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Blood Money The Business of Abortion

Updated on May 7, 2012

February 27, 2011

Martin Luther King’s legacy isn’t just about black human rights. His legacy lives on in his daughter’s life, Dr. Alveda King. Her life as an outspoken advocate and protector for all life, black, white, or any ethnicity is something any parent should be proud of. Her narration of the movie “Blood Money” certainly is a stand she has openly taken for the right to life and the life of the preborn.

I can’t stress enough that everyone should see the movie “Blood Money—The Business of Abortion.”

There are so many revelations, too numerous for this Hub.

One of the greatest deceptions of all time has been the modern lie that we do not know when life begins.

Did you know the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger was a racist eugenicist? Did you know that many of her ideas came from The Third Reich? Did you know that Margaret Sanger and Hitler truly had much in common with regard to their documented thoughts about purging the population or “weeds” as she called them? Can there be any doubt how evil abortion truly is?

See this film.

What my daughter-in-law has inside her belly right now as I write this, never was a “blob of tissue.” From the moment of conception, the DNA of what became our unborn grandchild was distinct, unique and it was and is human. Let me repeat this. It is a biological fact that from the moment of conception, what is produced is human. If we want to use that litmus test, we’re all “just a blob of tissue.” I’m a 53 year old “blob of tissue”. Depending upon what vacation I’ve gone on or if I don’t exercise frequently, I’m more blobby than other times I’ll give you that. But I shouldn’t make light of something so very serious.

Regardless, everyone at the moment of conception becomes human. At the moment of conception that “blob of tissue” doesn’t become a lizard or a tree or a fish, it becomes a human. There is no disputing this. It is a biological and scientific fact.

Do not allow our tax dollars to pay for abortion on demand any longer. Make it your business to tell your lawmakers that you don’t want another dime to go to Planned Parenthood nor should any tax dollars ever pay for one more abortion, ever, period.

Abortion is big money and since Mr. Obama took the oath of office, we’ve had a dramatic spike in abortions.

How can a society that slaughters its children by the millions survive? As Dr. King says, some say that slavery is the worst thing that has ever happened to our country.

Dr. King suggests that abortion is the worst thing that has ever happened and continues to happen to our country today. I agree with her.

This movie is so eye opening regarding the secrets of those who were once in the abortion industry. Their confessions will rock your world if you didn’t already know the things that Planned Parenthood doesn’t want you to know. Wait until you hear the accounts given by those who worked in Planned Parenthood and what it is they are trained to do and say. I was unaware of some of the things in this film. All of the revelations in this film sickened me; even the things I already knew.

According to this film, the number one slogan for the abortion movement is “Pro Choice.” Yet when women who have had an abortion are asked why did they have an abortion the thing they most often say is, “I had no choice.” See the film and why the very thing these women almost always say is so far from “a choice” but a coercion or an ultimatum or even threat. How sad, how ironic. How horrible.

Don’t allow your tax dollars to be used to murder the unborn any more. The devastation and true damage this does to women who do have an abortion is almost across the board with few exceptions. Save two lives – the life of a baby and the life of the woman who feels she doesn’t have a choice. Let your voice be heard and demand our tax dollars never be used for abortion again.


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  • MikeNV profile image

    MikeNV 6 years ago from Henderson, NV

    I wish that Abortion could be removed entirely from Politics and put into the realm of personal choice/belief/and medicine.

    I hate to see poor liberal politicians elected solely on the basis of this one issue.

    Each person will believe what they want to believe, but ultimately what happens is up to the individuals involved.

    I do not want to fund abortions with my tax dollars, but I also do not want to deny a person access to quality health care that is in accordance with their own medical condition and personal beliefs.

    In my view it's much worse to have young girls with no family support using coat hangers in back alleys.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

    Thank you callie for accepting my apology. I do get carried away sometimes and I'm working on that -- and failing apparently. LOL I think the other problem is, I'm always so rushed dang it! I do things/write things and don't give it thought as I should do. The only thing I go over and over and over is the novel I'm writing. That I take tender loving care with and make corrections and go back and make more. Because I'm always pressed for time, I come here and "blurt out" exactly what's on my mind at the moment and with particular regard to my comments, often without thinking first before hitting "Post Comment." Maybe too, it's because of my hot Italian blood...I don't know. But I do know, I'm going to endeavor to work to improve that situation. I'm not making any excuses. I shouldn't make rash comments. Period. I'm just explaining why my fingers engage before my better judgement does...then I have to apologize. That's not always a mendable situation and I have to get better at that.

    Again, thank you for being so gracious and please do come back often. I promise to try and never bite your head off again! ;-)

  • calliemorris profile image

    calliemorris 7 years ago from London

    Absolutely understand your passion for this - and agree with you on many levels, plus it's always good to spark a discussion like this - unearths many other points people may not have realised/thought about. Thanks for the (sort of) debate! Very eye opening. I will definitely watch that movie.

  • calliemorris profile image

    calliemorris 7 years ago from London

    Absolutely understand your passion for this - and agree with you on many levels, plus it's always good to spark a discussion like this - unearths many other points people may not have realised/thought about. Thanks for the (sort of) debate! Very eye opening. I will definitely watch that movie.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

    Joshua, thanks for reading this Hub and taking the time to leave your comments.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

    Calliemorris, I'm just very passionate about this issue and I didn't mean to appear hostile. I shouldn't do that and I apologize. You have to see that movie. It's not graphic - it is very, very disturbing though. I wrote this Hub right after seeing it. I answered you soon thereafter. I think we can come to agreement - on some lines that can be drawn, but the problem is - the left won't give an inch. That's upsetting.

    Again, I apologize for getting "all worked up". Having passion for life and protecting these babies is no excuse to be uncivil.

  • Joshua Kell profile image

    Levi Joshua Kell 7 years ago from Arizona

    So real, and powerful, that I can barely handle reading this information. Those pics have left me very disturbed; as I ought be. Thanks.

  • calliemorris profile image

    calliemorris 7 years ago from London

    Jeeeez! Very graphic descriptions there... I'm not sure what you're getting all worked up about - just wanted to ask your take on it if viewed from a different angle... I agree with you that people need ALL the facts, and perhaps the limit is too long a gestation period... But I'm not sure it's worth even commenting on this hub anymore as you seem very stuck in your ways, and pretty hostile towards anyone commenting with their own opinions. (Which is the point of a comment section) Bye.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

    calliemorris - Sooo-my answer to that would be, I'd much rather be alive and poor than dead and dismembered. "Just sayin'..."

    My answer to you more explicitly would be yes. And no one even implied "getting rid of abortion." Getting rid of abortion that allows abortion no matter what gestation of the baby, is my goal. The morning after pill? While I don't agree with it, that's a viable compromise. When the baby is a zygote - just some split cells - option. When a baby is pulled from the womb alive, heart beating, and a pair of scissors stuck into the back of the neck while the doctor severs its spine - not an option. As well as taking babies piece by piece from a woman's womb while nurses are tasked with "putting the pieces together" in another room (to ensure no pieces are left inside the woman). Or a doctor attempting to crush the baby's skull while still in the womb and these babies suffer unspeakable, unimaginable torture and dismemberment while they are alive - not an option. Or women who suffer numerous psychological and physical harm including death due to abortions. Not really an option to me. The truth about what really goes on when we allow abortions at any gestation needs to be told so a woman can have an INFORMED choice.

    Let that baby choose to be "forced" to grow up unwanted. Then let them choose if they want to be alive and unwanted or dead.

    It's not your "choice" and ultimately, you leave the baby with no choice. You choose for them a hideous death assuming that the baby would rather death than a chance at life. Pretty pompous of you.

  • calliemorris profile image

    calliemorris 7 years ago from London

    Soo.. Playing devil's advocate a bit.. Would you rather there be millions of babies born that can't and won't be properly looked after? Abortions are the result of unwanted pregnancy, which means the mother DOESN'T want a child... Getting rid of abortion would be like forcing a baby to grow up unwanted, unsupported and probably given away... Seems like it would be carnage. Just saying.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

    Stump - you are confusing religious extremism and cults with true Christianity or other faiths. Fringe religious groups and cults that deny a child proper medical care in no way should be confused with billions of Christians and religious faiths that would never allow such a thing. That's like me saying that because of terrorists, all muslims are murdering thugs. Shame on you for saying such a blindly prejudice thing.

    As a Christian I can tell you that mainstream Christians would never let their child or any child die by denying them proper medical care. You're talking about Scientology - a cult, Jehovah's Witnesses - a cult - and witch doctors - which is a voodoo religion - another cult. And other such organizations and fringe cult-like groups.

    Secondly - sex education has done nothing but INCREASE the abortion rate. Watch the movie before you speak about something you obviously don't know much about. And don't comment about something you haven't even seen like the movie. You sound foolish.

    People were interviewed in the film who used to work the Planned Parenthood/sex education scam. It's ALL about the money - the pill was purposefully given in low dosages so that there would be a much more likelihood that the woman would become pregnant and thus seek an abortion. Abortion is where the money is. It was and is the same with condoms - the cheap ones break. Planned Parenthood gave out cheap condoms according to former employees who distributed them.

    If your theory is correct - that giving away free contraception is a way to decrease abortions - than how do you explain the INCREASE in abortions in 2009 as reported by the link I provided above? Free contraception has been available near every school in America for decades and the abortion rate has rarely ever gone down since this has been provided almost a half century ago. It's free and available now. Any kid can go get a condom, or birth control of any kind free of charge. Your argument has been proven wrong. Sex education in schools has obviously done little to help the problem as well. Abstinence is the ONLY 100% perfect birth control. If it were shameful for a young woman to become pregnant than there would be less pregnancies as well. Now it's "cool" and hey - when they give free birth control away, what could be so wrong with it? It's natural, "they're going to do it anyway."

    You make a straw man argument regardless. Slaughtering and dismembering babies inside the womb and then pulling them out piece by piece is not a solution to ANY problem no less teen pregnancies.

  • Stump Parrish profile image

    Stump Parrish 7 years ago from Don't have a clue, I'm lost.

    Again we hear how terrible abortio is and no mention of why so many people who fight for the right to life for a fetus, also fought for the right to kill your own living breathing child with prayer healings. 44 states in America now have religious exemptions that state a parent cannot be held criminally liable for homicide if their child dies due to parent's refusal to allow doctors to save their. Legislation has already been submitted to force insurance companies to pay witch doctors at the same rate a a doctor would be paid for actually doing something. This does not allow me to believe that the christian right is all that worried about the rights of children. As soon as the child is born they strip it of all rights for 18 years. Children have fewer rights than homosexuals do. Children don't even have the right to expect their parents NOT to make a religious sacrifice of them.

    The right also claims to want to reduce or eliminate abortions and then turns around and does everything in it's power to increase them. The easiest way to reduce unwanted pregnancies is to teach comprehensive sex education and make contriceptives readily available. It will be a cold day in hell before christians allow that to happen. Since sex education and condoms so drastically increase the number of abortions the right has to fight, it doesn't appear that abortions are all that big of a problem. Total control over the minds and bodies of others is what is important.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 7 years ago from Michigan

    As usual, so very well said Will. I used to think it unimaginable that any truly thinking people could be so duped - by the masses - until the Clinton administration. Then I saw the division that man and his wife caused amongst the races as well as how many people could be completely fooled into thinking evil was good. It has been realized once again with the election of the Democrats and ultimately Barry. Boy there is so much blood on our collective hands for so many reasons. I only pray this country can survive it. Thanks for always stopping by.

  • WillStarr profile image

    WillStarr 7 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

    Margaret Sanger was a blatant racist, and even today, most Planned Parenthood clinics are in black neighborhoods where they kill black babies by the millions.

    The mental contortions the abortionists have gone through to convince the gullible that the murder of an innocent human life is not really the murder of an innocent human life would be laughable if they weren't so evil.


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