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Updated on June 1, 2016

bling into spring

Down at the temple today…

Yes, yes, yes! She spoke a profound word BLING INTO SPRING. BLING is an acronym for BOLDLY.LIVING.IN.GOD! Now Minister Geneva told us this is a personal message. So get a compact mirror, ladies I know you have one. I know I do lol. Look into your eyes, deep into your own eyes and tell yourself I AM NOT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!

Your relationship with God is separate from everything else. From your mother, father, children, husband, wife, even from work. Everything, so you have to have a personal relationship with God! I stopped and thought about that. I realized that I’ve always have had a special relationship, but not personal. God is your friend, you brother, sister your father, your EVERYTHING. So why wouldn’t you treat him as such?

I’ve had moments in my life when I was looking through other’s mirrors and walking boldly in their relationship with God and not my own. When I realized this I had to act like I was on fire and STOP DROP AND ROLL myself to my own relationship with God. When I started walking boldly in God that’s when I got on fire again but this time it’s different I STOP DROPPED AND IM ROLLING BOLDLY WITH GOD. It’s not easy but the good things in life are worth working hard for.

Let me say you missed a dunamas blessing for the spring time. Just BLING INTO SPRING, BOLDLY LIVE IN GOD in winter, spring, summer or fall. Now remember you can always catch us down at the temple or via live stream Be blessed and just BLING!!!



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