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Brandon Marshal Is The Last Man On Earth Who Should Take A Knee For Mistreatment

Updated on September 9, 2016

Are You Kidding Me

Brandon Marshal took a stand, or a knee, for the mistreatment of blacks in America. He did so to support his 'race' during the National Anthem on opening night of the NFL regular season. The Broncos went on to win the game. I waited for Brandon to talk about how unfairly America has treated him as a "black man", so I could laugh.. He appears to fit the profile of someone who would be abused by officers and steamed rolled by our criminal justice system. He's rich, but not white, so there is no pass for him. We all know white people are never targeted by law enforcement, it is all race related and has nothing to do with high crime areas, income, or any other category that most police shooting victims fit into. I mean all shooting victims even those white ones that don't but really do exist. It has nothing to do with social standing either. That 23 year old man who stole a car in Wisconsin rammed a police officer head on while exiting the vehicle brandishing a firearm. He was an angel and was only shot because he was black. He was shot by an officer of color but it is clear that all white people were responsible for this injustice. How clear? "Activist" started smashing and targeting vehicles of white people and beating them savagely. If you don't detect the sarcasm and disbelief , I apologize. Yet this is what happened. Mr Brandon Marshal took a knee because he knows what it feels like to run into the law and never catch a break. After all, he had:






Hold on guys. I can't seem to count on one hand how many domestic assaults Brandon Marshal has been a part of. Oh wait , that's because I need two hands. The answer is eight, in case you wondered. Now how many years in prison or jail did he do for eight domestic assaults? The answer, none. Seems like America didn't treat him fairly, he has that part right.

I Am White And I Went To Jail For Simple Assault First Offense

I Got An Assault Charge At 18

I, being a privileged white man, was eighteen when I ran into the law for the first and only time(not true, they pulled me over all the time when I was poor). I got an assault charge that involved a family member. It was my first offense and only offense. I had been in an explosion at BP Texas City and I was suffering from PTSD which I had no idea you could even get unless you had been to war. I had survivors guilt from watching part of my crew burn to death and I actually took several minutes to realize that I had shrapnel in my foot. I made a poor decision and I paid for it. They tried to charge me with felony domestic assault even though there was no blood, no bruising and no hospital involved. Yet, that didn't matter at all. I spent four days in jail before making bond. My high priced lawyer spoke to the DA for a few moments and suddenly my charges were reduced to a misdemeanor and I would plea and do six months of probation while paying thousands in fines. Yet, that charge cost me the ability to get a decent job for years. I had been working in a refinery when the company I was with laid us all off. I tried to get another job and I was turned down. The reason? I was a violent offender. That was absolutely unreal to me. I spent the next five years struggling to find employment other than labor jobs. I wasn't even fit to scrub an airplane for 9 dollars an hour. I finally thought screw it and went to college instead. Then finally enough time had pass that no one cared about the charge anymore. Thank God. I just told the entire internet that I am a (gasp) criminal. Yet, Mr Marshal did far worse than I ever did, and he got away with it on eight different occasions.

He Got Paid

What A Joke Brandon

I know Mr Marshall will never read my blog but I have to say that you must feel so lucky. People may not know this but he actually talked one of his victims into writing a letter where she claimed her family made her accuse him falsely. How much did he pay her for that one I wonder. I mean that story was semi believable until the next six victims came a long. One of those victims couldn't take his crap anymore. Brandon Marshal was arrested by police when he was found fist fighting his fiance in the middle of the street. I am sure she made that up as well and the officers went along with it. Eight different assaults and he didn't get convicted once. What makes this situation worse is that he is now an advocate for domestic violence. You got away with your crime and you get to be rewarded with good press by a group that serves its victims? Really? Only in America Brandon. Please do us all a favor Brandon and stand your rich, privileged, cry baby ass up during the next anthem and show some respect for the country that let you live free.


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    • thatsprettygood profile image

      Cole Delavergne 16 months ago from Houston Texas

      I am not naive. I know that some officers do treat poor , black men unfairly. Yet the same thing happens with poor white men. The ratio of poverty in this country from blacks is about 1/4 and whites it's 1/13. That sort of explains a few things. First , why as many racist white people say, 13% of the population commits about half of the crime. I mean when 95% of all of these types of crimes are committed by people at or near the poverty line, you send a pattern emerge. I understand some white people in this country held people down because of their race. I understand that the effect of that are still evident that the end of segregation happened so quickly that many wealthy, middle class, and business owning blacks moved out of the projects leaving only the poorly educated. This created a vacuum for the labor markets in that area that were never filled and instead they were left to crime. If it were up to me we would open vocational schools and training and offer incentives for manufacturing to move to these low income areas and hire these people. Break the cycle. Skin color doesn't make anyone different but the culture people are presented with is very tempting when placed in such conditions. It is far less an issue with white people in this country. Cops target blacks because of their social standing and the likelihood they are committing crime. Yet, I know officers also target whites in trailer parks and low income areas where things like meth and home invasions are common for poor white communities. Truth is police target the poor and this has been an issue for years. Petty crimes like possession have cost whites, blacks, and Hispanics in this country years in prison. Yet we live in an amazing country and I understand Collin taking a knee for what he feels needs to be changed. However, Mr Marshal has been far more privileged than the average person no matter their race. He should stand up and tell the truth.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 16 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      If we're not going to render honors to our country until it is perfect, we will never do it. America is a great experiment and always will be. There will always be injustice and failure. What makes America great is that we keep trying to make it better. For that effort if for nothing else, we should stand when our National Anthem is played. If you watched the Olympics you saw that effort is honored even by people from other countries who admire us for trying. Could/Should we try harder? Always.