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Blindness due to lack of education

Updated on December 30, 2017

Education and It's Benefits

Education is the only thing in the world which can differentiate you from illiterate and well organized person. Education can be any kind but it depend on how much you apply your education to your life and produce benefit for yourself as well as for others.

Balochistan a province with no education

A province Balochistan located in Pakistan is the only province of Pakistan in which children want to attend their class in school and colleges but they don't have any proper building. This is just because of blind government which can not see the truth and are sitting like blind in Assemblies. Just because of this many children are uneducated and don't even know how to write and spell

Real faces of balochistan

Balochistan province of Pakistan where our leaders say that if you are girl you can not attend class after 8th standard just because you are girl. These leaders are so illiterate that they have set their mind since 17 century that they will not allow girls to study and stand on their feet to support their families.


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