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Breaking Electronic Handicapping

Updated on April 13, 2011

Breaking Electronic Handicapping with Physical Intensity

     These days, everyone is so lethargic.  No one runs, swears, fights, lusts out of INTENSE passion.  I believe that this is due to an electronic system which keeps everyone "turned down".  They wear you down slowly until lackluster physical/sexual/mental performance is acceptable to you.  This is to keep everything under control, tidy with no one speaking up about it.  These Binaural Messages gradually reduce your personal level of energy until you are:  weak, submissive, nervous and teetering on the edge of your sanity. 

     They were getting to me, too.  I allowed my physical performance in the gym to slack off.  Pretty soon, my journeys to the gym were more an effort just to get through them.  Well, we are stronger than our subliminally-dominated society has mandated us to be.  To escape the "downward emotional pull" of these ear-ringing messages (they SOUND LIKE TINNITUS, BUT ARE ACTUALLY ARTIFICIALLY GENERATED), you must do an extremely intense physical activity that breaks through the lull this electronic manipulation has you caught in.

     This will seem to be really difficult, but once you break the "sound barrier", you will find that this is where you should normally be running - more INTENSELY.  I'm 40 and I kept my heart rate above 160 for an entire hour.  Normally, I was settling for 135-140.  I reasoned that turning 40 must have somehow robbed me of my intensity.  No, settling for invisible electronic handicapping HAD.  By FORCING myself to WORK at a more efficient, intense pace.....I broke out of the electronically-enforced physical passivity.  It feels just like being in your twenties again - which is how I felt before and during the early stages of my electronic harassment.  So by BREAKING OUT of the synthetic, lethargic state - you can feel a whole lot better than you do when "limited".  

     You can attain this effect by taking large doses of caffeine and then doing something "with spirit".  It isn't as satisfying as doing it yourself or MOSTLY YOURSELF.  There has to be a desire to "take it easy" that you punch through.  It needs to hurt a little.  Having your favorite music on is a must.  I noticed as I escaped the gravitational pull of the synthetic reality around me, the music began to stimulate me emotionally in ways I hadn't felt in a long time.  This is how everything OUGHT to feel:  not what we presently feel like!   

     So, to escape the bland/lethargic state this electronic harassment has us in........we need to do something intense that doesn't feel good at first.  Later, you will thank yourself for this.  It's like a slap to the face that breaks you out of the "spell" of this electronic manipulation. 


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