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Boko Harem Declares War in Nigeria

Updated on April 13, 2014
Members of the Boko Harem
Members of the Boko Harem
Some of the dead
Some of the dead

The English translation of Boko Haram is “Western education is sin”. It is the cornerstone of this secretive but well armed terrorist group in Nigeria. It focuses on destroying schools teaching Western subjects but exclude Islam. Oddly enough, most of their attacks kill fellow Muslims who do not follow the strict Islamic way.

Since April 10, the group has murdered 135 people in the northern section of the country, however, country wide 1500 have been attacked and 700 killed. The attacks have been on a local teacher's college and other university sites totally disrupting and terrifying those who attend. Many of the schools have closed. One college library was burned down. But the terrorist group is not the only ones killing, Amnesty International said last month that Nigeria's army killed around 600 people after a Boko Haram attack.

Boko Harem is trying to cleanse the northern area of Nigeria to create a strict Islamic state. Since 2009, the group has killed 5000 in their cleansing attempts.

The group has the fear element on its side. Anyone could be part of the group and it is known that there some inside the Nigerian government, police and military institutions. Because the millions in the country see the groups in this light, few are willing to infiltrate or even talk badly of them. Yet, the group has many supporters or informants as well because many in the country feel the government is most corrupt with oil revenues with good reason, fraud and bribes are rampant everywhere you go. So, many locals look upon the group as freedom fighters to rid the country of corruption.

Boko Harem members have received training in IEDs and military ops from al-Qaeda as stated in the U.N report. The wealth of the oil revenue has fueled the war between elites and everyday people, most earn a few dollars a day.

All of this fuels the insurrection for the group. While their core is strict Islamic law, they morph to attract others fighting the establishment and government corruption. So far, around Kano, Boko Harem seems to be control.


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