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'Brain Drain', a problem of India

Updated on October 29, 2015

India is at present world's second largest growing economy. By population It is sixth in the position between the world. In matter of land mass, it consists of about one-eighth of the total land mass of the world. India is going to be the next superpower in the coming century if it maintains its growth.

But what is seeming alarming is the migration of talented youths to other countries.About 40% of the population of India is young and enthusiastic. Every year a number of students graduate from the Indian Universities.The quality of education is doubted often ,except for the World class Universities and Institutions like the I.I.T.s(Indian Institute of Technology), I.I.M.s(Indian Insitute of Management), .I.ISc.( Indian Institute of Science), Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Bangalore University or Banaras Hindu University. Although world class education is provided in those institutes and also claimed by other State institutes, the lack of human resource willing to work in India is becoming an issue.

Now the question rises why this drain of brains.

The answer will be as simple as that for the search of better facilities and scope.

Even as Ms Ravichandran(name changed) was earning his undergraduate degree in Bangalore, India, he was already planning to complete a further advanced degree at an engineering school in the United States.

"On my campus in India, it was considered the natural progression of things: If you want to do higher studies, the U.S. is a more natural choice," says Ravichandran(name changed), who's now a Ph.D. student at the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science. "In general, I think it's agreed upon that the research environment and capabilities to do research are much better here." Anusuya (name changed), a MTech student of IIT Guwahati, decided to go for PhD to the 'University of New York' for the same reason. Bhatta, an ex student of XLRI of Jamshedpur also went for the same reason for the search of better scope in employment and scope.

So this is the general picture of Indian higher education scenario. But what these energetic and enlightened people miss is that with their growing knowledge they could serve nation well. Most of the students who go abroad generally donot come back. They settle in US, UK, other countries of Europe and Asia. They get more facilities and scope there, but with their absence the mother nation faces a lot of troubles

If these enthusiastic persons dedicate some years for the development of this country, the country would be a thousand times more developed.Because now in India there is lack of basic amenities for the poor. the public sector has gone into the hands of inefficient bureucrates. the ones who cannot afford to go abroad, many of them join the civil services and within a few years their disillusionment with the system is broken and soon they fade up being ineffficient.

However this does not apply to all those brave hearted soldiesrs or civil servants who come to the advancement of the society.

The basic idea of this doomsday is the job mongering students, who cannot afford to go to the higher education and end up becoming unemployed. An educated unemployed is far more dangerous to the society than the uneducated unemployed one.Hence in the society with so much unemployed it is easy to create chaos.Some of these students are fallen in the hands of terrorists, drug dealers and other dark elements of the society.

After 67th years of Independence, India is still a mess in some areas, specially in maintaining law and order.It is because the Government cannot create jobs for everyone.

Had India take some policy like Henry VII of Tudor Period England, that 'those who are jobless cannot wander around the roads', the situation could be more worse, as Indian police often brutally charge common man while trying to maintain law and order. With the number of unemployed people increasing, it has become a headache for the administration to control the mob.

So, it is upon the shoulders of those intelligent people, who can create ample opportunities for the unemployed. Now a days the R&D sector is very important for a country to grow economically and politically.The vast mass of students who are left unemployed can discover a new path while absorbing themselves and other in this sector instead of hovering after jobs. The students studying abroad can create more possibilities to their fellow brothers.

This way brain drain can be stopped and new mechanisms to deal with the backwardness of India can be found.

What are your opinions about this process

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