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Brazil's Historic Drought of 2014

Updated on October 26, 2014

There has never been a year or a series of years where historic drought conditions have existed around the world. The key word is "historic", because there have always been droughts in each year but what is different is an historic drought is unrelenting, lasting for most of the year. Some point to the Book of Revelations where is states that weather anomalies will become extreme in the beginning of End Times, causing economic hardship and related problems and weather patterns change.

California and the western part of America have been hit hard with an historic drought that actually began up to two years ago. The state has never had such a drought in over 100 years. Even in Northern California that receives much more rain than in the south, has barely received enough. Lakes and water reservoirs are dramatically low, some down by 60%. Former lakes now look like a pond. Boat ramps are on dry land, not in water. The pictures are shocking.

Like the USA, Brazil has its own version, its historic drought in a place that receives quite a bit of rain. The last time it had such a drought was over 80 years ago. Water shortages are causing 13 million in Sao Paulo province intense hardship. It is so bad that for the city of Sao Paulo, its main reservoir system consisting of five large lakes, will run dry in 30 days unless rain falls or January 2015, at the latest. This reservoir is now at its lowest it has ever been. They are all down by 60 feet. Mandatory rationing causes water to be cutoff for hours or even days! Think about how businesses are impacted in the business district, simple things, like, using the restroom. What do the employees do? Sao Paulo is a city of millions. Twenty million of them.

Some residents have not had water in over a week. To survive, they buy bottled water. But, where is the bottled water coming from? Fires have been more severe, just as they have in California, and the damage to coffee and sugar cane crops is hitting the millions of dollars. Industrial businesses are using water trucks to continue their manufacturing processes. Sao Paulo has battled with Rio de Janeiro over the use of the Jaguari River for water. Each city is trying to find water resources for its inhabitants. Every city for itself.

The Sao Paulo province and its main reservoir provide water to 364 towns and cities, yet the storm clouds carrying needed rain just continue to drift by.


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