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Execution of The Mentally Ill

Updated on February 21, 2014

Bobby Wayne Woods, 44, is set die tonight in the Texas death chamber. His attorneys have said his life should be spared due to a Supreme Court Decision that ruled out the execution of mentally impaired inmates. His IQ is only 70, said his attorneys. Funny they picked the magical number cutoff for determining whether a person is mentally retarded.

The highest criminal court last year stopped "Woods" execution only hours before he was to die, after his attorneys raised legal issues. Both State and Federal Courts repeatedly rejected "Woods" claim of mental impairment. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals lifted its reprieve in October and a new execution date was set. A clemency hearing requested this week asking that "Woods" death sentence be commuted to life was rejected by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles by a vote of 7-0.

Mr. Woods is extremely mentally disabled. His prior appeals were hampered by the state appointed defense attorney. That attorney has sinced been removed from representing condemmed inmates.

Woods was found guilty and sentenced to death for the abduction, rape and fatally cutting the throat, of 11 year old, Sarah Patterson in 1997. Sarah was the daughter of Woods ex-girlfriend. Woods also abducted Sarah's 9 year old brother who was found severely beaten and left for dead in a cementery. The crime caused such an outcry in Grandbury where the children lived, the trial had to be moved 125 miles away. Former Hood County District Attorney, Richard Hattox, recalled everyone in town wanted a piece of "Woods".

Although, Woods says he is not guilty and had taken drugs before going to Sarah's house. Woods admitted to the abduction but said he was trying to keep Sarah quiet by holding a knife to her throat. He said she jerked and it cut her throat. He also said the injuries sustained by Cody Patterson were the result of an accident. He then led authorities to Sarah's body. A cowboy exercising his horse found the badly beaten 9 year old, he survived and identified "Woods" as his attacker.

Woods says his confession was coerced, and that he was kept up all night for three days. He blamed the crimes on his cousin who hanged himself in the weeks following the abduction. "Hattox" confirmed the suicide but could not tie him to the case.

If there was ever a case deserving of the death penalty, believe me this is it. Mentally imparied? Not guilty? Holding a knife to her throat to keep her quiet? Cody's injuries an accident? I guess he had to rape her too so she would be quiet. What a loser!!

My personal opinion of Woods is that he should never have been given the first reprieve, much less clemency or mercy. He had no mercy on these innocent children, one whom he killed, BRUTALLY. How convient to blame his cousin who is dead and can not talk. The surviving child, Cody will live with the trauma for the rest of his life, Sarah's life was taken as was her innocence. He claims to be severely mentally impaired, WAAAAHHHH Tell that to these childrens mother in your last dying breath. It is only too bad you can not die like this poor child, in agony and fear, with no dose of sedatives to put you to sleep first. Thats to good for you.

To my readers, most of you know by my articles that I usually recommend looking for another alternative besides the death penalty. This is not saying I am totally anti-death penalty, only that there should be no shred of innocence before taking a life. As I have said before, in some circumstances there are no alternatives. This is one of them. I have no doubt of guilt, he was identified by the little boy Cody. I am full of loathing and indignance as I think of little "Sarah" being raped, her little body wracked with pain and then having her throat cut and being tossed away like so much garbage. No my dear readers, I can't  imagine anyone sheddindg a tear for this "MONSTER", this sorry excuse for a human being.

As I thought about the case while writing it, I was filled with anger and hate for another human being. These are feelings I do not like to feel as I know they are wrong. They refused to leave me as I wrote this piece. Can you feel my anger?? Rage?? Desire for revenge??

Bobby Wayne Woods will be the 24th execution in Texas this year, and the last one set for 2009. I am sorry I have to experience these feelings. I am sorry I feel no remorse for them. I'm sorry I can't argue like I usually do the option of an alternative.

My heart is too broken.


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    • profile image

      Tammy Lochmann 8 years ago

      My argument is still that the death penalty is not a deterrent...places such as Canada have lower crime rates and no death penalty.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      The death penalty for some murderers who are 100% guilty, is the only course of action. It is almiost like putting a rogue animal to sleep. It is the kindest to all concerned. Yet I am not usually for such punishment.