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Boston Marathon and Terrorism - Don't Lose Courage

Updated on April 17, 2013
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Author, Entrepreneur, & Hacker. I've spent the last 35 years living life and analyzing the things that are around me. Founder of Abacab Ltt

Terrorism Sucks

I'm 31, going on 32. In my short time in this world, I have seen the greatest accomplishments made by modern society and I've always seen the greatest horrors.

In February 26, 1993 I saw the World Trade Center Bombings on television. Coming back from school, the explosion destroyed all TV transmission in NYC; except for CBS. Being 11 years old, I did not comprehend the events and I just went to sleep, as I was bored due to no Television. The following day, I saw the news report and I was in shock. I didn't understand it and really didn't care about the events unfolding. I was only 11, so my life experiences were limited.

As I grew older, I saw more and more terrorist actions unfold from Oklahoma City Bombings, USS Cole bombing, and Columbine Shooting. Columbine was a bigger concern for myself, as I was in HS and teasing of other kids was the norm. Even I participated in such activities, but I always made sure it was for fun and not to make feel someone uncomfortable. Columbine was the climax of all the school shootings of that year. I remember reading a magazine article, I don't remember if it was Newsweek or Time, but they did a psychoanalysis of all the shooters and the common traits between them. They were antidepressant medication, being bullied at school, gothic music, and bed wetting. I laughed at the bed wetting, but I also read that most serial killers were bed wetters until their early teens. I am not a psychologist and never really grasp the understanding about why being an early teen bed wetter linked to serial killings, but this was the common trait.

The only thing common about these school shootings was demand for tighter gun control, blaming it on Marilyn Manson, and politicians comforting their constituents to secure a re-election. Another most common thing, no one took responsibility for letting these events happen. Rather than getting to the root of the problem, everyone just wanted to blame something, so they can move on with their lives, personal freedoms were willing to be sacrificed to ensure safety, and politicians were there to seem sympathetic to secure votes. This always reminds me a saying from the book "1984" written by George Orwell. Hate is Love, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.

I will give you a crash version of these slogans used in the book. When the public is hating each other, then the government loves this as the people are distracted from the truth. When the public is at war with each other, then the government is at peace. When people feel that their freedom is being threaten, then they are willing to become slaves just to feel safe and free. When the people are ignorant from the truth, the government gets stronger by exploiting this ignorance. Another common theme of Orwell's "1984" was the Two Minute of Hate. Where the public will assemble daily in masses and scream obscenities to a photo of a "traitor" or "enemy" of the people and they are the reason why their life sucks, why they must sacrifice their freedoms and all other rights. Sounds familiar?

A few years later on September 11, 2001, I was getting dressed, late for an appointment near the World Trade Center. I am watching Good Day New York, a morning show in NYC. The screen went blank for a few minutes, then they go straight into the first airplane that hit the world trade center. I knew that my plans for the day were cancelled, my first thoughts were terrorism due to the World Trade Center bombings in 1993. One the second plane hit the other tower and I knew from there, we were at WAR. Aside from the large-scale deaths, the same elements from Columbine were present in 9/11. The blame game began, people were willing to give up freedoms to feel safe, and politicians were there comforting people to ensure their re-elections.

The attacks were responsible in tighten security at airports, the patriot act, and war with Iraq under the guise of "Terrorism" Our government leaders almost got away with anything they wanted, as long as they labeled it under "National Security" the people bought it. As long as people felt safe, they were willing to give up freedoms. Ignorance is Strength.

Since September 11, 2011, there have been dozens of incidents that guaranteed the following: The blame game from the public, Americans willing to give up freedoms to feel safe, and politicians comforting people, to ensure re-election.

The Newton, CT school shooting is a tragedy. Children, who had a potential future to become leaders and innovators of this world were taken away from us. Just because some nutcase wanted to do some damage, whether it was 2012 related I don't know. This shooting was the climax of all the mass shootings that occurred during the year 2012. Just like Columbine 13 years before, there was a blame game, Americans willing to give up freedoms to feel safe, and politicians comforting people to ensure re-election.

Anti-Gun lobbyist are using these tragedies as political chess to meet their goals. These tragedies are tragedies, not political instruments. Whenever these tragedies happen, politicians always state bi-partisan this and that so we can help our people. How about politicians stay away from these tragedies and not use it for political gain? These tactics fall under the "Freedom is Slavery" analogy. Gun Control will not solve the problem of these shootings, it will only exacerbate it. I am not advocating that everyone needs to have a gun to feel safe, but giving up civil liberties is not guaranteed safety.

Now, we have the Boston Marathon Bombing. The report state that the bombs were made with a pressure cooker and ball bearings. Does this mean? The anti- pressure cooker and ball bearings lobby are going to use this as a tactic to infringe more on our freedoms.

On the radio and TV news, I've heard people wanting x-ray machines in all subway stations and public places. There goes the people's willing ability to give up freedoms to feel safe. As of now, there's no one to blame. So the blame game has not been focused on anyone, yet. Politicians are flocking to comfort the public, to ensure re-election. Who would have thought? All these tragedies have all the same common elements.

I don't have a solution to change this cycle, but I am just emphasizing the cycle. All can be said is this, these "terrorist" all must be bed wetters till their teens who take anti-depressant, were bullied in school, and love Marilyn Manson.

The United States of America was created to fight oppression and the constitution was designed to send oppressors whether they are foreign or domestic to hell. We the people are a melting pot of the entire world. We set the example of what it is to be a free country. That's why we have millions of immigrants, legal and illegal who come here to make a better life for themselves and their children. If life was great for them in their native country, then they would have stood in this country. They could have gone to Canada or even one of those European nations, but they came here, why? Cause anything is possible and Americans when face dramatic uncertainty unite together and destroy anyone who tries to oppress us, whether this oppressor is foreign or domestic.

We are the first country who will risk the lives of our military for humanitarian causes. Other countries are now following suit, but we are still the leader. We as a public, donate more money to international charities despite that we have our own problems at home. We are a caring nation, we are a strong nation, and most importantly we are a free nation.

When a tragedy comes to our mist, we should not try to blame and turn it into a political issue. We need to stand together and not show fear to those who try to oppress us. Our oppressors need to show fear, as we will make them answer for their actions. Once you let the oppressors inside your mind and your soul, then they have won the war.

Some idiot decides to shoot up a school or blow up a public event, don't let that one event sacrifice our personal freedoms that we enjoy. Instead of fighting against each other for petty issues, we can work together to make us a stronger country and continue to set the International standard for freedom.

I hope what I've written makes sense and I look forward to your thoughts and comments.


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