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The Death and Renaissance of Boston

Updated on May 25, 2017

Boston State of Mind

In the years dating from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, Boston was a dying city. It was very similar to New York in the 1970s or Chicago and Detroit in the 2010s. It was a city that was practically dead and

It was a city that was practically dead and buried. It was also during the Boston Strangler era in the city, commonwealth, and country. A time when gangsters and corrupt public officials and authorities walked the streets hand and hand. Life was good for the corrupt and violent from Atlantic to Pacific, and North to South.

It was a violent and vicious city. It was also a city on the eve of the greatest urban renaissance known nationally in recent history. Within the next thirty-five years, the city would experience an economic boom of prosperity like none other than it had known before.

However, it would also see widespread and rampant corruption. It would see a time when the local FBI was compromised by gangsters from Southie and Eastie. It would be a time when the mayor was on the take, and the governor was either nieve or indifferent to the grittiness on the citie's most desolate streets.

In the end, the time from 1968-2000 would be Boston's greatest and darkest time of decadence and glamor. In the end an entire community within the Rt. 128 Belt would be in a Boston state of mind.

Dating from the years 1968 to 1984 was Boston's first urban renaissance. It was during the reign of father Boston. The same mayor who would run the city during the anti-forced busing crisis.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, racial tension was actually improving in the city. The younger generation was more so opposed the war in Vietnam and the draft than each other.

However, that was before Judge Arthur Garrity court ordered the busing. It the hit the Athens of America like an atom bomb.

The Irish American kids in Southie and Charlestown were throwing rocks at the buses coming into their neighborhood from Roxbury and Dorchester. The Italian-American kids from Eastie were tipping over cars in front of the Calahan Tunnel, the only entry point into the secluded neighborhood from the outside world.

The North End had no public high school to integrate, so it was excused was exused from the crisis. The neighboring city of Revere was going to be bussed with Chelsea.

Chelsea was a neighborhood that was urbaner than Revere. However, allegedly because of the citie's thick mafia connections the plan was scrapped at the last second. Being a city that had heavy ties to the New England mafia Revere was feared by many in the liberal minded Boston area establishment. The crisis

The crisis also led to the rise of fierce corrupt politicians and vile gangsters alike. At the same time, most normal Democrats were forced out of the party. Such as Ed King, the late governor of Massachusetts. King was also late U.S. President Ronald Reagon's favorite conservative governor at the time.

The Boston Globe chased King and all of the other normal Democrat politicians out of the party. By 2012 there were hardly any normal Democrat politicians let in the country. Half of the Republican party had become liberal or RINO (Republican In Name Only) politicians.

The country was lost, and the guiding light seemed to be lost. The way of the nation seemed to be no where to be found.

The country was lost, and the guiding light seemed to be no where to be found.

The country was lost, and the guiding light seemed to be no where to be found.

Boston's Infamous Combat Zone



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