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Blago Is The Sacrificial Lamb

Updated on July 3, 2011

Blago Is A Sacrificial Lamb

Anyone with a modicum of knowledge of American History knows of the historical, rampant corruption of Chicago politics – it is said that President Kennedy actually lost to President Richard Nixon, except that Mayor Daley, the elder, secured the votes for the young Camelot would-be President from dead Chicago Democrats… who were still on the voting rolls and whose posthumous votes pushed J.F.K. over the top. This nugget of knowledge is said to be known by the powers that be, but they allowed it to stand to spare the country’s integrity… preventing the spectacle like what we witnessed during the Gore/Bush standoff. It is this Chicago, dubious pedigree, still flourishing, that caught Blago, the ex Illinois Governor, in its venal net, resulting in his conviction.

Blago is the fall guy and will probably do much ‘time’ because he was too blatant and not subtle like the entrenched purveyors – the recently cancelled show, Chicago Code, was an awesome depiction of corrupt politics, Chi-Town style. Have we heard anything about the then Senator Obama receiving special treatment in the purchase of his home – of course not; are we going to hear or see any indictment of Jesse Jackson, Jr., who was allegedly caught on tape, virtually mirroring what Blago got convicted for? Both President Obama and the younger Jackson have, what we call on the streets, ‘juice’ and our President will give up the teleprompter before we come close to hear the word corruption mentioned by the friendly media about President Obama.

Years ago, when there was a scandal in the White House… whereby Monica Lewinski was genuflecting in front of President Clinton, one of the powerful Democratic operatives, Vernon Jordan, allegedly reached out and made a phone call to New York to secure a high-paying position for the pious Lewinski. Are we to think this was because Monica’s good fortune was secured through merit – it was a version of what Blago did in Chi-town and everyday in the halls of power, from the national level to the local level, favors are traded.

Too bad that Blago will have to pay for the sins for many of us and like life, innocence is caught up in the muck. Blago has young children and I hope that President Obama pardons him – if not for taking the fall, for Jesus’ given mercy. Were I to do some basic research, I would more than likely find that there are murderers and pedophiles walking the streets - there we go again… pointing our fingers at the tooth-pick in our brother’s (Blago’s) eyes and conspicuously ignoring the two-by-four in ours…. May God’s mercies and grace, through His Son Jesus Christ, be your fortune Governor Blagojevich.


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