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Boris Gets His Election, Maybe?

Updated on October 29, 2019

Boris Johnson.

Public Get to Decide.

Boris Johnson, leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister, has finally persuaded, Labour leader, Mr Corbyn, to agree to a general election. Boris has tried 3 times to get the Labour party, to agree to such a snap poll.

However, Jeremy Corbyn, was wary of falling into a trap, set for him by Boris. Jeremy Corbyn wanted a no-deal Brexit, taken off the table, before agreeing to a general election. Boris, had an agreement from the EU, for a Brexit deal, which was passed by the House of Commons. However, the 3-day measure put before parliament did not get voted through, because, the opposition parties said, it was not enough time, to study Boris's EU agreement.

The EU, have now agreed, to a Brexit delay, until 31 January 2020, which will prevent a no-deal Brexit. Boris, when the 3-day scrutiny bill did not get through, had already parked the EU deal, in response. Mr Corbyn, because of this has now come on board and says, he cannot wait for a general election.

The SNP, Liberal-Democrats, Greens, etc had already agreed for a general election to be held, probably on Dec 12. For the SNP, the general election, will be about Scotland's future in the UK and for the Lib-Dems, they feel they would have enough remainer votes, should they find themselves, in power, to revoke 'Article 50' and stop Brexit.

There is a vote taking place tonight, in parliament, for politicians to agree to a general election. The vote for a general election is expected to be passed, however, if all parties will agree for the date of December 12, is not known.

If a snap election takes place, it will be the first of its kind in a hundred years. The public will, at last, have a chance, to pronounce judgement at the ballot box, on this government. Not only Brexit, though that will play a significant role, no doubt, but the government's 9-year management of the nation.

For the opposition parties especially Labour, it will be a chance to offer their alternative form of government to the public. Many in parliament and outside of currently think this parliament and government are a busted flush.

Hopefully, then, this government will receive the kicking it deserves, in a general election, scheduled for some time in December, (if not 12 December).

Derailment of General Election.

What could scupper any general election are two things. One is the SNP's wish, to lower the voting age to 16 - 17. The thought being, young people today, are aware of politics and social issues, and, they should be given the chance to vote. Certainly, many young people today, are indeed highly intelligent and at the end of the day, it is their future.

What might also threaten, any general election, is the looming date of Dec 12. However, it would appear that all the opposition parties, are now ready, to face the country, in a general election.

Boris Johnson is a popular figure right now and he may surprise us all and win. However, the fact he cannot achieve Brexit yet may send some Brexiteer voters running to the Brexit party. The remain vote will certainly be up for grabs, between the SNP, Greens,, Labour and the Lib-Dems.


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