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Both From Balconies, Slipping Heavenward

Updated on October 6, 2009
credit photo from the archives of tragic history.
credit photo from the archives of tragic history.


From balconies, slipping heavenward.




  Abe Lincoln took his long sleep,
in a theatre he could ill afford.
From a balcony he slipped
out of the darkness,
into a light,
that was ten trillion
candelabras strong.

The Reverend Martin Luther King
was shot down and flung,
into his eternal rest,
also on a balcony,
in Tennessee,
passing from the bright light
of a sultry Memphis morn
through death's darkness,
and then instantly reborn
into a light 
that was most
indescribably joy filled.
These two men awoke
in the dreams that
they both had shared,
just over a mere century apart,
discovering Paradise
with its
perfect union.

Once there they found
that all men truly are equal.
made in the image of God.
and  they were with
great joy re-created.
in a land without war,
hunger, thirst, pain,
slaves, or suffering.

A mountain top of
the highest order
where lions lie with lambs
and naps go undisturbed
where only harmony flows
uninterrupted between all souls.

Here these two brave men walk
and talk with those who fought and died
for what they both
lived and died to see unfold.

At heaven's gates
the world they long had sought
was laid before them,
in an endless stretch
of glory forevermore.
Hate on Earth
if you must
be led by total ignorance
rant, and rave insanely
against your fellowmen
mock his skin, or her true worth
in petty, grumbling rages
but know that when you
finally breathe your last
you will not take hate with you.

It remains
for heaven's gates
are tightly sealed
to those who die
so maladjusted,
you will be turned to face
the blackness that you
for so long disdained.

The color of
God's skin is  m u l t i-
you will fade beneath his wrath
and be forever lost,
under the dust and flames,
of the fools who've gone before you!


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    • magdielqr profile image

      magdielqr 8 years ago

      Excellent Hub!