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Book Review of America's Youth vs. Big Government by Tim Sorweid and Steve Sorweid

Updated on November 30, 2010

Are you discouraged by the current state of the nation? Are you disheartened at your small ability to make a difference in the future of our country? With the economic crisis and the rise of the so-called Progressives, America is sliding downhill to complete collapse, and we are losing all remnants of our freedom along the way. The government - once created to protect freedom - is now taking away our liberty, and we have let them have it without complaint. Socialism and social Darwinism have invaded the thinking of the nation, resulting in a man-worshiping Statist society. Entitlement programs such as Social Security and healthcare have given rise to dependency and suffocating taxation. Despite the massive financial debts we have accumulated, both the Democratic and Republican parties continue to spend our money in frivolous and interfering ways. It is time for Americans, and especially the young generations, to stand up for freedom, to go back in history and recover the true meaning of the Constitution, and to take back our country.

The times are critical and call for a renewal of all that America once stood for. In the midst of these changing days comes a cry and call for the youth in America to destroy their apathy and return to the foundations of what made our nation great in the first place. America's Youth vs. Big Government: The Battle for the Fate of a Nation is a book by Tim Sorweid and Steve Sorweid, two brothers whose passion for their country becomes the root and reason for their collaboration.


Directed towards the rising generations of Americans who have yet to make their imprint on the nation's history, America's Youth vs. Big Government is a passionate plea for reform. The crimes and corruptions of past generations are giving rise to consequences that fall on the youth. Unless the nation drastically changes its ways, the young people of America will pay for the sins of the parents. As the Sorweid brothers say in the introduction: "All great societies go through the following social paradigm: Repression to freedom, freedom to prosperity, prosperity to arrogance, arrogance to apathy, apathy to dependence, and dependence to destruction." We have lost the taste of freedom and are drowning in our own apathy. As days go by, the people of America are growing more and more dependent on the government. The only logical conclusion, if America continues down this path, is destruction.

Who are the Sorweids?

Growing up in Wisconsin, the Sorweid brothers were given a good education that led to success in the real estate and technology industries. Both Steve and Tim were laid off during the 2009 economic collapse. Disillusioned with the effectiveness of the government, they have a heart for those who have been struggling as well. Level-headed and sincere, the brothers have thought through the issues in our country for themselves and have seen the reality of our socialism-embracing society.

Steve and Tim Sorweid's goal in writing this book is not to discourage the people even more by pointing out all the flaws in our government and leaving the situation as it is. Their purpose is to call the current government situation as it is, to give the youth of America the weapons needed, not to destroy more, but to recover the nation and reinstitute the freedoms held so dear by the Founders. Using detailed historical research and relevant current events, each chapter covers a topic relevent to the people of today, such as internet and social networking, universities and higher education, retirement, general welfare, and the nation's debt. You will find this book insightful, interesting, and above all, inspired by truth. Following you will find short summaries of the chapters, the purpose of which is to encourage you to read the book for yourself, as there is a wealth of information to be had.


The internet is a relatively new innovation, creating yet another dimension for the government to want to control. Internet and social networking have changed the way we live our lives, even influencing political campaigns. Freedom of speech on the internet is under attack by Progressives who claim to have the people's interest at heart. The controvsial issue of net neutrality is an attempt by the government to restrict liberty while being described in positive terms that confuse the people into accepting what they do not understand. Internet censorship and cyber security are very real threats that will only diminish our freedom.

The Constitution

Did you know that while the Constitution is only 8,000 words, the Federal Tax Code is 2 million words? Something is definitely wrong with this picture. The current Federal government has obviously exceeded the bounds set down by the Founders. The Constitution was created with a goal to keep the Federal government limited, but today the power of the government has grown out of proportion. We need to go back to the Constitution and understand the objectives written in the Preamble in order for us to realize what our government truly should look like.

Power of the People

Despite the fact that we the people are the ones with the power to govern, electing leaders to represent us, politicians today often forget the interests of the people, and we as often let them override our wishes. Politicians are full of promises, but once they get into office, they fail to keep those promises. The number of lobbyists has ballooned in the past fifty years, diminishing the influence of the common people in government. Both Republican and Democratic parties are money-hungry and corrupt. Voting for an honest man is almost impossible these days. Even though our leaders will say that they work for the people, their actions often tell a different story. 


College is almost an assumed necessity for today's youth. But despite the advantages of having a degree in today's society, the failures of the education system can be overwhelming. Paying for college can put you in debt for years, and government interference in education has only increased the costs. Universities, while claiming to be diverse, actually inhibit free speech and free thought.

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It wasn't long ago that the government interfered in the retirement of private citizens, creating Social Security, which is really just a Ponzi scheme on a grand scale. By the time the American youth reach retirement, Social Security won't be so secure anymore. We need to think ahead to those years when we will not have anything to fall back on, because the government simply isn't dependable.

General Welfare

The General Welfare clause in the Constitution has seen a drastic change in meaning in recent years. Written in limitation of government, the clause is now used as magic words for the government to do whatever it wants in the name of the general welfare. The result is massive federal debt and government interference in private affairs.


The American government has plunged itself into a horrifying amount of debt, borrowing from foreign nations and leading us into slavery. And yet we feel entitled to all our money-consuming programs of healthcare, education, etc. The more entitlement programs and bailouts that the government pays for, the more American citizens are financially struggling.


The youth of America have an amazing opportunity (duty, even) to make a difference, to change this country for the better. If we don't wake up to the reality of the corruption of the government, we will never be able to see clearly enough to make the right decisions. We will suffer, and our children and children's children will suffer, if something isn't done today to change the ways of America, to turn away from the corruption that is quickly turning us into slaves of the state.


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    • Rose West profile image

      Rose West 7 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks sheila b. - it's an even better book!

    • sheila b. profile image

      sheila b. 7 years ago

      What a good review.

    • Rose West profile image

      Rose West 7 years ago from Michigan

      Jane, thanks so much for your thoughts! And thank you for bringing up that point about the unborn children who should be alive. Our generation really would have a bigger impact if all of us were allowed a voice, but so many have been cut off. I shudder to think of it. I pray those of us who have the ability to speak, will do all we can to change the nation - to return to the way of life.

    • Jane Grey profile image

      Ann Leavitt 7 years ago from Oregon

      Sounds like a great book! Your overview was very thorough and thoughtful.

      I found myself thinking about America's youth, and how few of us there are compared to how many of us there should be! America's big government has permitted and funded abortions that have eliminated a large majority of our generation: the generation that now holds the responsibility for our large government.

      Thanks for your great work in broadcasting the truth!

    • Rose West profile image

      Rose West 7 years ago from Michigan

      gulnazahmad, thank you for coming by! I really think you will enjoy this book - be sure to come back when you read it and tell me what you think! I'm not often extremely interested in politics either, but I think the current state of affairs has sparked many people into concern.

    • gulnazahmad profile image

      gulnazahmad 7 years ago from Pakistan

      I am going to read this book as your review of this book has made me interested to read it. I never read political or books based on politics but as the world is going through the worst economic and political crisis than ever before, I have also started to take interest in it and I think other people like me too are now hooked to the news and political debates to get something out of it.