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Brainwave Entrainment and How to Avoid It

Updated on February 16, 2011

Brainwave Entrainment and How to Avoid It


        We are being bombarded by microwave-based Binaural signals.  Binaural signals are specific frequencies which imitate brainwave-patterns for various emotions/bodily sensations.  You hear the ringing in your ears and this is when you are being "Beamed" by this external source.  What happens is that your OWN brainwaves begin to imitate the frequency, dancing to this external pattern of thought.  Brainwave-entrainment is no joke:  I've got a David Pal36 brainwave entrainment device which gives me different feelings, depending on what setting I have it on.  The "Beta Perker" will really wake you up, the "Alpha Relaxer" and the "Theta-2 Paradise" frequencies really relax me.  This is me choosing how to entrain my brainwaves.      

      Our problem is that our country has this technology and can send you fake-brainwave patterns that make you feel:  weak, miserable, nervous and confused.  They can employ something like the "Beta-Perker" to make it VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO SLEEP.  All of this gradually molds you into whatever society thinks you ought to be.  It deletes YOU from your own brain because it teaches it to FOLLOW these fake signals instead of thoughts produced from within.  A person that has been "housebroken" will do exactly what these signals tell their mind to think. 

        There is also "The Tazer", which will give you an electric shock if you aren't thinking like you are supposed to.   There is the "sexually-violated-feeling" to stimulate you to become enraged.  If you can be deceived into becoming angry enough, frightened enough or self-loathing enough......your brain goes into a state where it will accept ANY of these synthetic thoughts/feelings without question.  I've been there:  you feel like you are "drowning" psychologically and your mind wants to grab onto anything that makes sense.  This is a "fast conversion".  People who have been "trained" this way have a glassy-eyed, not-there look and talk just like someone who has been brainwashed to accept a lifestyle they wouldn't have chosen in a million years without this "Social Programming". 

     The "Slow Conversion" is simply the process of gradually eroding the individual's self-esteem:  they can fire you for how you think now AND they can punish you in the "privacy" of your own home for the same reason.  I've been here, too.  It's an apathetic funk that creeps up on you like a disease.  You are discouraged from bathing yourself, you are discouraged from going outside, you get utterly despicable FOREIGN THOUGHTS portraying you as whatever you would hate the most. 

     This is all designed to reduce you to utter depression.  Then to relieve this feeling, you are given the chance for a "whole new life" that ISN'T YOURS.  In my case, they punished me for doing "masculine activities" and REWARDED me for letting them cast the illusion of being a "young girl" on me.  If you let them do this enough times, they hammer you with an even WORSE assault on your mind to get you to "lose your virginity".  I refused to give in and eventually DEPROGRAMMED myself by chewing my way out of this "fake female exterior" which was causing me to feel female.  If you are in this situation, you do ANYTHING to destroy this illusion.  Listening to very hardcore, pre-nineties rock can help, praying really helps and working out (with headphones) really helps.   

      Our brainwave-patterns are being "hunted" by this "Electronic Manipulation".  I've nearly lost all contact with reality AND almost "faded" in their vernacular.  The key is that I preffered a "psycho-mimetic state" to their mind-control.  I've had psychedelic experiences and I regarded this full-scale assault upon my mind as a "bad trip" that would eventually go away, which it DID.  Being able to function in spite of mind-altering phenomena is a SKILL we must all learn.  I do not recommend using any psychedelics because they render you more OPEN to BINAURAL BRAINWAVE ENTRAINMENT.  It's better to periodically stimulate your mind with:  Caffeine, Ginkgo Biloba, even Betel Nut so that your mind learns to tolerate high levels of stress.  Besides, I feel so good about what I'm doing (working out, playing video games) that I can USE their SUPER-STIMULANT to further my performance. 

     The great thing about Betel Nut is that it induces irregular bursts of neuronal firing, which yields brainwaves that are more "randomized".  This makes it harder to "get your number".  Unfortunately, you must only use it every three days, because the "Pickling Lime" that you mix the Betel Nut with to facilitate the production of Arecholine (the stimulant in Betel Nut) will irritate the lining of your mouth.  If you keep doing it without a long break, it can make your cheeks swell up so you look a little bit like Tom Cruise in "Vanilla Sky".  Stimulants can only help you break out of the mental rut you are stuck in, then you must exert REAL EFFORT FROM WITHIN to be yourself.  You can simply periodically use "Redline" to workout, but NOT EVERY TIME. 

      Conduct your mental activity like an underground psychic guerrilla.  Make your own fate, don't accept the pitiful "Social Programming".  It might be good for the group as a whole if everyone is so tightly-mentally-regulated, but if no one thinks for themselves DO THEY ACTUALLY EXIST?   My thought is : NO!  I've asked myself where the carefree, ordinary, simple people all went?  Answer:  they got "Socially Programmed" (slowly or quickly lobotomized depending on the type of psychological attack).  Old friends admit to feeling "Both brainwashed, yet not".  SOME of them do not even remotely resemble the person I knew 4 years ago.  No, this "CHANGE" wasn't their idea.  The guy practically admitted that "they" had done this to him. 

    This is why music helps so much.  These chumps are getting inside us primarily through our EARS.  The "Beam" loosens reality, I've heard it referred to as "Navy LSD".  By listening to music, you can form a oneness with the music.  Think of it as "Antisocial Programming".  Vary your mental states, use self-created sub-personalities to get each facet of your life worked on.  The more varied your brainwaves are, the harder you will be to control.  If you feel exhausted, "listen up" for the Frequency of Salvation.  You hear it by thinking really good thoughts and stretching each high-pitched syllable out until it sounds like an opera.  Last but not least, VARY YOUR BEHAVIOR AND THOUGHTS.  They catch on quick, so be VERY QUICK to try something else if your present technique isn't working.  Ideally, you could continually make up reality so that they wouldn't be able to "get ahold of your brainwaves".  And remember:  "He who fights and runs away Lives to Fight Another Day"!    


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