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Blood Soaked Soil.

Updated on January 2, 2010


Blood soaked soil ! !




In the year thirty-nine-eleven
archaeologists will discover
an almost ten foot thick layer
of blood soaked soil mingled with fuel

and massive quantities of ashes in the
ruins of what was formally known
as the great city of New York.

Much speculation will abound
on the cause of such a calamity
back in that most primitive time.

Scientists will demand research grants
and teams will be assembled
to gather a full accounting.


Modern technologies of that time
will begin a re-creation of the tragedy in flesh.

The DNA of each blood type  
will be collected...separated and
then purified and cloned to recreate
down to the exact brain cells,
the souls who perished in the horrific
massacre since all  written evidence

was destroyed by the people of that time period .

it was simply put behind them
..and forgotten by all
in a hope to move on.


Thus in an attempt to write history ..right history
the victims of that time will be cloned
and a complete identification of all who
died will be at long last completed.

Interviews will be conducted to no avail
for the victims will remember
their names and their lives
but will for some unknown reason
have no recollection at all
of that fateful day upon their return.

Eventually these new citizens

unaware of the circumstances
of their death and re-birth will be assimilated
into the modern society and studied for
any ancient traits and hereditary markers they carry.


Life will go on as usual

Not long after in the shadows
of a massive thriving metropolis
eight of those cloned will start

experiencing dark thoughts and

at the average age of twenty-seven.
they will embark together in a sinister group
on a hijacked anti-gravity transport pod
rigged with massive amounts of primitive

fossil fuels stolen from a museum of

ancient technology.... on 9/11/3911.


They will then ram the transport pod
into a life extension lab that will be servicing
40,000 40 year olds wh are participating 

in a standard practice of becoming

genetically sixteen again.


Thus those who do not learn from
history will find that it

is doomed to repeat itself.

"In memory of 9/11/2001 and all

who perished then and after its madness!"


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    • Sa`ge profile image


      8 years ago from Barefoot Island

      you know MFB,

      this is so true.

      so true!

      I see it

      happening every day,

      I hear it

      happening everyday,in

      every way.


      I get so tired,

      then I have

      nothing more to say.

      For a while anyway,

      for a while,

      I will have

      nothing more to say.


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