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Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

Updated on December 27, 2012

Bottled Water Vs Tap Water

Many people use bottled tap water to drink from and to carry around with them, but they may wonder if there is something better out there. The idea of bottled water vs tap water, is a debate that has been ongoing. While some people enjoy bottle buying, other people want to help the environment and they say that the regulations for tap water are better than that of bottled water.

There are many bottled water services who keep popping up with new names and labels on their bottles. All a service has to do, is find a spring and begin pumping water into their plastic bottles. There is nothing else that needs to be done to the water or the packaging. Customers buy it because they find it handy to have pure water walking around with them. When people see the difference between tap and bottles of water, they may opt for a different opinion on the bottled water vs tap water debate.

When someone buys a bottle of water, they are receiving a product that has not gone through any formal testing. The water is not tested for its pureness or for any negative substances that may be present. They simply bottle it and sell it. For the average customer, they may want more reassurance for the water that they drink. The idea that it is great because it is from a spring, may be good for some aspects, but it could still contain harmful substances that people will simply not know about.

Most people will pick up a case or two of water each week with their groceries. When garbage day comes around, the same people will have to load their blue bins withe the empty plastic bottles. With each household buying and consuming this type of water, that allows for a huge amount of empty plastic bottles. The bottled water statistics are scary. This extra bit of recycling may cost tax payers money to dispose of and take of these plastic items.

Plastic bottles are made from plastic and other elements. There is much theory about not keeping a bottle of water in a hot car in the event that the plastic inside the bottle could emerge into the drinking water. Not only is heat bad for bottles but so is the cold air. Bottles are also advised not to be placed into fridges in fear of the water being contaminated. With so much concern over plastic leaking into water, it may make sense to change the way that water in bottles is seen and viewed.

When water comes out of a tap, it has gone through a treatment plant. It has been stripped of any bad stuff and purified to make it clean and healthy. This water is paid for by water bills that people already pay for each and every month. When water needs to leave the house, it can simply be put into containers that are reusable and washable.

As more families begin to see bottled water vs tap water differently, they may begin to put tap water into water bottles to use outside of the home. It is easier on the environment and the recycling department who has to carry them all away.

When the issue is about is bottled water vs tap water, the answer is simply not sided with the bottled water companies. Tap water is still healthy and is free to use. There will be no water bottles to dispose of, which can make it better on a personal garbage load and a city's.

Your Bottled Water Vs Tap Water Thoughts

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