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Blind To The Evil Of Islam

Updated on December 5, 2015

1950's Anti-Communism Campaign

1950 Anti Communism Campaign
1950 Anti Communism Campaign

In the 1950's our government better understood the nature of Evil. Our leaders understood that Evil abhors pacifism and never keep to itself. Evil is like wildfire, it spreads itself everywhere destroying as it goes. During the Cold War, America had no problem pointing "out" and "at" Communism. Its Evil was declared without remorse. We understood that it would destroy the constitution, our civil liberties, and ultimately our way of life. So united were we in this conviction that we taught this to our children in elementary schools. We did not flirt with it, we did not call for tolerance, nor did we distinguish between radical and moderate communists. It was understood by all that this political ideology was evil in whatever form it was found. Communism was a clear enemy to America.

Today Islam is another political ideology that, if left unchecked, will threaten our way of life. On one hand it is a religion, and on the other, a form of Government. By combining both Church and state or Faith and Government, Islam becomes a political entity that controls every aspect of its follower’s life. The church and the state government become one in the same entity. The combining of religious laws and state laws is an evil that America did away with back in 1776. No king, no pope, no caliphate, no religious leader will be able legislate their particular flavor of morality. If I sin against my God, it is not necessarily a crime. If I convert to another religion, it will not cost me my head.

Brain Is a Muslim. Who Knew?


Like Warner Brother’s Pinky and the Brain, Islam stated purpose is to take over the world. Peacefully if possible, forcibly if necessary. It is this one ingredient in their faith that makes this ideology dangerous. They seek to replace established governments with Sharia Law. They start out peacefully, working to gain the majority. Once they have the majority, they turn violent toward the minority, forcing them into compliance. Lebanon in the 60’s and 70’s is a perfect illustration of this process. Consider the state of Michigan today. Any place you see a large population of Muslims, you will see religious rules/morality being forced on the populace of those communities.

I'm Not Buying It!

The True Heart of Islam!


Remember faith changes us. We become what we believe. Radical Islam is what happens to Muslims who take their faith seriously. I am not asking to expel Muslims. What I am asking for is reality. Islam is anti American and until our leaders recognize its threat publicly, with conviction, their brand of evil will continue to spread through out this country peacefully at first, but mark my words, eventually it will become violent. Some say the the American Anti-communism campaign of the 50’s and 60’s went to far. Maybe? However, in the 74 years that Russian Communism threatened the world. America remained united in standing against their evil. During that 74 years, We did not see American Business forcing their Employees to go through communism sensitivity classes. Nor did we see communists in school board meeting demanding Marxist holidays be recognized. The American people were not being told that only radical Communists were a threat. It was all or nothing. As a result, we stood against an ideology that could have destroyed. I say again, Islam as a religion or political entity, is not compatible with the US constitution. Until we properly identify the religion of Islam as our enemy. It will continue to spread until it has taken over.

Something to Think about



What do you think?

Is the American Government blind to the evil of Islam?

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    • Laceylinks profile image

      Mary Green 21 months ago from Alabama

      Well written hub, Aaron! The hidden agenda of this group (and others related to it) is clear if you listen to what they say. We CANNOT let the Muslim infiltration continue to grow. We have to vote carefully and get the people elected that will eliminate this threat and clean house in Washington. We are a nation of Christian values. Those values are being threatened. If you want to have the freedom to worship a loving God and his son our Savior Jesus Christ, you'd better take heed and act appropriately...and VOTE the way you believe. Listen to the candidates.

      These people would be happy to stomp your religious freedoms into the dirt, and your current president would let them. We need someone who actually represents the people...and isn't on the payroll of the other side.

      "At a speech in Fremont, California, Omar M. Ahmad of CAIR proclaimed that, 'Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran…should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.'"

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 22 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      "In the 1950's our government better understood the nature of Evil." You hit it right out of the gate, my friend. If I could say it bluntly, Stupidity rules today. Thanks for writing this.

    • profile image

      susieq42 23 months ago

      You're right but now that Russia is bombing Syria and just yesterday, Iran, I wonder if Islam is going out and communism in. You did say that and it is what I think. Some pastors are wondering if we're facing World War 3. We all need to study up on end times events. God bless, Susieq42

    • profile image

      SirDent 23 months ago

      Well, well well, it seems someone actually sees what is really going on. Great written hub and the truth is told.

      In this day and time, it is considered racist to say anything against anyone or any idea. People are so sensitive if you look at them wrong, they will cry.

      If you were to read up on the rise of Adolf Hitler to power, you will see much of the same going on today. Lies on top of lies being told by the leaders of this nation, and all the good citizens swallow it, lock, stock, and barrel.

      It is indeed a sad time to live in. Just as Eve believed the lie that the serpent told her, many citizens of the US believe the lies being told about Islam.

    • Abrushing1968 profile image

      Aaron Rushing 23 months ago from USA- Florida

      Lambservent I originally wrote this for Facebook but decided to bring to Hubpages in the hope that it would get better exposure. I am speaking against the popular grain and I expect that it will be ignored. I am very grateful for your positive feed back. You and I are on the same page. That is encouraging to me. God bless and thank you for stopping by.


    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 23 months ago from Pacific Northwest

      You are singing to the choir with me, Aaron. Thanks for writing this. The video is interesting. It could be it was a very legit meeting, however some would say it was staged. Regardless, I believe the Islam is dangerous and your point that in the past there was unity in recognizing evil Russia, etc. The change in our thinking as a society has been a slow, insidious, and I believe, a strategic effort by certain forces. Obama certainly, without question, but I think it was happening before him. Obama and his administration, and many of our liberal left have accelerated things at a rapid pace. The whole thing of everyone being intolerant, everyone being offended at this or that has set the stage for what we are now experiencing. Many people see through Obama, but for the die hard liberals he is a pied piper. It's blind loyalty to Obama and the liberal ideology, an absence of common sense, and refusal to look at the facts.

      I also see that people are not educated on Sharia law (refusal to look at the fact). So when Dr. Carson made his comments about not advocating a Muslim President who would not agree to leading under the US constitution, the liberals, and even some conservatives, in their ignorance of sharia law, called it racist and wrong. Good for him for sticking to his statement. You presented the facts very well, Aaron. I hope many people read this, unfortunately, probably not the many who really need to hear it.