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Bomber’s Identity Now Known

Updated on September 25, 2015

by Rev. Berlie G. Yap

September 24, 2015

Both the City Hall and the City Police do not sleep, so to speak, with regards for the justice of the bombing last week. Our authorities, literally, giggle to determine the identity of the bomber and the group behind it. There was a video which was able to record the incident, and, actually, it did also capture footages of the person of the bomber, though it was a little hazy with regards to its quality. Nonetheless, it helped a little to determine the identity of the perpetrator.

Recently, a sketch, by the NBI, was also released publicly, through the City Police, to the real face of the bomber. The local government is as well offering a bounty of P200k to whoever can lead to the whereabouts of the said culprit. Officially, in an interview of Baranggay eMedia yesterday morning—September 24, Mayor Beng confirmed that the full identity of the bomber is now in their knowledge.

In fact, the same guy was already implicated to a similar case before, though he was just absolved for lack of evidence, you know how technicalities are in our due process. Nonetheless, this time this culprit cannot anymore escape liabilities for the very strong evidences which are leading to his person. Testimonies from other sources say that we are talking about a man who is known to be a notable personality in the underworld of criminalities.

By opinion, our authorities do need now to clean our streets once and for all. The causes of our usual headaches are these gun-for-hire and stray groups whose sole existence is through criminalities, and at the expense of the innocent civilians. The recent statistics was a casualty of a 13-year old girl, 30 persons injured and the limb amputations to several of them due to the shrapnel of the IED, last Friday, which have rendered them to be invalid.

The eyewitnesses related that the culprit, after the explosion, ran towards the old public market and then was lost amongst the crowd. The old public market used to be, allegedly, hiding some criminals through those squatting stalls inside, until they were demolished through the previous administration, with the presumption that amongst those guys staying by, in those areas, were involved to criminal acts in the City.

For awhile, the old public market was free from the influence of those alleged offenders, but it seems that the same bunch is now active again. Our police has assets who could penetrate this underworld and could even later bust them, that if they will seriously confront this actual problem without compromise. The people wish, if possibly, Zamboanga City can be free from extortions and criminalities. If it happened in Davao, that can also happen here.

An hour later, after the interview of Mayor Beng, Councilor Noning Biel did also answer few queries by partners JV Faustino and Philip Abuy, during the morning primetime program of Baranggay eMedia, the “Combersa, Quosa Ba”. The local official didn’t confirm nor deny that their family bus company received extortion letters from certain groups, before the bombing. His reason was because he was in China when the incident happened.

He also mentioned about their security measures they are observing everyday to their busses and their terminals. He shared that on that same day of the explosion, one of the plain clothes security of the company noticed the bomber and did actually ran after him, before the blast, but he soon was lost after the commotion. Councilor Biel recounted, in the interview, that their bus company did already experience similar atrocities for at least six times.

The City Police Director, Col. Angelito Casimiro, advised the D’Biel Bus to put up walls in the perimeter of their terminal, as their contribution for the security of the City. If you can notice, indeed the said bus terminal is just totally open and all kinds of people can just simply come and go in the place unhindered, well, it is a public place after all.

For God promises blessings and protection to the obedient. “The blessing, if you listen to the commandments of the LORD your God, which I am commanding you today.” (Deut. 11:27, NIV)

Courtesy of Baranggay eMedia


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