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Boobs Revolution?

Updated on June 25, 2014

Women Pushing the Envelope?

Boobs! Boobs! Boobs! Boobs are everywhere! They come in many shapes and sizes and are displayed by females of all ages. The envelope has been pushed. Men, there is no need to dream anymore, no need to wonder.

Let me hasten to say that my intention is not to condemn anyone for how they dress, because I have no right to. However, I am seeking some answers.

Not too many years ago, boobs were a mystery. Men hoped for a peek – hoped that there was a little cleavage to see. That has quickly changed. Now you can find boobs everywhere – in the office, on public transportation, in schools and even in church. I have asked what happened and my wife has ventured that it is a matter of women “pushing the envelope.”

It appears that thousands of envelopes have delivered the same message: “Push me.”

And by golly, they have been pushed! We now have instances where some females just do enough to cover their nipples and let everything else go. Yes, men, I know that for many of us that is fine. What is the big deal?

The fact is everyone is free to do whatever. True!

Anyway, my question remains – What happened? Why are so many boobs on display? And by the way, ladies, how does a man deal with boobs staring at him? You know, when I stand talking with a lady whose boobs are pushing the envelope. It is natural for a man to want to look, but it is also impolite to stare. What should we do? Help!!!

One interesting note is that you will see a female wearing a low-cut top – boobs out – and yet she periodically tries to pull something over them. Yet, there is nothing to pull.

Please do not misunderstand me. I love my boobs (my wife carries them around). However, I believe my boobs should be mine to enjoy at home - not for the world to view. Incidentally, a friend of mine once said that it was okay for my wife to share her boobs with others – sightseeing only. Really? Is that what it is? Everyone feels like sharing boobs, hence there is so much to go around.

I started out by saying that I just need some answers. If you can explain this phenomenon, please do. Have you even seen young girls – in school – going around displaying boobs?

Thankfully, the colder weather is coming, which means that the jackets are coming out of closets. I wonder what comes out when the lady steps into the office and the jacket comes off...


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    • profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago

      Hey, tj, man you are welcome. You are a terrific writer and I encourage you to keep on writing and never quit for any reason or anyone. Writing is a great way for me to express myself and having Great Followers such as yourself makes me happy. And if I can make my followers happy than I have fulfilled my place on earth.

    • tjmatel3 profile image

      Peter Grant 3 years ago from McDonough, GA

      Thanks for your very kind words, Kenneth. They are much appreciated!

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      "I'm pulling the pin and giving this comment a throw . . ."

      Hello tj,

      This is an excellent piece of writing. Amazing in every aspect of writing.

      I loved every word--and the lay-out was superb.

      Voted up and all the choices because you deserve it.

      You have such a gift for writing. Just keep writing and good things are bound to happen to you.

      I cordially invite you to read one or two of my hubs, and be one of my followers.

      That would make my day.

      I am so honored to meet you.


      Kenneth Avery, Hamilton, Alabama

    • tjmatel3 profile image

      Peter Grant 7 years ago from McDonough, GA

      Thanks for your interesting take on the matter, Jed.

    • Jed Fisher profile image

      Jed Fisher 7 years ago from Oklahoma

      Okay, first of all, boobs are not sexual, they are only secondary sex characteristics. The cleavage can be sexual, as it gives the same visual signal as female buttocks. Breasts are attention-getters because all mammals, humans included, are hard-wired from birth to pay attention to them, a necessary instinct to ensure an infant survives. This includes baby girls as well as baby boys. Over time, in human society, it has been learned over thousnads of years that bare breasts are too distracting to everyone so breasts are covered as more of a practicle matter than anything else. The younger or less mature a person is, the more easily they are distracted by boobs. What women need to konw is this: a little cleavage attracts red-blooded men, over-exposed breasts attract immature mamma's boys.