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Boris Johnson cancels Russia visit

Updated on April 9, 2017

The story so far

Boris Johnson the British Foreign Minister was due to fly to Russia to speak with his counterpart but this has been cancelled.

It has been cancelled because of the Syrian chemical attack the other day that killed and injured men, women and children. Trump launched Tomahawk missiles on Syria from ships in the Med doing some damage to the airbase from whence the Syrian planes came from who launched a chemical attack on rebels in Idlib Province.

Russia who also has personnel at the base showed a Syrian fighter coming out of its hardened aircraft shelter and taking off on another mission against rebels the following day. Proving that despite damage and loss of life the base has the capacity to be up and running immediately.

Boris Johnson has called out Vladimir Putin to distance himself from his pal Bashar al-Assad and the Russian backing for Assad is barbaric he said. It seems both the US and UK are going ahead with some kind of plan and telling Russia that come what may they are fed up of Russia backing Assad. Iran is another country that backs Assad and said by Trump pummelling the Syrian airbase with Tomahawks the West has played into the hands of Islamic State who seemingly emboldened by the US attack launched an offensive of their own the day following.

Johnson has spoken with his opposite number in Washington Rex Tillerson who has not cancelled his own visit to Moscow. Some headlines in the UK have accused Boris Johnson of being America's 'poodle' in other words the US told Johnson to sit tight while their own man goes to chew the fat with the Russians.

Most world leaders including Theresa May condoned the US strike and even some anti - Trump UK MP's like Tim Farron leader of the Lib-Dems welcomed it. Jeremy Corbyn said the US should have sought the backing of the UN before carrying out the attacks in Syria putting him at odds with Tom Watson his deputy who backed the US attack.

Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said Johnson was deluded and making up policy as he went along and further accused the West in general of doing this in regard to Russia.

British Foreign Minister:  Boris Johnson
British Foreign Minister: Boris Johnson | Source

Is North Korea next?

North  Korea's Kim Jong -un
North Korea's Kim Jong -un | Source

We all know the unpredictable and at times barmy actions of North Korea's rather bizarre almost comical dictator Kim Jong-un. However this man is no figure of fun and poses a danger to the world and the region with his nuclear tests and missile launches.

Is this man looking for a conflict with the US and is he as unhinged as the world thinks he is or is he doing all the missile tests and nuclear tests because he wants to negotiate with his enemies because of the dire situation of his people. North Korea maybe a regional military power but its people by and large live under an oppressive regime and feeding the population is a massive headache for the regime which often relies on hand outs from external sources.

Could it be that like some overgrown spoilt child Kim Jong-un is doing all these antics to get the spotlight on him as Syria has been taking all the spotlight? If he is he is playing a dangerous game as it could lead to military action by the US and then who knows where all that spirals.

The US has been doing a study of how to contain North Korea's ambitions and some do not include military actions however this option is not off the table either. China backs North Korea and Trump has been entertaining the Chinese leader at his retreat in Florida and no doubt North Korea was discussed.

Talking of military options a US fleet featuring an aircraft carrier has been diverted from Australia and is sailing to the Korean Peninsula. Obviously the North Koreans and Chinese will be aware of this naval task force and will be keeping a keen eye on it as will the US friends in the region like South Korea and Japan.

So as to whether North Korea could be next on Trump's hit list of military action remains to be seen depending on events.

US fleet sailing towards North Korea
US fleet sailing towards North Korea | Source


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