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Breaking Free of Electronic Programming

Updated on November 30, 2011

Breaking Free From Electronic Programming

     After an electronically-mediated "emergency", you'll feel enervated.  This same form of thought-dampening is why people act so:  lacking in normal human passion, weak and slow.  This is because our "trainers" have taught us to psychologically back down when a certain body-stimulus is applied.  For me, it was this feeling like my heart was being burned.  This was accompanied by an odd feeling in my chest, making it seem that they held the power of life or death over me. 

    I've been through worse, just read about my synthetic "near death experience".  It was mainly through a fear of "health issues" and death that had been screwed in place via their license plates sending the message that I was "sick".  When I made a place for the fear of death, I made a chink in myself, psychologically-speaking through which they could get a hold on my consciousness.

     Well, today I felt that "heartburn" and I kept doing what they didn't want me doing and nothing happened.  If you let all their synthetic "foreboding" and implanted personal fears get the best of you - you feel a lot like a "zombie".  Everything seems impossible, right down to getting up and bathing yourself.  Only when you defy them despite the pavlovian-inscribed "fear body sensation" do you actually come to life again.  I feel solid and real, not like some enervated ghost.  

       They teach you to associate this "feeling" with the feeling of impending doom.  All this is done with subtle, subliminal, thought-implantation combined with some subtle or not so subtle body-stimulation.  Break the conditioned response and your mind will truly be free.  Otherwise they get further degrees of control over you.  Treat this "invisible programming" like you would a poisonous serpent.  Do not let them keep you down after a major assault on your sanity.  Take it slow at first.  Also use goodly doses of Abilify, this drug does the best job of shutting out their nonesense.  

    When the time is right, make up your own personal revolution.  Do what they do not want you to do and when you FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE - KEEP RIGHT ON GOING.  Then you will have broken the CONDITIONED STIMULUS/RESPONSE TRAINING.  You'll be glad you did it.  Also, when doing this......keep sedatives nearby in case they try to "teach you a lesson" for defying them!  Now get up and break those mental-chains!! 


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