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Blood and Tears in the Sand

Updated on April 20, 2016

They signed him up, trained him up, and put a M4 in his hand.

Assigned him to a unit bound for combat in a foreign land.

Now it's two days past his 19th birthday.

In the sandy dirt he and his wounded buddy lay.

The IED to well concealed.

Only upon fulfilling it's horrible purpose is it revealed.

Now he is screaming for a Medic while holding his buddies hand.

Watching helplessly as the blood and tears run into the sand.

Enemies charge forward , he aims center mass like he was taught.

He fires a burst, a young fighter in the chest is caught.

He watches in horror as the life drains from eyes that look like his own.

More blood and tears into the sand is thrown.

He returns to his buddies side but he breaths no more.

His heart goes cold as he rises to even the score.

He does his duty and soon he is no longer whole.

Each round fired into an enemy taking a piece of his soul.

In dollars and cents we measure wars cost.

But what of minds and souls damaged, and youth lost?

Politicians and the rich send the children of others to fight for the nation.

While theirs are protected by their wealth and station.

Maybe if the children of the rich and powerful were the ones sent to fight in foreign lands.

There would be a lot less blood and tears pouring into the desert sands.



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