. News agencies reported black crimes at a 30 to 40% higher rate than there actual numbers. An example would be the reporting of incidents of theft in NY. While blacks are 26% of the population and are arrested for 49% of theft crimes, blacks make of 80% of the stories reported on local news stations. That is a rate 31% higher than the actual incidents of crime. Not much time left for any other reporting. (Stereotype all black people are on welfare) 33 million out of 38 million black people in this country are not on welfare, leaving 5 million on the system. Not quite all, or most, or half. The actual rate is a astounding 13% of the black population currently utilizing the welfare system. This leaves an astounding 87% not on welfare. The last one I will address is the infamous "no snitch rule" that has been tagged to black communities. The no snitch culture actually birthed out of organized crime and law enforcement (better known as the code of silence). These acts are done out of loyalty and protection of those around them. No snitch as carried out in black communities is done out of distrust of police and fear of reprisal from those who commit crime. The first example is a culture while the latter is personal survival.

      Negative perceptions go a long way towards painting our overall view of one another and should be examined and put in their correct perspective.

    • profile image

      jeffreyy allen 

      4 years ago

      I'm black but not ghetto. There's an difference. You know I mean I used to be called. An Oreo because I were " acting white " but who said white people. Don't act like this also I go to an majority white. School. And trust me I seen worse stuff in my area than I've ever seen in the ghetto. So don't. Jugde us blacks

    • Erica R Lindsey profile imageAUTHOR

      Erica R Lindsey 

      4 years ago from TN

      Thank you all for your comments & opinions. Its been so long since I've written anything, but its nice to see that this hub still gets people talking.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      May I just say I'm not taking my view from the media. I have personally witnessed numerous occasions where a situation went WAY out of hand, I mean starting over something as menial as accidental bumping or reaching for the same item on a shelf, it turned into cussing, neck bobbing, accusations of racism. Also there is an attitude. Like we can do whatever and just you try to say something because we'll raise hell. I understand wanting to make people see the other side, but imho? I've seen more of the above. I do have several friends of color (all different races) who are amazing human beings and know quite a few white trash. But in real life, in real neighborhoods, in real situations I have seen more negative than good. I just don't get why so many people chose to ignore it and say it's not true. I'm not being racist, I'm talking about personal experience.

    • realtalk247 profile image


      4 years ago

      Let me first start off by saying this video was humorous but again it was based on majority negative stereotypes. While some African America people act in various ways that does not denote all African American's act this way. Welfare, lack of education/trade, babies all over the place, loud, nasty attitude as a black woman are not any of the people that I know. Not every African American lives in the ghetto or high crime areas.

      There are two great divides in society. Race and Class. Just because you share similar pigment does not mean that you have the same class level. Class influences how one chooses to carry oneself, social etiquette, expectations for one's life, and your overall exposure to certain environments displaying appropriate behavior.

      The forward thinking intelligent, striving, educated upper-middle class person has little in common with those who are the opposite of their level.

      Ask yourself if Bill Gates would find commonality with the single welfare mother living in the trailer park who is the same nationality?

      Not all African American's sit the stereotypes listed and people should be careful when confirming this is the way African American's act because these negative images are applied as labels without justification. Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey..............and the list goes on and on.

      I would be remiss if I did not mention that the majority of African America image is programmed as negative in the media. The majority of welfare recipients are not African American. The jobless rate is extremely different for people of color.

      You may remember the 2003 University of Chicago study by Devah Pager that sent young white and black “testers” with randomly assigned “felony convictions” to apply for low-wage jobs. The study found that whites with felonies were more likely to be called for interviews than black applicants without criminal records.

      Although this is a light and easy article we must look a little deeper into these stereotypes. I personally resent the labels assigned to groups of people. People are individuals composed of the following major categories (in no particular order):




      4.Family Structure

      5.Religious Background

      One day I hope people will try to view people as individuals rather than celebrating negative stereotypes.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 

      6 years ago from Southern Clime

      Blacks are happy people who know how to relax, laugh out loud, have a good time, and enjoy socializing. If we were too quiet, stiff necked, and non-sociable, we would be criticized for that, too. Sometimes we get carried away, so arrest us for being overjoyed! Someone said that people who smile and laugh often have fewer wrinkles. I do not know if that is true or not, but my granny and grandpa died at 92 and 94 with no wrinkles in their faces.

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 

      6 years ago

      I agree we don't have to be loud, at times this is the only way to get your point across. Lol.

    • Erica R Lindsey profile imageAUTHOR

      Erica R Lindsey 

      6 years ago from TN

      I do agree that there's loud people in every race, but my sole focus was on the black race. I like that quote of what your cousin said, however, I still feel like we're labeled that way because some people exhibit that behavior when they're "upset." So when someone of a different race see a person act that way, in my opinion, regardless of your socio-economic status, they may "think" well, all black people act that way hence the label. And in my personal feeling of things, I don't care what race you are, I feel that you don't have to be loud just to express that you're upset.

    • Erica R Lindsey profile imageAUTHOR

      Erica R Lindsey 

      6 years ago from TN

      Thanks for commenting.

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 

      6 years ago

      Erica, there are those who display this, but aren't loud people in every race of people? My cousin said something to me once and it holds true. When black people are mad we are labeled loud, ghetto. When another race of people get mad and handle their concerns in a loud manner, they are stated to be just upset.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      What you are referring to is the undereducated and underclass Black person who does not care and has no prospect of improving himself/herself educationally, intellectually, and socioeconomically. These Black folk are few and far between, thank goodness! I am a middle class, educated Black woman who really do not fit into this negative, atavistic stereotype. Also, many Black people, particularly of the middle and upper middle class, do not adhere to such stereotypes.

    • Erica R Lindsey profile imageAUTHOR

      Erica R Lindsey 

      6 years ago from TN

      Michememe, thanks for commenting on this hub.

      I listed the "we" mainly targeting the one who does this sort of thing, but also generalizing how others may think of us. I do commend you on not being one of the "stereotypes" but you have to admit that there are some out there who does display this behavior.

    • michememe profile image

      Miche Wro 

      6 years ago

      Why are we so loud? To say "we" is including you and I. I am not a loud person at all. Why do we have to get so dramatic in situations? I am not dramatic at all, I don't neck roll or loud talk when I am mad. I get my point across clearly by choosing my words carefully. No curse words, either. I can thank my Mother and Aunt for getting a point across with no dramatic scenes behind it.

      I agree with "no snitch" theory. That is the most idiotic philosophy ever. You can call me what you want, but if you do me wrong or I witness wrong, I'm snitching.


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