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Racism within a race

Updated on June 10, 2016

Growing up as a little black girl, I was always told of the struggles of being "black"! I was always told how proud I should be and that there will be struggles in life. 1. because I was black. 2. because I was female. Due to this I did my best to strive for greatness. I gave my all and competed with no one but myself. I have always been my hardest critic.

However, it was a total shock and blow to me, especially in high school and college that the majority of the issues I had with being black and smart; came from surprisingly my own people. I have been shunned, ridiculed, and bullied by my own race, just because I have always tried to give my all and have the ability to compete with any and everyone.

I have heard as black people we can not be racist? If this is the case, what is it called when the "crab in the bucket" syndrome is evident at all levels. I believe in a lot of instances this is part of the reason black businesses and groups have so many issues. Some begin to rise, and then forget how they were able to ascend to this position with possibly the help of other black people.

Don't get me wrong, it has never been about handouts. I have always worked hard for good grades, and strained to reach above the average. But, if I was able in a position to where others could work for me, or benefit from my knowledge- I wouldn't think twice in sharing with my people. Some maybe thinking, "Oh, you wouldn't hire those who are qualified because they are not black?" That would not be the case; however, I would have some way of incorporating black people who are encouraged and yearning for a chance; even if it were an internship that was specifically tailored to young black people.

I was raised in a family of black people who were the first in a lot of controversial times, so I have been mentally engraved with the struggles of black people before me; why can't we all join hands to pull each other out of the bucket, instead of yoking each other back in?


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