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Boosting for Billions

Updated on June 7, 2010

Boosting - A step above shoplifting

Have you heard of Boosting? It's costing consumers 30 billion a year in stolen goods. Boosting is organized shoplifting not for personal use but resold to fences for about 25% of face value. Popular boosted items are from drug stores and in the category of aspirin, razors and other small over the counter pharmaceutical goods. Anything out in the open that can be easily tossed into a booster bag and taken out of the store. Each state has it's own problem and specific items in demand for that region.

Booster bags are specially lined so a booster can load it up even with security tags. The booster bags lining can pass the exit detectors without problems and the bags come in many sizes and colors. Middle men wait on street corners outside the stores and within minutes of the boosting pay the booster cash for the merchandise which they then take to a bigger buyer called "The Fence". A recent source for the bottom line boosters are illegal workers waiting on corners for work. They are offered $100.00 for a bag of goods and the middle man can make upwards of $6,000.00 a week from the fence for there load.

Now you can imagine how much the fence makes from his weekly sales. The big retail targets are Walgreens, Target, Walmart and other major drug chains. Not only are consumers taking the hit for boosters, but the increased security these stores are implementing are passed on too. With all the outlets for fences to sell stolen goods it's almost impossible to put a dent in this crime. Police and sheriffs crime units are already stretched and are ill equipped to challenge the epidemic at this time.

New York - Boosting Discussed

How does it end?

As shoplifting has been around forever boosting has just been recognized. With economies having deeper problems you could anticipate this only getting worse. Especially when the boosting gangs have only begun to use there imagination and ingenuity for stealing goods. You also have to look at demand. If there wasn't a demand for these stolen goods then boosting would not be in business so we could concluded that the end sale has a lot of buyers and the world seems to confirm this.

So lets add Boosting to the list of crimes that will continue to overload our legal system or is it just more activity that will promote job security for our law enforcement departments. What ever the case in a few months we will be boosting a new president and hoping for a better future for all of us.


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