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Poverty In Poor Neighbors

Updated on February 27, 2015

In Poor neighbors The system has fail Afro-Americans and Latinos because of weak economic . Poor families are suffering from poverty because of the lack of jobs and decent housing. Boy friends and husband are incarnated leaving the lady of the house to struggle to make ends meet. 30% of African-Americans in the last decade from the age of 16-30 are either in jail or prison. Some of their crimes are petty such as a violation for not seeing his or her probation office weekly. Why are so many African-Americans and Latinos in jail?

In poor communities Black's live in the worst housing,the economic is low and 100's are uneducated with no job skills. Being Black in a low income communities is a open door to crimes. Young men and women sell drugs as a way of living because that's the only thing they knows. White and Afro-Americans uses and sell drugs in Black communities but the Black's are 12 times likely to go to prison before the white man.

Black inmates who are released from jail, most likely will go back to jail because there are no jobs in their communities or no one will hire them because of their record.


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